On his thick arm, came a vague feeling that can’t even be called pain.
It only felt like being ‘bitten’ by the other side’s mouth and nothing more.

  Oddis looked down, uncomprehendingly, at the polar bear cub nibbling on his arm.

   “Is it hungry?”

  “Or is it grinding its teeth?”

  These are the only two possibilities that Oddis can think of.

  The teeth of the cub have a long growth process.
They are not elongated and sharp when they are more than one year old and will require growth until they are five years old to be considered at their peak.

  During the teething process, polar bear cubs like to tear and bite things.

  Including food, they will bite everything they see that they can bite.

  Oddis calmly pulled his arm out, quietly waiting for the polar bear cub to mimic his own action of flinging water, but Qiao Qixi has not moved.
He thought the other party did not know so he intended to demonstrate it again…

  However, this time Qiao Qixi will not let him get away with it, instead of hurting the other, he should make the first move and let the other get a taste of being thrown in the face. 

  Unfortunately, Qiao Qixi is too short and it is impossible for him to throw water at Oddis’ face, his ‘attack’ range can only involve the opponent’s lower body.

  Oddis shook his limbs and his simple and pure mind could not have known that the polar bear cub was deliberately acting mischievous.
As a male polar bear, he rarely bowed his head with his muzzle but he gave the cub a nudge and let the other walk forward.

  As if he was afraid that the cub would fall into the water behind himself once again.

  This was just what Qiao Qixi wanted, and he also felt that walking behind Oddis was not a wise choice.

  There is the smell of blood in the air.
Qiao Qixi followed the smell to find the prey that Oddis left behind.
This is great! After swimming for so long, he has long been hungry~

  Plopping down and taking a bite of the prey, Qiao Qixi felt he was still too careless.

  The icy lump was so hard that it almost broke his milk teeth.

  It turns out that the prey brought back by Oddis has long been turned into a frozen mass, and yes, it was originally brought back from quite a distance.

  After returning and delayed for some time, there’s no way the carcass won’t be frozen.

  Qiao Qixi grimaced as he looked at Oddis, “Alas, this is the downside of not being able to speak, and there is no way to express precisely what you want to spit out.” 

  Seeing the polar bear cub’s peculiarities, Oddis only wondered why this cub was not eating.

  Can’t bite?  

  Without a second thought, Oddis willingly ripped open the prey containing some meat that was still not fully frozen but certainly did not taste as good as when it was first hunted.

  The meat that was not frozen was torn off by Oddis for Qiao Qixi to eat, and after being transitioned by his mouth, it thawed quite a bit.

  As for the rest of the frozen meat, Oddis ate it all without much stress.

  Polar bears have cast-iron stomachs.
Forget about frozen food at this level, when food is scarce, they eat the same food even when frozen to steel.

  Leaving behind a pile of wreckage, they left the area again and the likelihood of returning here, should there be no accidents, is slim.

  The entire Arctic Circle is just too big, and wandering around in a new environment every day isn’t exactly exciting.

  Under Oddis’ guidance, Qiao Qixi rarely saw any carnivores other than sea birds and ‘food’.

  Such as other polar bears, Arctic foxes and Arctic wolves, and so on.

  And the reason for that is because Oddis deliberately took him to avoid these carnivores and so are these carnivores at the same time.

  Such a life in the wilderness inevitably creates an illusion for Qiao Qixi that he is walking sideways in the Arctic Circle.

  It’s actually really not bad as long as you can make sure there’s enough food.

  On this day after eating, Oddis took Qiao Qixi for a walk on a piece of sea where the ice had almost melted. 

  Rocks rounded by the sea are dotted sporadically in the middle of the sand.

  In a flash, it is now June.

  Some small shellfish are busy crawling on the beach at this season, giving an illusion of prosperity and bustle.

  Qiao Qixi went over to observe them with great interest.
If there was a screen on top of his head, it would show:  this is not good…this is too small…this is so cute—

  Suddenly, a wave came slowly.

  The sound of the crashing tide attracted Qiao Qixi’s attention.

  He looked up and saw something floating on the water that looked like a small yellow plastic bucket.

