tory. ” ”Of course I won . Im not a freak. ” She said with guaranty.

The class ended as Professor Lory explained us the last part, where Juliet had died. Sister Bella had a class. So she had to go . She was about to leave after congratulating me once again but she stopped when I told her not to congratulate me cause I hadn said yes to him yet.

”You seriously haven said yes ?Are you kidding me? ” She asked being astonished. ”Yeah I didn . I was too shocked to say anything at that time, ” I explained why I couldn reply to him.

”Oh, but youll say yes right? ”

”I don know. ”

”I know youll, ” she said making it sound like she was sure about my answer.

”Why do you think so? ” I asked her, staring at her.

”Cause you love him. ” My face fell pale. She continued, Seeing me looking at her in shock. ”Wondering how I know? Come on, its written all over your face that you love him. And most importantly, the way you look at him, says it all. ”

”Really? Is it that evident? ” I said touching all over my face. ”Yeah it is. But listen, don get carried away too much. Remember to exercise your right, since its not really a type of love marriage, ” she said, asking me to be careful.

”Rights? ” I asked her completely not being able to get her point. ”You know, the rights that protect us. But you should use these rights to protect your future. What if he divorces you a few years later? ” ”You are right. Thank you for warning me, ” I said with a smile big enough to express my gratitude.

”Mention not. I gotta go now. See you later. ” She left waving goodbye at me. Its lunch time now. I usually have lunch with the girls. But today Im too afraid to see them. Actually Im more afraid of meeting with Raidan than meeting with them .

Cause Ive got no idea about what Im going to say to Raidan, when I see him.

I guess Ill have to go to the public canteen today. Actually as a member of DT, we get lots of facilities. Having a private canteen for the members is just one of them. Thinking about the girls again, I can really hide from them. We live in the same house, I mean dormitory after all. I guess Ill meet them later. For now Ill go to have lunch.

As I was having lunch a few things striked me. Like what sister Bella said, Protect your rights. ”

After a lots of consideration I thought of doing something. And I planned to work on it right after lunch but… like they say, fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Just like that, that thing happened what I was fearing the most. Professor Bailey called for a meeting in the club of DT. And everyone had to be present there. So, I didn have any other option but going there.

I saw Raidan as soon as I entered. He was arranging a few documents. You know, I am not sure if its fate or what! But ever since I joined the team my place has always been the spot next to him, be it in the club or in the classroom or in the car or the canteen. Even though I felt great about it before but today, I feel uncomfortable.

However I still sat on the spot next to him .

Professor Bailey is the professor of criminology department. Today, through this meeting he wanted to brief us about a new case, that few of us are going to handle. And others will be sharing opinion and notable points.

After the professor left I was packing my laptop , pens and other stuff that I had used a while ago, at that time Raidan talked with me. ”How was your exam today? ” ”Im assuming good ”, I replied with a smile.

”Thats good. Umm… whats your next exam? ” ”English literature ”.

”Ok, Ill see you on Monday. ”

I somehow managed to avoid the girls. They went to see a film. But since Ive already had something on my mind, so I passed. And after coming to the dorm I started working right on it.

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