Because Han Miaomiao’s eyes were too terrifying and her aura was overwhelming, Lu Yining was afraid of being attacked by her fists.
After that during the whole basketball game, Lu Yining didn’t dare to provoke her again.

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The most she could do was grit her teeth and clenched her fingers when she became excited and do nothing else.
She became a breath of fresh air among the shouting girls around her.

Because it was not a regular game, it didn’t last too long and it didn’t take long for the basketball court to be quiet again.

The two teams dispersed and the screams and applause from the stands gradually subsided.

It was seven o’clock and the sky was just getting dark .

It was only then that Lu Yining completely freed her hands and mouth.
She released her fingers and let out a long breath.

Perhaps because she pursed her lips a little too hard just now, her lips were filled with blood and the color was darker than usual.

There are few street lights and there are people all around so the lights form a shadow and make the girl look even more beautiful with her red lips and white teeth and a face that looks so lovely.

Han Miaomiao, who had just turned her gaze back from her boyfriend turned her head and after being stunned for a few seconds, she actually  reached out and pinched her face, “Ningning—”

Her eyes were kind and her tone was very gentle.
But Lu Yining didn’t really want to listen what she said after; “How did you fall in love with Pei Jue before?”


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Lu Yining was silent, and replied something she might not want to hear: “Your boyfriend lost just now.”

After a few seconds, “He lost very badly.”

Han Miaomiao: “…”

Lu Yining was just joking with her.

Although she didn’t want to mention Pei Jue very much, it was not an existence that she absolutely couldn’t mention.
She tilted her chin and her eyes moved a few inches to a certain point until the man disappeared at the door.

She asked; “Why do you think so?”

“Because he’s handsome?”

Although Pei Jue’s appearance has declined over the past two years, he still stood out from among the boys in the medical school for his good features and tall stature and he is still outstanding and good-looking.

But Lu Yining really wasn’t into him because of this.
In terms of looks, when they were in high school, the boys and girls in their art class were all the face of the school.

Their looks are much better as compared to their studies though.

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There were many boys in the class who were better-looking than Pei Jue and there were many who chase after Lu Yining but she has never really talked to any of them.

As for why he fell in love with Pei Jue – Lu Yining thought for a while, “Maybe it’s because he has more substance.”

Han Miaomiao couldn’t believe it: “How do you know he has substance?”

Lu Yining was telling the truth.

It is indeed because of Pei Jue’s personality.
He is gentle, careful and considerate and he can write poetry and know martial arts and can weild a sword.
He was just like a young lady from a wealthy family in ancient times who is proficient in everything from piano, chess, calligraphy and painting.
On her birthday , he was sandwiched among many rich kids dressed in Gucci and dresses like a peacock in the middle of the rich second generation like a lonely white swan and Lu Yining was really moved.

But she didn’t have time to explain that much because less than 100 meters ahead, the boy in white clothes and black trousers walked out of the washroom door.

“What do you think,” Lu Yining’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated, she grabbed her phone and got up and started talking , “If he doesn’t have anything in his head, can he be bald at a young age?”

Han Miaomiao: “… ”

It seems to make sense.

After speaking, Lu Yining gave her a perfunctorily pat on the shoulder and jumped off the stand in three or two steps.

Half a minute later, Han Miaomiao followed her from behind but she didn’t know Lu Yining’s mind and was still chattering about Pei Jue’s topic.

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Lu Yining could hear every word clearly but she didn’t have time to think about what it meant.
She only have her attention on the boy in front of her.
 He was tall and thin and because of his broad shoulders and straight legs, he walked so beautifully.

The height difference between men and women is not small at all.
The boy has long legs and his steps are wide so the distance between the two was quickly widened.
Lu Yining speeds up her pace with her heart being in a tangle.

She hope that he will turn back but at the same time she don’t want him to turn back.

It was probably because her eyes were too hot and only after a second later she had this thought, the boy in front suddenly stopped in his tracks.


Just like a stalker, Lu Yining’s reaction was very quick and the moment he stopped and turned back she also immediately turned around.

He turned back and Lu Yining turned right.

They missed from being in eye contact with only a few seconds.

Less than five meters apart, Tang Mubai who was standing under the street lamp, squinted his eyes and it took him several seconds to remember who this girl was.

His vision was very light, and he turned slightly and stood on the door opposite Lu Yining.
After a while, he curve the corner of his mouth and took out his mobile phone and took a photo and then sent it to Lu Jingxing: [Your sister? ]

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Half a minute later: [Well, what’s wrong? 】

Tang Mubai: 【She is standing at the door of the men’s toilet now. 】

Lu Jingxing: 【? 】

Tang Mubai glanced at the time: 【It’s been a minute. ]

Lu Jingxing: […]

Tang Mubai: [It looks like she wants to go in. 】

Lu Jingxing did not reply.

Half a minute later, Lu Yining’s phone suddenly vibrated.

She took it out and saw the caller ID: Lu Jingxing.

Lu Yining: “…”

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