ome tomorrow. ]

Lu Yining: [Are you serious? You are telling a student from from the Academy of Fine Arts to take the class on behalf of your medical school.
Are you sure that you are not losing your mind? 】

Jiang Nai: 【Of course I am serious! ]

Lu Yining: [Hundreds of friends in the substitute group are waiting for your favor.
If you have no money, I can sponsor you. 】

She did what she said.
After the message was sent, she immediately sent another 100 yuan red envelope to Jiang Nai.

Jiang Naifei quickly received the red envelope: [But I still want you to go. ]

Lu Yining: [Then you return the money to me. ]

[Ning Ning, think about it carefully, there will be a senior in our class tomorrow. 】

Lu Yining: 【Which senior? 】

Jiang Nai felt that she was completely benefiting Lu Yining so she said in no hurry: [If you send me another red envelope, I will tell you. 】

Lu Yining didn’t say a word and immediately sent another one.

Five minutes later, with five hundred dollars, she finally heard the name she wanted to hear from Jiang Nai’s mouth.

Anyway, the medical school is also on the east campus.
Lu Yining only spent two minutes thinking about it and then agreed.

Lu Yining is not too stupid.
After all, she had already come to the anatomy building of the medical school to find Pei Jue once so the second time she came back, it went a lot smoother.

Jiang Nai had prepared the lab coat for her in advance.
Everyone was a freshman and the people in the class were basically unfamiliar.
Once the lab coat and mask were worn, basically no one knew anyone in the crowd.

The next day, Lu Yining put on a very light makeup, put on a lab coat and then put on a blue disposable mask and appeared in the laboratory decently.

There are still a few minutes before class and although the crowd has not yet arrived, there are already a dozen people or so.

Sure enough, no one noticed her so Lu Yining breathed a sigh of relief and just as he was about to mop a chair and sit down, someone walked over beside her.

After a few steps, the man stopped in his footsteps then turned his head then took a half step back and stopped in front of her.

Lu Yining froze her legs and held her breath and was about to lower her eyes to avoid his sight when the man raised his hand and pinched the corner of her mask with his fingers and pulled the mask down.
He tilted his head to look at her and his eyelashes drooping.
With a half-smile but not a smile; “You changed majors, little girl?”

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