The three finally didn’t fall to the ground and died, Lu Yining hid behind them quietly like a chicken and entered the finals smoothly.

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Soon there were only six people left in the whole domain, that is to say, apart from the four of them, there were only two enemies left.

Four against two, Xie Kun was already excited in advance: “Hold on, we can win!”

Because their team is not in the safe area, they still have to run for a distance.
Xie Kun was the best at commanding the little rookie ; “Do you have any more grenades? Throw them to the front.”

After a while, he was still worried, “Can you throw grenades?”

This is Lu Yining’s expertise and she was finally able to contribute to the team and she immediately controlled herself and took out the grenades from her backpack and threw them forward one by one.

The road ahead soon turned white and just as the group of four ran out, a “second place” record suddenly popped up on the screen.

“Fuck,” Xie Kun couldn’t believe his eyes, “Is the opposite side really hanging up this time?”

Lu Jingxing threw the phone away, “Stop playing.”

Xie Kun: “Can you even kill him?”

Xie Kun was furious;”I want to report them!”

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It’s not enough to report it by himself so he tried to pull Lu Yining with him; “Sister, let’s report together.”

Lu Yining has always cooperated with him and she didn’t think much about what he said and just casually click on report.

After finishing the report, she put away her phone and raised her eyes and looked at the person opposite of her.

At a glance, the boy looked away.

The corners of his mouth were half hooked and his eyelids drooped.
His eyelashes were long and his eyes were soft and beautiful.

The afterglow of the setting sun came in from the window and landed on the soles of his feet.
The boy’s two long legs were casually put together still in light-colored jeans and white sneakers.

Lu Yining’s eyes fell on him for a long time and she couldn’t look away.

Xie Kun was still chattering and Lu Jingxing didn’t want to take up on his offer so he went to Tang Mubai to seek comfort; “Do you think they hooked Xiaobai?”

Tang Mubai had already quit the game and leaned back on the chair .
He raised his eyes and looked across the room and his eyes met hers, he didn’t turn his eyes away this time and chuckled lightly at the corner of his mouth.; “Who knows, right little girl? ”

Lu Yining: “…”

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She felt that something was not right.

Well, there must be something wrong.


As a result of staying with Xie Kun in the ward all afternoon, Lu Yining stayed up until after one o’clock in the morning to do her homework.

She had to stay up late during the day and sleep until very late in the morning.

Because she got up late, when it was time to sleep, she wasn’t too sleepy.

The cycle continued for several days and Lu Yining adjusted her work and rest for several days.

A week later, Lu Yining was finally able to wake up at seven o’clock without using the alarm.

She had a class in the morning.
As soon as she took out her textbook and homework in the classroom, her phone vibrated and Jiang Nai sent a message: [Baby, will you play games with me tonight? ]

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Lu Yining replied decisively; [I don’t like playing games. 】

Jiang Nai: 【Then what do you like? 】

Lu Yining’s ; 【I like to study. 】

Jiang Nai sent a string of ellipses representing speechlessness and did not reply again.

Lu Yining really doesn’t like playing games.
Since the last few games with Tang Mubai, she hasn’t logged into the game for a few days.

After Jiang Nai reminded her like this, she remembered it again.
Before class started, she put on her headphones and logged in to the game to take a look.

Tang Mubai is obviously not a teenager who is addicted to the game and the login time was also a week ago.

The two were not game friends yet so Lu Yining clicked on the other’s interface and exited and then clicked again.
After struggling for a while, she finally sent the friend request.

Compared with Tang Mubai, Xie Kun was much more enthusiastic and added her friend on the day of the game and is now lying quietly on her friend list.
Just as Lu Yining was about to quit, a team application popped up next to her.

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It came from Xie Kun who just came online a second ago.

Lu Yining neither agreed nor refused and clicked on Xie Kun’s avatar and sent a message: [Class will start soon. 】

Xie Kun is quick to reply: 【Then little girl have a good class. 】

Lu Yining didn’t reply back and quit the game.

But as soon as she quit, she regretted it.

Half a minute later, Lu Yining re-logged into the game and sent another message to Xie Kun: [Senior, can I add you on WeChat? ]

In order to prevent this egomaniac from thinking too much, Lu Yining also made up a decent reason: [Sometimes I may not be able to contact my brother and you are often with him so it is more convenient to ask you. 】

After sending it, she began to wait anxiously .

Lu Yining was mainly afraid of Xie Kun’s misunderstanding so she went to great lengths to explain so much.

Fortunately, Xie Kun obviously believed this reason and after a few minutes, a string of mobile phone numbers appeared in the chat box.

Lu Yining curled her lips and copy pasted then quit the game.
She then clicked on WeChat and sent a friend request.

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