It was only after seeing the aerial footage that people realized that the plastic bucket did not appear on the ice floe for no reason and that it was an item belonging to the polar bear cub.

  Ah, this……

  Everyone was amazed that the wild polar bears would bring their favorite items with them, moreover in the process of migrating to the South…

  Let’s just say that it’s too cute.

  It is rare that this cub can maintain a lively and cheerful nature under such a harsh living environment.

  This also proves that the adult polar bear that led it should have loved it very much and given it good care and attention.

  People saw that the big polar bear hadn’t been feeding, starting at least since they first took aerial photos of the two polar bears.

  Little by little, the ice floe melted and became smaller while the big polar bear lay still in the middle.
Only when he was occasionally harassed by the cub would he raise his paw and pull away the mischievous cub.

  ”It’s conserving its energy.” The professor said, “After all, the ice floe is about to melt, followed by an ocean marathon of several hundred kilometers, which will drain almost all of its energy.”

  ”Not to mention the fact that he has a cub with him.” The young man who was discussing with the professor said with some concern, “Can a male polar bear really bring a cub to shore as smoothly as a mother bear?”

  The professor shook his head, “This is probably the first case in nature, so it must be followed up properly.” 

  On this side, Qiao Qixi noticed with hindsight that Oddis never got up to eat, even if more than ten hours had already passed. 

  Normally at this time of year, Oddis who have a big appetite can eat two or sometimes even three meals, as long as there is enough food. 

  Now however, he always refrains from eating. 

  Qiao Qixi was quite worried at first, “Is Oddis sick?” 

  So he forced open Oddis’s eyelids and found that his eyes were normal, the whites of his eyes were not red and bloodshot, nor cloudy and were very deep and soulful instead, also a little helpless, with a tendency of wanting to roll his eyes. 

  I’m sorry…

  Qiao Qixi first ruled out the possibility of Oddis being sick, tossing and turning, he curled up next to Oddis and leaned over, pondering the reason why Oddis would not eat.

  Does Oddis, as an animal, want to leave the limited food to me, just as much as I want to save it for him?


  Knowing that one cannot use the human mind to speculate what is in the mind of an animal, as long as the thought of this possibility comes to mind, Qiao Qixi’s brain simply can’t stop brainstorming various…scenarios that touched him to the core.  

  Just, how can one be so lucky to get Oddis’ selfless care?

  In the harsh conditions of the wild world, everything is purely divided, there is no interest between the animals to speak of, so Oddis is definitely not treating him well in order to get something in return. 

  Thinking about this, Qiao Qixi sniffled twice, and decided in his heart that he would try hard to hunt seals in the future, give Oddis a good old age, and repay Oddis for the grace of raising him.

  There is still half of the food left.
Before the floating ice melts, Qiao Qixi is sure he couldn’t finish it all.

  He thought about it and tore off a piece of seal meat with his mouth and brought it to Oddis’ mouth.


  Oddis: “…”

  Poor Oddis, who had planned to catch up on his rest, unfortunately raised a bear with a lot of energy and needed his company too much.

  Well, Oddis, who had quite bottomless patience with the cub, lifted his eyes and picked up the meat handed to him by the cub, then brought it to Qiao Qixi’s mouth and coaxed the other to eat.

  Qiao Qixi: “…” 

  Seeing Oddis take the meat away, he was quite happy, but it turned out that Oddis didn’t want to eat it, and simply sent it back to him instead. 

  You really aren’t hungry? 

  The polar bear cub opened his mouth and stepped back, indicating that he would not eat it, and not only that, he even dragged the whole seal in front of Oddis. 

  Qiao Qixi made high and low sounds and used his paws to slap the ground, signaling Oddis to eat. 

  Oddis did not quite understand Qiao Qixi’s behavior and thought to himself, “There is not much food left, why not eat it yourself?”

  But Oddis dotes this polar bear he raised, so he kept his head down and ate for the polar bear in order to make him happy, even though he no longer needed to eat frequently. 

