After sincerely admiring the capabilities of his friend, Qiao Qixi then remembered that it was almost spring.
No wonder Odis was behaving strangely. 

Not only did the big bear take the little bear away from the sea ice to go inland, but he also didn’t sleep at night and was secretly doing shameful things. 

Although this was normal, Qiao Qixi still felt awkward.
He didn’t dare to turn around and look at Odis.
He also didn’t dare to listen to the movements that created pictures in people’s minds. 

However, the more he was afraid of something, the more likely it was to happen.
Although the cold wind was howling outside, Qiao Qixi could still hear Odis’ voice clearly. 

Embarrassing, embarrassing, embarrassing!

The sound of Odis’ unusual breathing invaded the little bear’s pure ears. 

Qiao Qixi felt that they should be separated for a while during this special period of time.
If he guessed correctly, Odis had entered a period of reproductive restlessness and agitation. 

That was why he went inland to find a partner. 

This wasn’t a problem.
Men should get married when they are of age! 

The problem was that Odis shouldn’t have brought him along when he went ashore to find a wife. 

Animals were very sensitive to their surroundings when they were mating.
They would never allow other animals to linger around them. 

Qiao Qixi didn’t believe that his relationship with Odis was so good that he could watch the other party flirt with females…

That was impossible, right?

So after much deliberation, it could only be attributed to Odis being a novice and having no experience. 

An aloof bear experiencing the reproductive agitation period for the first time probably didn’t know that the marriage market of the polar bear world was very cruel. 

According to popular science videos that Qiao Qixi happened to see, the sex ratio of polar bears was also very disparate, and usually a female in heat was surrounded by several males. 

This was the law of nature.
The stronger males were always more likely to survive in this harsh environment. 

These males had to defeat all the competitors to gain the right to mate. 

A polar bear’s duel wouldn’t end with just a fight.
Usually, they would be beaten until they were covered in scars or even badly mutilated.
It could be said that it was very cruel. 

Odis was going to join this fierce competition this spring, and he would have to fight with other competitors for mating rights.
There was a high possibility of getting injured. 

Qiao Qixi’s embarrassment turned into worry in an instant.
It couldn’t be.
Odis was so strong and handsome.
How could he meet someone who dared to steal his woman?

What kind of competitor would that be?

But thinking about it, it wasn’t impossible.
Afterall, it was related to reproduction. 

Polar bears were usually very good at weighing pros and cons, but they might become rash when it came to snatching a wife…

Qiao Qixi was very worried. 

When he was worried, he couldn’t help but turn to look at Odis.
Then, when he saw the scene with Odis, his eyes were instantly stung by the spiciness. 

Damn, it had been so long, but he still hadn’t finished!

The embarrassed Qiao Qixi covered his eyes and thought: Big bro, I will return in the future when I am older.

At this time, he originally wanted to leave Odis and go back to the ice to hunt, but because he was worried that Odis would get injured during the mating process, he gave up. 

Even if he couldn’t help much, it was better than being worried about him every day after they separated. 

However, Qiao Qixi was very doubtful that Odis would be able to find a partner if he brought him along as a burden…

Of course, this was a matter for the future.
The little bear buried his face deep in the snow and covered his ears with his paws.
The problem now was: What should I do if my roommate hasn’t finished after a long time?

After gritting his teeth for about ten minutes, the little polar bear stuck out its butt and crawled on the snow, trying to get away from the huge polar bear that was still in an excited state. 

Odis usually kept a close eye on him.
Even the slightest movement couldn’t be hidden from the big bear. 

But now that Odis was occupied, Qiao Qixi felt that if he secretly changed places to sleep, he wouldn’t disturb Odis. 

Unfortunately, he was wrong.
Ridiculously wrong!

Almost as soon as he moved half a meter away, Odis raised his head and stared at him with a pair of dark eyes, as if analyzing the meaning of the little bear’s actions. 

Qiao Qixi, who had always been paying attention to the other party, was suddenly dumbfounded.
He looked innocently at Odis’ face, which was not indulging in comfort at all, and then involuntarily looked down at the proud little Odis who was still so energetic in the freezing cold weather… 

Qiao Qixi’s tongue was cold.
He didn’t know when his mouth had dropped open. 

He only came back to his senses when the cold wind blew into his mouth. 


