”No, I guess I wouldn mind that ”, Lam said hesitately looking at my face , almost as if asking me if she could agree. Which made me flatter inside. I nodded. ”OK then, I guess I can let you borrow him for now ”, she said looking at both Alexia and me. Alexia had used the word steal and she used orrow to reply back, was she claiming her rights on me? ”Ill see you inside ”, she said to Alexia. ”OK babe. Ill be there soon ”, she said, shooting her an assuring smile.

As she walked a few steps away, I held her hand to stop her. This was the first time I had touched her. And she is so…. Her!!… like cotton candy…. so soft. She looked at me with surprise because of my sudden movement. ”Whats wrong? ” she said, confusion written all over her face. ”I forget to give you something ”, I said as I moved closer to her. ”What? A hug? ” she said being confused . ”No, my number. What are you even thinking..? But on second thought, I don mind if you want a hug ”, I said with a smile, amusement written all over my face. She rolled her eyes and said, ”I already have your number ”.

”Im actually talking about my personal number. The one you have is official which is only used inside the club ”, I explained. ”Oh ”. ”Give me your phone ”, I asked her, holding my hand out infront of her. She unlocked it and placed it on my hand. I saved my number and gave her back her phone. ”Husband-to-be? ” Lam read the contact number with a question. ”Yeah, so that after our marriage you just have to cut out the last part ”, I said with a grin . She lopsided a smile and walked away.

Now I turned back to Alexia, who was waiting for me. ”We need to talk ”, she said, sounding desperate. ”Ive already heard that Alexia. Tell me something new ”, I said faking out a smile. ”You knew?! You knew this whole time, didn you? she said narrowing her eyes. ”I knew what? I don understand what you are trying to say ”, I said pretending to be confused. ”You knew Im Ms wife. So, of course you knew who I am ”, she said making her eyes bigger.

”What are you talking about Alexia?? Im clueless ”, I said making a serious face. ”Don pretend R. Stop pretending. You know my name isn Alexia. Its Humasha. And I… I am… I am your sister ”, she took longer than needed to say those words. I saw tear rolling down her face. And it satisfied me. I liked it, seeing her in pain, loosing the self control that she always had on herself. I always hated her self control and everything else that reminded me of the fact that she is my sister.

”What the hell are you saying? Did you forget Im an orphan? I don have anyone in this world. Then how come you are my sister? Also don address me as R, we are not close ” I said pretending to be surprised at the said time reminding her of the line. ”I think you are drunk Alexia. Sober up and after that we can talk ”. I walked away after saying that.

”If you don stop pretending, Ill tell D all about it ”, she said, warning me. My steps stopped as soon as I heard her. And now my blood was boiling. I clenched my fist in anger, trying to keep it inside. Somehow putting a fake smile on my face, I walked back to her. ”What are you talking about? What do you want? ” I said, hiding my anger behind the smile. ”Ill tell her all about you. And you know that she won trust you after that ”, she said, wiping off her tears. ”What do you want? ” ”I want you to stop pretending to be oblivious ” she said sort of trying to get in term with me. Foolish of her to think that she can negotiate with me.

I gripped her left shoulder muscle tight enough for her to feel pain. ”Pretending?? Who is the one that has been pretending Humasha? ” I said looking at her eyes, my eyes filled with anger. ”I knew it!! I knew that asshole had told you. How long have you known? ” she asked me, cursing M. ”First of all , M isn an asshole. And even though we don keep any secrets but he didn tell me anything ”, I said, my grip is still same as I continued, ”which surprised me to be honest. And I knew who you are from the moment you started working in the club ”. She looked puzzled. She didn understand how I knew about her when she had perfectly hidden her identity.

”You did background check on me? ” she asked, her eyes full of questions. I couldn help but laugh at her stupidity. Does she think that she is important enough for me to run a background check on her? ”Look, ” I said pointing towards my hand which was griping her shoulder. ”I can touch you and Im perfectly all right around you. And this is enough to blow your cover ”. It looked as if she was finally able add things together. ”You knew it since then still you pretended? ” tears dropping off her eyes. I wonder what was the reason, was it that my girp had got tightened or that she felt pain?

”What did you expect? I would hug you? Come on, even you know what kind of… curse you are ”, I swallowed after saying that. Yeah I hated her. But calling her curse wasn right, maybe. ”What? You are our brother Raidan!! ” ”Don say brother with that mouth of yours. And don try to threaten me with Lam, it would be better for you if you keep pretending like you were. Got it? ” I said tightening my grip even more which made her flinch.

”Don even think of brother-ing me and reminding me of those horrible days that I had because of you ”, I warned her clinching my teeth, looking right into her eyes with blood boiling in my veins. ”Im holding back. Somehow. Still ”, after a heartbeat later I continued, ”You should thank your luck that you are friends with Lam. She takes you as best friend otherwise….. ” I paused for a while before continuing ”don talk about these ever again ”, I walked away after warning her.

”Raidan, we were hurt too. We broke too ”, I heard her cry as I walked away.

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