y. 】

Because the two words were blocked, Lu Yining couldn’t guess what it was for a while.

Lu Yining: [What is **? 】

After all, the other party is a girl and some words are not suitable for listening.
Tang Mubai typed and deleted those two words and finally replaced them with two other words.

Tang Mubai: […Fool. 】

Although the meanings of these two words are similar but the tone is diametrically opposite and Lu Yining even faintly heard the meaning of pampering from the word “fool”.

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Tang Mubai: [You didn’t see the previous one! 】

He probably also noticed that the word was inappropriate so he changed to another explanation: 【The relative of the monk. 】

Lu Yining: 【? 】

Tang Mubai: 【Sand sculpture. 】

Lu Yining: […]

And at this moment, “Sand Sculpture”  Xie Kun, himself is anxiously urging in the game: “Xiao Bai, what are you grinding for, why haven’t you started matching yet?”

There were four people in the team and he was probably the most anxious one.

This was the fourth time he had urged him so Tang Mubai didn’t say anything and closed the chat box with Lu Yining and clicked another button before starting the game.

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That night, when Lu Yining finished her homework and was lying in her bed reading her friends’circle to relax, she came across a message –


Xie Kun: [When playing games with Xiaobai today, he actually kicked me out because I urged him to start the game! Yes, kicked out! ]

Lu Yining commented: [When? 】

Xie Kun: [It’s after two o’clock in the afternoon. 】

If it was after two o’clock in the afternoon which seemed to be when she was chatting with Tang Mubai.

Lu Yining pursed the corner of her mouth and then raised it.
She was in a good mood so she comforted Xie Kun and said;[He may have kicked you out by mistake. 】

Xie Kun: 【Mistake! I asked him why he kicked me and do you know what his exact words were? 】

Lu Yining: 【What? 】

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