-Lu Yining had full classes in the morning and it was not until noon that she brought food from the cafeteria back to the dormitory.

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After 12:30, she opened WeChat and saw that Xie Kun had already accepted the friend request.

Lu Yining marked Xie Kun with a note and then clicked into his circle of friends to take a look.

There were only a few of them and one of them bears the name of Tang Mubai and the posted time was two months ago——

[Who would have thought that your brother Tang Mubai whose name is so noble and glamorous has an id in the game called “Ethyyl acetate  will evaporate”? ]

Lu Yining remembered that when they played games together a few days ago, Tang Mubai’s ID was not called this.

Although she is a liberal arts student, she also knows what ethyl acetate is.

If these words are put together on someone else, Lu Yining will 100% think that this is a student who killed a horse but when it is placed on Tang Mubai, it suddenly looks very interesting and the corners of her mouth bent subconsciously.

Han Miaomiao also happened to push the door and came in at this time and when she saw her, she said, “Oh, what are you looking at, you look so happy?”

Lu Yining didn’t intend to hide from her and raised her mobile phone at her, “I add  Xie Kun’s Wechat.”

Although Xie Kun likes to brag, he is indeed famous in the University and there are quite a few people who knows about his heroic deeds.
Han Miaomiao raised her eyebrows: “You are empathetic , are you in love with him?”

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After a pause, just as he was about to say something, Lu Yining glanced at her sideways, “How is that possible?”

“Then why did you add him to WeChat?”

“Miaomiao, have you heard of the saying? “Lu Yining turned to look at her with a very serious expression: “If you want to fuck him, you must first fuck his friend.”

Han Miaomiao: “…”

Lu Yining: “If you think about it, it’s all added to his WeChat and xiaobai’s is not too far?”

She understood the reasoning but that phrase –

Han Miaomiao: “I don’t seem to have heard that one.”

Lu Yining: “Then you have heard it now.”

“Who said that?”

Han Miao Miao looked serious as if she was going to take out a notebook to make a note on the spot and under her gaze, Lu Yining silently dragged her chair and took a few steps back;”I said it.”

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The friend request that Lu Yining sent was replied after three days.

She was also lucky that she was online with Tang Mubai at the same time when she logged into the game.

Him and Xie Kun were both in the middle of a game and Lu Yining waited for about ten minutes before the game ended.

Lu Yining immediately opened the chat box and typed two words: [Senior. 】

Tang Mubai: 【What happened? 】

Since it was in the game, Lu Yining had to find game topic to talk to him , she typed a few more words and knowingly asked;【Am I good at it? ]

Tang Mubai ; [No, boss. 】

The word “boss” is very expressive.
Although Lu Yining knew that he was speaking the opposite, she still curled her lips in a good mood.

Lu Yining: [I seemed to hold you back last time. 】

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Tang Mubai: [No, I can’t bring it with me. 】

As he was speaking, a message popped up at the top of the screen.

Jiang Nai sent a picture followed by a sentence: [Baby, you are a cow! 】

Lu Yining: 【? 】

Jiang Nai: 【Click on the picture to see it. ]

Lu Yining clicked on the picture as she said it was the game record of the last time she played with Tang Mubai and the others.
She didn’t know which software Jiang Nai tossed it from but the screenshot clearly recorded the enemies she eliminated , a total of two, the first is a man-machine, as for the second – the avatar looks familiar.

Jiang Nai: [You eliminated yourself with a grenade, Ning Ning, you are really strong. 】

Lu Yining: “…”

She was really embarrassed to say that she was not the only one who was eliminated in that round.

At first, Lu Yining didn’t understand why the others also died immediately after she died but now she seems to understand it.
It should be that when Xie Kun asked her to throw the ***, she threw it too far and accidentally threw the grenade too.

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… No wonder Tang Mubai’s eyes were not quite right at that time.

Lu Yining exited WeChat and returned to the game and asked tentatively: [Senior, did you already know that I was bombed to death last time? 】

Tang Mubai’s game hasn’t started yet so he returned quickly: [Hmm. ]

Lu Yining: [Do you think I am stupid? 】

Tang Mubai didn’t really think that Lu Yining was stupid.
She didn’t play much so it was normal and the game that day was the easiest for him.

Although this little girl is a novice, she is quite cute.


Tang Mubai’s mouth curved slightly, “No, it’s amazing. 】

Lu Yining: 【? 】

Tang Mubai: 【It is impossible for ordinary people to destroy a team by herself. 】

Well, although it was his own team that was destroyed.

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