  Not knowing that he had been coaxed by Oddis, Qiao Qixi was so relieved to see that Oddis was finally willing to eat. 

  For the last meal, they finished the rest of the seal meat.

  It is also worth mentioning that the remaining seal meat did not freeze on as the temperature rose.

  And to be honest, the taste is still quite good.

  The scene of the polar bear cub pushing the seal bones into the ocean was captured on aerial photography and, not surprisingly, the photo was again discussed with great interest. 

  : Smart little guy! This will reduce the load of ice!

  : My god! Quick! Hold him up and let him come to school!

  :  It’s so cute~

  : Look at how busy the polar bear cub is! He is the busiest throughout the journey.

  : Just like a “Logistics Department”. 

  Five hours after eating, the ice floe finally could not bear the weight of the two polar bears and showed vague signs of sinking.

  Oddis first jumped into the ocean and swam in front of the ice floe for some time, during which Qiao Qixi still stayed on the ice floe. 

  But he had his little yellow bucket on and was ready to join the ocean marathon at any time.

  When the ice floe couldn’t carry the weight of Qiao Qixi too, he jumped into the ocean with his legs wide open and followed behind Oddis, officially starting their journey to move south. 

  The Polar Researcher’s forum has been updated again with their progress. 

  The polar bear cub also jumped into the ocean, and the small yellow bucket on his head was very eye-catching.

  From the aerial photo, overlooking the entire ocean from a high altitude, the entire field of view is only a vast blue ocean.

  A large and a small white pair with yellow dot on one of them…were floating in this ocean.

  Compared to the vast, raging, frightening ocean, these two polar bears seem so small and vulnerable and people can’t help but feel worried and distraught for them.

  Hopefully, these two polar bears will have a smooth journey and succeed in reaching land on the other side of the ocean.

  Before jumping into the water, Qiao Qixi did not know that he would have to swim several hundred kilometers for the next few days.

  Fortunately, he didn’t know, so there wasn’t much psychological pressure on him.

  Naturally, they are not going to swim hundreds of kilometers in one go.
During this period they will pass by some islands and go up to rest for a while.

  With a little bit of luck one can also get some supplies.


  Polar bears have a truly amazing sense of direction, remembering the route they swam with their mothers as cubs and following it every year of their lives thereafter.

  Rarely does one get lost.  

  In this case, Qiao Qixi is considered as a polar bear with ‘amnesia’, and without Oddis’s guidance, he would definitely die this year because he can’t even remember which route to take to move south.

  Fortunately, there is Oddis, swimming in front to lead.

  There have not been many opportunities for Qiao Qixi to go to the ocean, in general his swimming skills are average, and he now needs to catch up with Oddis, without slowing him down.
Qiao Qixi will have to improvise and think of more ways to swim faster. 

  For example, humans have developed a knack for freestyle, which is the fastest way to swim.

  Combined with the polar bear’s own physical condition, and imagining myself moving like a free fish… that hmm…er,uhm… there probably isn’t any fish that would be so round and fat like me, right…?


  Killer Whales?

  The orcas’ body is very smooth but they probably don’t go so fast when they swim.


  Ocean sunfish?

  In fact, Qiao Qixi has always been confused about them. Why has this fish that has a “useless” heavy body not reached extinction yet?

  Is it because its meat is not tasty?

  That’s why it was able to move in the ocean to mingle and die on its own?

  Ahh, I’m a bit envious…


  The polar bears’ heads were hot from the blazing sun, while their bodies were much cooler from soaking in the ocean water. 

  Is this a case where the ice is on fire? 

  The speed of Oddis swimming is not fast or slow for fear that the cub will not be able to keep up.
Occasionally he will look back at him, just like his memory of his mother, who also did this to him in the past. 

  Fortunately, Qiao Qixi did not fall behind and he kept up quite closely. 

  The first island was 50 kilometers away, which was the first time Qiao Qixi swam so far in one breath, and his body felt very tired. 

  After they got to shore, his legs were shaking and his body was swaying.

  Even Oddis’s pace was slow and a little different than usual, so it was clear how arduous the journey was.