  Qiao Qixi darted over and chased the small yellow bucket, holding it in his mouth before the tide carried it away.

  Oh, it was used by a fisherman.
It’s kind of short but looks sturdy with a wide opening so Qiao Qixi happily took it back to Oddis.

  Oddis took a glance at the bucket with little reaction, but was happy for Qiao Qixi that the other party had found something to like as a toy.

  Ehem…How is this a toy? This bucket is of great use! Qiao Qixi thought to himself.

  You can wear it as a hat when there is no load, and it can be filled with delicious food.

  In addition, even if there is no rain in the North Pole, there will be hail.
Qiao Qixi thinks this bucket will be of great use in the future. 

  So he walked with a small bucket in his mouth for a while, and then Qiao Qixi tried to put the bucket on his head and overall, it fit pretty well.

  However, it certainly won’t work if it was used by Oddis whose head circumference was too big to deserve a cute little bucket.

  As the temperature rises, Oddis takes the polar bear cub to walk north, chasing the last of the coolness before the onset of summer.

  In the summer, food is only available on the shore.

  Inland are rocks and bushes, and occasionally starving polar bears will eat the roots and berries of some plants.

  In the past, Oddis spent the summer by himself and did not feel how sad the summer was, after all, a day or two without food is very normal for him.

  But now there is Qiao Qixi, a polar bear that is still growing up.

  Oddis had to change his habits and even if he couldn’t do every meal with meat at least there had to be fish.

  Today was a day when no meat could be caught on the shore.
Oddis came to a shallow sea where he jumped into the water and swam in a vigorous manner to a reef in the sea, waiting for a time to hunt.

  Beluga whales will swim in small groups and breathe in shallow waters.
Perhaps they are not unaware that there are polar bears hunting in the area for them so they’re not wary.

  The patient polar bear crouched quietly on the reef, craning his head to gaze at the not-so-calm sea around him.

  The blue waters were raging at every moment, giving Qiao Qixi a danger of being swallowed up and causing him to hesitate to follow along to learn.

  But if he followed him, he was afraid to disturb Oddis hunting.

  Currently Oddis has been crouching for a while, he is surrounded by the company of frolicking beluga whales which from time to time surfaced to breathe, spouting jets of water overhead.

  Qiao Qixi sat on the shore gazing at Oddis with a small bucket on top, with mixed feelings.

  In the past, when watching a documentary on polar bears, one would feel that the polar bears crouching in the water waiting for fish were naive and cute.

  Now he just feels heartbroken.

  Qiao Qixi, unwilling to drag his feet, took a step downstream.

  What is the most omnivorous species in the world you ask?

  It’s definitely mankind.

  The beach has so many things to eat, and they’re all so good.

  Without Oddis keeping an eye on him, Qiao Qixi went to the reef area as soon as he could.

  In human perception, the reef complex is so dangerous that people only dare to come over when the tide is out to find some delicacies.

  On the other hand, polar bears do not have such concerns as they can dive and are not so easily carried away by seawater with their hundreds or thousands of pounds of weight.

  Qiao Qixi has a deep love for the seaside reef group, where he can find scallops of delightful size.

  As a matter of fact, the Arctic Ocean is famous for its scallops, including those from Norwegian waters, which are known worldwide.

  But many waters are off-limits, and only a small number of people are lucky enough to taste the deliciousness that goes out from the Arctic Ocean each year.

  Qiao Qixi, who has little concept of this, found some scallops, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, and occasionally saw a few prawns, which can be described as an unexpected surprise.

  Oddis does not like the taste of oysters, but has no aversion to eating seashells.

  But the seashells are really too insignificant for polar bears, and the meat is just a drop in the bucket, which can only be a snack to stuff one’s teeth.

  Oddis only gets some food on a whim.

  Qiao Qixi collected some scallop meat and put it in a small bucket, while he himself ate some kinds that Oddis did not like.

  These sea urchins for example, the Arctic sea urchin is also very large and covered with spines and this fellow probably never dreamed that he would one day be eaten by a polar bear.

