moments in the game that she found when she was scrolling on Weibo.

A few months ago when she had just downloaded the game, it was somewhat new.
During the few days she played with Jiang Nai, every time she saw this segment, she wanted to laugh.

But now, she couldn’t laugh at all.

When this kind of thing really happened to herself, she realized deeply that those on Weibo, such as “the big guys all died and quit the game leaving only herself as a little rookie with zero kills before the finals” the experience is this.

These is nothing embarrassing at all, the more embarrassing is obviously her kind –

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After the big guys died, they didn’t quit but were all fucking watching the battle and watching her fight.

What’s more terrifying is that Xie Kun’s unwilling voice to guide her still comes from time to time: “Xuemei, you hide behind the stone in front of you and when he comes, kill him.”

Lu Yining was obedient although her head after thousands of turns was already muddy but she still obediently hid behind the stone.

In no time, the enemy on the opposite side came over with a very obscene expression.

Lu Ying Ning’s nerves were highly tense and her fingertips seemed to be sweating.
Originally, her skills were not good and her hands were sweaty but the result was predictable.

Xie Kun was still in command: “Get ready to hit him, one, two, three—”

Tang Mubai didn’t really like watching other people play games but Xie Kun and Lu Yining seemed to have some kind of wonderful spark together so he was patient and didn’t quit.
He just stared at the figure on the screen for a while until Xie Kun’s voice fell and he raised his eyes.

The little girl on the opposite side lowered her head and her bangs hung down covering half of her face.

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She pursed her lips very tightly and it was very obvious that she was very nervous, her ears and cheeks were red with her eyes lowered and the movements of her hands were not flexible and not even coordinated.

At this time, a loud “bang bang bang” sounded in the headset which lasted for a few seconds before the game ending sound effect sounded.

Tang Mubai looked back and glanced at the results and raised his eyes again: “Boss, are you hung up?”

Lu Yining was still immersed in the tense atmosphere just now and couldn’t block it so she looked up for unknown reasons and her eyes were black and white, crystal clear: “Huh?”

“How did you fire so many shots but not hit a single one?”

Xie Kun reacted very quickly this time lest he would hurt Lu Yining and no one would play games with him later.
 He immediately retorted: “It’s obviously the opposite! He was shot so many times by our junior but still hadn’t died!”

Lu Yining: “…”

Silence, silence is golden.

The process of the first two rounds can be called flying chickens.
Compared with the last round, it is much more normal.

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