The next second, the little bear closed his mouth and then pounced into the snow like a rabid dog.
Ahhh, so embarrassing! It was so embarrassing that his toes could dig out a whole basketball court.

He could even set up a spectator stand!

However, there was a reason why Qiao Qixi was so embarrassed. 

Just now, Qiao Qixi didn’t know if he was hallucinating because he was still sleepy or something, but he realized that when he stared at little Odis, Odis’ posture suddenly became much more arrogant. 


That’s why he had stared blankly in the wind, surprised. 

Just when Qiao Qixi felt that the heat on his body could melt nine million square kilometers of glaciers, he heard Odis get up.
The other party didn’t seem to care about the proud little Odis.
Instead, he walked towards him. 

Oh, what did the other party want to do?

The little polar bear was extremely nervous.
Could it be that male polar bears in heat would be unhappy if they were disturbed?

But he hadn’t done it on purpose…

Odis walked to the little bear’s side and didn’t do anything.
He just arched the little bear out of the snow pile, then picked him up by the back of the neck and dragged him back to the place where they had been originally sleeping. 

The strict Odis felt that this was the best place to sleep. 

Qiao Qixi had been caught sneaking away, but he curled his claws and didn’t dare to move at all.
This was because he was keenly aware that the current Odis was different from usual. 

If the usual Odis noticed that he was being naughty, he would definitely coax him patiently. 

But at this moment, the current Odis was simple and violent, giving off an oppressive aura.
Qiao Qixi tried to translate the big bear’s actions, and the translation was: “Little bear, don’t provoke me.
I’m very uncomfortable right now.” 

Qiao Qixi: “…” 

Even Qiao Qixi didn’t know why, but recently, when he was translating Odis’ body language, it was as if the other was possessed by a domineering CEO. 


Being dragged back to his original position, the little bear didn’t resist and just laid down obediently. 

Odis’ current situation should be quite uncomfortable.
Qiao Qixi had thought wrongly just now.
Odis wasn’t human.
How could this kind of thing be comfortable? There was no way for him to vent properly, so it should be very uncomfortable. 

In fact, this was indeed the case.
Half an hour ago, this newly matured male polar bear experienced his first agitation period. 

Of course, it wasn’t appropriate to describe little Odis as a small red stick. 

The polar bear’s appropriate size was there, and its color was darker. 

Therefore, it was very conspicuous next to the white fur.
That was why Qiao Qixi could see it at a glance in the dark. 

It was not only because his night vision was good, but because little Odis was still impressive enough, so… it had a strong presence.
Only a blind person wouldn’t be able to see it. 

Just as Qiao Qixi thought, this kind of thing actually didn’t put Odis in a happy mood.
The restlessness of the breeding season felt like a volcano of fire erupting in the male polar bear’s body. 

This kind of situation only made Odis feel irritated and unable to sleep. 

Therefore, the big bear, who usually coaxed the little bear, could only be silent at this moment and focus more on his body’s abnormality. 

After putting Qiao Qixi down, Odis also slowly laid down beside him.
Odis’ breath was hotter than usual, forming clouds of small white puffs in the world of ice and snow.
The frequency of his exhalation seemed to make Qiao Qixi very worried. 

But in this situation, he didn’t even dare to move, let alone raise his head to rub against Odis. 

Odis’ dark and quiet gaze met the little bear’s worried round eyes.
As if he had found some of his old gentleness, he lowered his head and licked the other party’s nose with a hint of comfort and apology. 

Qiao Qixi silently translated in his heart: I can’t play with you now.
You should sleep, Little Bear.

However, Qiao Qixi didn’t feel sleepy at all because he was worried about Odis’ situation.
Even if he closed his eyes temporarily under Odis’ gaze, he quickly opened them again. 

A pair of big eyes looked at Odis’ handsome face. 

Seeing that the little polar bear was awake again, Odis narrowed his eyes.
It was just a slight expression, but Qiao Qixi recognized the warning on his face. 

He didn’t know what Odis was warning him about, but Qiao Qixi inexplicably felt a sense of danger. 

So he quickly closed his eyes in an obedient manner.
While he was preparing to sleep, he still pricked up his ears and paid attention to Odis’ unusual breathing rate. 

How uncomfortable was this?

He hoped the other party could get better soon…

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After an unknown amount of time, Qiao Qixi finally felt sleepy. 

