A question: What is the most embarrassing situation you have ever experienced?

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Anonymous answer: [Being caught by the guy you like wandering around the door of the men’s toilet, this is not embarrassing enough, what’s more embarrassing is that this guy is your brother’s friend… Can you imagine that you are standing near the door of the toilet and don’t know what to do when your dear brother suddenly call and tell you, “There’s nothing nice about boys’ stuff”?

Forget it, I can bear with it.

They are both good looking.

At exactly 9:30 p.m., Lu Yining finished typing the answer and clicked send.

As soon as the phone screen showed that the message was successfully sent, a message from Jiang Nai popped up: [My phone ran out of power during the experiment in the afternoon so I just went back to the dormitory to charge it and turn it on just now.
What’s wrong, baby? ]

In a few seconds, Jiang Nai’s next line quickly appeared on the screen: [Wait, you are in love? With who? 】

Jiang Nai: [Fuck, you won’t be back with that dog stuff, right? 】

The word “dog stuff” is Jiang Nai’s special term for Pei Jue after Lu Yining’s break up.

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Lu Yining: [Perhaps have you seen the red exclamation mark? 】

As soon as the message was sent, the door of the dormitory was slammed and Han Miaomiao’s voice came from outside the door with her nasal voice thick and inarticulate: “Ningning, I forgot to bring my keys…”

The dormitory consists of a bed and table.
Lu Yining didn’t care to chat with Jiang Nai anymore and got out of the bed and opened the door for Han Miaomiao.

“Ningning -”

Han Miaomiao obviously drank a lot of wine.
As soon as the door was opened, the smell of alcohol poured out from her body.
Lu Yining wrinkled her nose and hurriedly supported the person who had fallen to the door frame.
The latter fell in her arms and as if sharing a secret, she deliberately stood on tiptoe in her ear and whispered, “I have good news for you.”

What good news can a drunkard say?

Lu Yining thought it was funny, but she still cooperated and asked, “What good news?”

Han Miaomiao hung on her body, “I know the name of the brother you’ve been watching this afternoon… .”

“… ”

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Although Han Miaomiao drank a lot, she was not drunk completely.
She coughed to clear her throat; “It’s Tang Mubai who spoke as an excellent representative at the school’s orientation meeting!

Miaomiao didn’t go at the orientation but Lu Yining did.

Han Miaomiao frowned and raised her head to look at her: “Didn’t you go there… What were you doing when he was speaking?”

Lu Yining also frowned, what was she doing?

She was… asleep.

On the day of the orientation, the summer heat had not yet passed and the campus were crowded with tens of thousands of people on the playground.
The sun was scorching hot so Lu Yining sat in the back and fell asleep .

She doesn’t even remember any outstanding student representatives who came to the stage to speak.

Han Miaomiao don’t think too much about this issue and she laughed “Hehe”, “Didn’t I have dinner with my boyfriend and the others tonight, I even went to ask him for his WeChat ….”

Lu Yining’s eyes lit up.
She know that Han Miaomiao is drunk and is not very reliable but she was in a good mood and her tone became clearer: “Then what?”

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“He said his mobile phone was a Nokia and he couldn’t play WeChat.”

Han Miaomiao was drunk and lost her mind, apparently taking it seriously: “Ningning, do you know? The famous brands on his body are also fakes.
I asked him where he bought them and he said that the clothes cost ten yuan a piece.
Alas, who would have thought that our senior with excellent grades and bright appearance is actually a poor student who has his socks mended?”

Lu Yining: “…”

Lu Yining’s reply on Zhihu has 4,000 likes in just one week.

A week later, on the penultimate day of the National Day holiday, she was walking around a pot of bamboo at her aunt’s house when she received a message from Lu Jingxing.

Lu Jingxing is also a busy person, especially now that he is on his third year and unless he has something to do, he rarely send messages to her.

For example, this time, he only send a few short words: [Yi Ning, I left my flash drive in the living room and my friend just stopped by to help me get it on the way, can you go to the door and give it to him? ]

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He used the question mark but from what Lu Yining knew about him, she knew that his friend was probably at the door by now.
Lu Yining didn’t dare to delay.

The courtyard  of the Lu family’s villa is not small at all.
As soon as Lu Yining walked out of the gate, he saw a man standing beside the carved gate.
The man stepped on a small stone and answered the phone with his head half lowered.

Lu Yining’s breathing was caught in her throat and her head went blank in an instant and almost subconsciously, she blurted out: “Xiaobai—”

She actually wanted to call him “senior”, after all, they are not very familiar with each other now but the bad thing is that these few days Han Miaomiao always uses the name “Xiaobai” every time she mentions him.
Han Miaomiao said that the name “Xiaobai” is more recognizable than calling him “Senior” or they won’t know who they are talking about.

After all, there are many seniors, this is also a senior and that is also a senior and almost all the boys in the school are their seniors.

Lu Yining was completely used to it this time and she regretted it as soon as she called it out.

The boy at the door was also startled and after a few seconds he turned his head.

The little girl’s tone was soft just now, and the ending was very soft which was very nice to hear.

But it’s almost like she was calling a fucking dog.

Tang Mubai frowned, and reluctantly said “Um”, who is it?”

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