d taller than her, she breathed a sigh of relief and stretched out her hand and pushed her: “Jiang Nai, you go and hold it.”

Lu Yining swallowed hard.
She got goosebumps and the hair on her whole body even stood up but the expectant and urging eyes of the other three people seemed to give her a push.
Although she was scared, she still stretched out her hand.

She didn’t know much experiments for medical students and she had never attended a class so she didn’t know anything about it so she just put her hand on the mouse’s tail .

There was no hair on the tail and it was bare and slippery.
Lu Yining shrank her shoulders back and then closed her eyes and quickly retracted her hands.

Tang Mubai stood half standing and half leaning against the door, looking from a few meters away, the girl’s fingers trembled and her eyes narrowed and it was obvious that she was very scared but she still tried a few times on the edge of the mouse’s tail.

It was kind of cute.

Usually, they don’t use the senior students to supervise the experimental class but today, two of the three teachers in the experimental class had asked for sick leave so they had to pick a few good students who had no class to watch over them.

Guidance was secondary, the main reason was to ensure that there were no accidents.

After all, mice had sharp teeth and sharp mouths.
They could run faster than anyone else on the laboratory table and they several classmates had been bitten before.

Tang Mubai stood up straight and after watching Lu Yining grabbed the mouse’s tail twice and once by the mouse’s body, a male classmate in her group couldn’t stand it any longer and reminded: “Jiang Nai, you have to hold its head down!”

It turned out to be a class for Jiang Nai.

The male classmate’s tone was not bad.
After all, she was a female classmate and a very beautiful girl.
When the male classmate looked up at her, his eyes were hesitant to say anything and after a few seconds he stopped talking and said “Eh”: “Jiang Nai, why do you seem to look different today?”

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