However, just as he was about to hug the other party to sleep in a daze, he could hear Odis’ familiar voice again. 

At the same time, there was a slightly suppressed low voice that flowed out from the other party’s throat from time to time. 

Qiao Qixi heard a hint of irritation and restraint. 

In the dim snowy sky, the little polar bear’s eyes were as big as copper bells, and he stared for so long that it was hard for Odis not to notice him. 

Their eyes met.
The two pairs of eyes were almost the same in appearance, but the small pair seemed innocent and lovely while the big pair appeared mature and calm. 

Qiao Qixi was caught peeking instead of sleeping again.
He was embarrassed and a little scared. 

Odis’ eyes made his hair stand on end.
Heh heh.
He thought about it and buried his head in the snow. 

The Great Snow Escape! 

However, the little bear’s Great Snow Escape could only be called self-deception. 

Although his face was buried, his whole body was still exposed. 

After being interrupted by the little bear again and again, Odis didn’t seem to have any intention of continuing. 

He directly ignored the strangeness of his body and just laid down as usual. 

He even licked the snow around his mouth to quench his thirst and cool himself down. 

There was no movement for a long time.
The little polar bear breathed a sigh of relief.
Only then did he dare to raise his head and found that Odis was lying on the snow beside him.
It seemed that the situation was finally better. 

Unfortunately, he didn’t think about it enough.
If Odis was truly better, how could he not hug and kiss him to sleep already?

Under the wrong judgment, Qiao Qixi slowly crawled into Odis’ arms. 

In a world of ice and snow, he couldn’t sleep soundly without some heat. 

And he didn’t want Odis to think that he was a little white-eyed wolf (Translation: white-eyed wolf means to be an ungrateful person). 

It was obvious that his friend was going through painful things, but he didn’t care and could even fall asleep. 

That was really wrong of him.
He wasn’t such an uncaring bear. 

Odis looked at the little bear approaching him and didn’t happily hug and lick him as usual. 

He raised his face and shook off the snowflakes that had just fallen on his head, exhaling out clouds of white mist from his nose.

Ah, still…

From this action, Qiao Qixi could see that the other party was still very uncomfortable, so he felt bad. 

He raised his paw and wanted to touch Odis’ face, but Odis suddenly turned over and pressed him into his arms. 

At first, they were just motionless.
Qiao Qixi was covered in an airtight embrace.
He felt that the temperature around him had risen by more than ten degrees, and it was very warm. 

The cold wind outside couldn’t blow him at all because it was all blocked by Odis’ tall body. 

Suddenly, Odis made a very small movement. 

Although it was very small, Qiao Qixi’s head still buzzed.
The whole bear was a little confused. 

What was Odis doing?

As if to clear the little bear’s confusion, Odis rubbed against him twice. 

This time, not only Qiao Qixi but the nearby Little Yellow also knew what Odis was doing.

Qiao Qixi: “???”


A layer of anger rose in his eyes, and his heart collapsed. Ahhh, damn hooligan Odis, let go of this innocent little bear!

Qiao Qixi knew that he was a handsome bear with a good figure and fur white as snow.
There weren’t many polar bears in the Arctic who could compare to him. 

And though Odis just happened to be in need of a relieving tool, he shouldn’t look to him!

Really annoying. 

“…” Qiao Qixi was willing to sacrifice himself for his brother but he didn’t want to be his brother’s relieving tool.
He struggled with all his might, but he forgot that their strength was so disparate that it was difficult to fight back. 

Then Odis rubbed against him again…


Sure enough, all men were the same.

Then, Odis also replied with two sounds which were full of suppression, irritation, and forbearance…

These were all normal and understandable emotions.

But the most amazing thing was that Qiao Qixi even recognized behavior that he was very familiar with: acting coquettishly!

Odis’ voice was mixed with a certain hidden meaning.
The general idea was: I know you are angry, but please bear with it for my sake.
Don’t forsake me. 

Qiao Qixi froze.
He raised his head and wanted to roar against the wind: Odis, what are you saying? How can I tolerate this kind of thing…!

Speaking of which, just watching the other party pleasing himself was already very embarrassing and awkward, not to mention that now he was also forced to participate. 

Qiao Qixi was different from animals who only relied on their instincts to survive.
He was rich in emotions, and had a human mind with keen senses.
Thus, he perceived a lot of things and had many thoughts. 