  Well… Qiao Qixi, who ate it, never dreamed that he would one day be able to get his hands on these raw things.

  Also, it’s pretty tasty.

  Then, of course, these ingredients are top quality ingredients that are unavailable on the market and many gourmets are enchanted by it.

  Raw ingredients, such as this octopus brought up by the tide, also look good to eat, except that the other side is dotted with a small blue circle.

  Despite not having seen a real blue-ringed octopus in person, the blue-ringed octopus has a fierce reputation that most people know.

  This cute and eye-catching-looking guy is highly poisonous, and Qiao Qixi subconsciously stays away from it.

  In the upstream to catch the beluga whale, Oddis knows Qiao Qixi went to the reef again to eat a small snack and that is the other party’s hobby.
Although it is a bit unbelievable, he would not interfere with it.

  The raging waters rose and he seemed to have finally found a good opportunity to take full advantage of the situation.

  Oddis plunged headlong into the water and a splash stirred up on the surface as his body and the beluga whale both dived rapidly downward.

  While it is incredible, the explosive speed of the polar bear is just faster than the beluga whale.

  By the time Oddis surfaced, he had his prey in his mouth, and the blood bloomed on the surface, staining the water around him.

  Oddis swam back to the shore with his prey in tow, and then his polar bear cub came back dutifully with a small bucket in his mouth.

  The prey caught by each other is put together for a meal and in comparison, the food Qiao Qixi brought back seems insignificant.

  But Qiao Qixi didn’t feel shabby, there were a few prawns today, maybe Oddis would like them.

  Just as Oddis didn’t mind raising the polar bear cub he picked up halfway through his life, he didn’t mind obeying the cub and eating some of the food he brought to him.

  The small bucket of scallop meat and prawns were quickly consumed, followed by the main meal.

  Oddis did not spoil Qiao Qixi as before.
For even the cubs have to learn survival skills, even if he does not follow him down to the sea to hunt, at least he must learn to tear open the belly of the prey himself.

  Not sure if it was Qiao Qixi’s illusion but he felt that today’s Oddis was very serious.
When it was clearly time to eat the main meal, the other side just crouched and didn’t move and just looked at him.

  Uhmm… why are you doing this?

  Qiao Qixi mulled over the fact that he did not do anything contradictory today, not to mention running around, he even came back earlier than the meal time…

  Thinking for a moment about the beluga whale lying on the ground, Qiao Qixi seemed to understand that Oddis was trying to get himself to tear open the prey?

  Indeed, it has been Oddis who has been doing the work for him, and it is only natural for the other side to worry that he will never be able to do it.

  To show that he was not so useless that he could not tear the belly of his prey, Qiao Qixi ripped the belly of the beluga whale open under the eyes of Oddis.

  Oddis made a low frequency sound, which, according to Qiao Qixi’s own understanding, seemed to be expressing compliments.

  Qiao Qixi looked embarrassed: “……”

  It doesn’t have to be that way ah…  

  Beluga whale meat is very good, fatty but not greasy.
Compared with the delicious but easily greasy seal meat, Qiao Qixi, who has a lighter taste, can eat more beluga meat.

  After Oddis made sure the polar bear cub was able to tear open the prey by himself, the ‘strict father image’ was suddenly swept away and he continued to help his partner tear the prey in a solid way.

  Qiao Qixi looked at the chunks of meat that Oddis had prepared for himself, and then compared it to the rare appearance of the other party’s teaching behavior just now.
Suddenly he felt that…Oddis is really not suitable for bringing up children.

  If the cub had not understood on its own and had to rely on Oddis in order to do it, it may not have been possible to live independently for another hundred years.

  But think about it, Oddis is a male and would not have had the instincts of a female bear to carry a cub.

  It’s good to be able to pull him up.

  Thinking of this, Qiao Qixi intimately raised his head and rubbed his face against Oddis, sticking out his tongue to help the other side lick off the blood below his eyes.

  This position itself is not easy to clean.

  Oddis stopped eating and responded to Qiao Qixi in the same way, except that his force was relatively much greater, licking Qiao Qixi who almost lost his balance and fell on his buttocks. 

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