  This island is bare with no plants at all.
It is evident that it was covered with ice before.

  Now that the ice has melted away, all that is left is barren sand and gravel land, which does not even have the conditions to grow plants.

  Because the temperature here is still very low, even in summer, it stays around -10 degrees.

  There is no food to be found here for the polar bears, and it can only be used as a temporary rest stop to recover their strength.

  Is there really no food?  

  It seems to be the case, otherwise Oddis would not just find a place to lie down and rest.

  Not only does he lie down himself, but he also holds the polar bear cub in his arms.
If he can talk, he will probably comfort the exhausted bear lying in his arms with: “Go to sleep, when you fall asleep, you will not be hungry.”

  Qiao Qixi: ……you’re pulling my leg! 

Qiao Qixi also does not have the physical strength to toss and turn so when he lies down, he falls into a sweet-smelling sleep almost immediately.

  After cuddling with Oddis on the island and not knowing how long he slept, Qiao Qixi finally woke up leisurely.

  The sound of the rising tide came to their ears, and the ocean level seemed to have risen a little more compared to when they first came ashore.

  Much of the ice in the Arctic melted and turned into water that pooled into the waters. 

  The cub beside him stretched out and Oddis had also woken up, though he didn’t seem to have any intention of getting up right away to continue the journey.

  He just blinked his eyes and closed them again with a flourish.

  “That’s great”, Qiao Qixi thought, “Let’s stay here a little longer then.”

  Rome was not built in a day, and the polar bears’ journey to the south could also not be completed in a day.

  There is no rush. 

  The two “sloth” polar bears cuddled together and slept, and the researchers who took aerial photos of them were amused.

  Aren’t polar bears afraid of heat? 

  As summer approaches, the temperature on the island is about -15 degrees, a relatively unseasonably warm temperature.

  The polar bears occasionally feel hot in the daylight, but never cold, much less cuddled with their companions for warmth.

  And this adult male polar bear they tracked was an eye-opener, he seemed to love this cub very much, his pampering overflowed the screen, and some of his actions and thoughts made humans feel warm and loving when they looked at it.

  : He’s such a good brother.

  : He could also be a good father.

  : You should know that the color of the older polar bears are not so new, the hair on this one is very white, and it still looks like it should be very young.

  : My goodness, where were these two bears photographed? I seem to know them.


  A comment caught everyone’s attention, and the person who posted it was none other than an employee of that wildlife rescue station in Greenland.

  He occasionally slips in and out of the forum.

  : May I ask who you are?

  : An employee of the Greenland Wildlife Rescue, who has rescued many polar bears.

  : Okay, we’ll contact you privately and I’ll send you the location of the coordinates if I’m sure of your identity.


  By exchanging information with each other, they determined the origin of the two polar bears, which were indeed Odysseus and Alexander, who had returned to the wild for more than two months.

  Since then, the two polar bears have had names on the forum.

  It turns out that the big bear is called Odysseus and the little bear is called Alexander, they are neither father nor son, nor brothers, so to speak, they are not at all related to each other.

  They were rescued together just a few months ago and were neighbors for a short time.

  Age and time did not prevent the two polar bears from developing a deep friendship, and after returning to nature, they soon found each other and have been living together ever since, sources said cheerfully on the forum.

  : AHH! This story is also too cute and heartwarming.

  :The polar bears have proven with their practical actions that it is possible to live happily in a flash marriage.

  : Thank you Alexander for meeting Odysseus! Thank you Odysseus for taking care of Alexander! I hope these two will have many more summers to come!

  : This is the most delightful story I’ve heard this year!

  : I’m a little worried by the fact that Odysseus is less than five years old… Will he leave Alexander next spring?

  : Maybe not, Odysseus is a special polar bear, after all.

  : Alexander is also very special! I love the way he dresses himself up! Haha, he’s a cool and cute boy.

  The sleeping Qiao Qixi received many compliments from all over the world, a pinnacle that he had never experienced when he was a human.

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Qiao Qixi signalling Oddis to eat


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