His sense of shame and conservativeness hadn’t disappeared just because he had been a polar bear for almost a year now. 

However, when Qiao Qixi clearly received Odis’ call for help along with those rich and diverse emotions, he couldn’t get angry at all. 

After being together for a long time, they had already developed a deep emotional bond. 

Forget it, forget it. 

“…” After gritting his teeth and thinking about it, Qiao Qixi closed his eyes and couldn’t be bothered to struggle anymore. 

Anyway, whether he struggled or not, Odis wouldn’t stop, and after sensing his quiet and docile acquiesce, the actions seemed to be getting more and more intense. 

If this could make Odis feel less frustrated and uncomfortable, Qiao Qixi could continue to endure. 

“Wu wu.” When Odis went too far and was on the verge of losing control, Qiao Qixi would use crying to attract the other party’s attention. 

Every time he cried, Odis would temporarily restrain himself and slow down to kiss his face to comfort him. 

In the snow, Odis’ breathing seemed to cover the sound of the wind and snow, sounding clear and heavy. 

The little polar bear that was pressed into his arms couldn’t feel the coldness of the Arctic. 

But on the other hand, the little bear still had to endure an unusually hot temperature and confinement. 

The little polar bear was always on guard, afraid of things that shouldn’t happen.
After all, he could only accept being rubbed by Odis, which was the maximum limit. 

“Wu wu.” The scheming little polar bear kept reminding Odis with a weak voice that he was still just a young bear. 

Please be sure to treat him with care. 

Odis’ gaze deepened, and his eyes slowly narrowed until they almost became a line.

This was an expression that only appeared after holding the little polar bear.
It could be described as appearing comfortable, which sharply contrasted with the frustrated look from before.

Maybe he was no longer uncomfortable now.

After careful observation, the oppressive atmosphere that lingered around him just now had been swept away. 

Qiao Qixi breathed a sigh of relief. 

While he accompanied Odis through this difficult period of agitation, his nerves were tense. 

He wasn’t sure how long it had been since the beginning to now, but he only knew that his motionless paws in the snow were almost stiff. 

Qiao Qixi struggled for a while as he tried to leave Odis’ confined embrace.
This movement attracted the attention of Odis who had been resting. 

Odis, who had just recovered his comfortable state, seemed to be in a good mood.
He opened his eyes that had returned to calmness and made a low sound, as if responding to the little polar bear. 

From his lazy voice, Qiao Qixi understood the other party as saying: Don’t move, let’s hug for a while.


Qiao Qixi’s eyes widened, and he was angry.
What the hell!?

He had already sacrificed his white and handsome self to become the object of the other party’s fantasies.
At this time, he was still responsible to wait for the afterglow to pass?

That seemed to be the case, however. 

Although the flame that was raging in his body had extinguished, Odis still liked to hug the cute little bear. 

After resting for a while and regaining some energy, he immediately cleaned the little bear from head to toe with more enthusiasm than before, especially the fur that he had dirtied. 

He cleaned it very carefully. 

“…” After experiencing such an embarrassing thing, Qiao Qixi didn’t want to accept this kind of intimate action.
It was too awkward. 

But he couldn’t not clean it. 

Wu wu, I’m dirty. Qiao Qixi tilted his head and looked up at the starry sky with mixed feelings. 

Qiao Qixi seriously thought that if this kind of thing happened again, he would break up with Odis and run away from home. 

When the time came, Odis would go to the snow mountain to find himself a partner, and Qiao Qixi would go back to the ice to hunt seals.
They would meet again after Odis’ mating season. 

Thinking about these things and being comfortably cared for by Odis, the little bear, who was tired for most of the night, gradually fell asleep. 

Odis occasionally raised his head from cleaning and stared at the little bear’s sleeping profile.
After a few seconds, he lowered his head again and carefully licked the fur that he hadn’t cleaned yet.

The reason why the little polar bear could remain so white was because of Odis. 

After finishing the cleaning, Odis rested, but it seemed that he couldn’t sleep.
He turned his head and rubbed the little bear’s face with his nose.
He wanted to play with the little bear. 

Unfortunately, the other party was sleeping, so this king of the ice who couldn’t sleep after the incident could only move gently without waking the other party up. 

He still wanted to satisfy this little desire for gentle interaction.

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