Tang Mubai lowered his head and studied the data with the experimental teacher on the other side of the phone while Xie Kun continued to deceive the innocent girl; “Xuemei, do you know that I have known your senior Xiaobai since kindergarten and he was a child with calcium deficiency.
When he was young he was too short that the girls in our class were all a head taller than him…”

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Tang Mubai didn’t bother to pierce through Xie Kun’s advocacy of himself but when he mentioned him, he couldn’t bear it anymore and took out one of his earphones out and he glanced sideways at him.

“What are you talking about?  I wasn’t a dwarf when I was young!”

Xie Kun was not afraid of his death stare and continued to tell Lu Yining, “He was just like a dwarf at the time, he couldn’t beat me in a fight and he was beaten every time and got pressed on the ground…”

Lu Yining pursed her lower lip and narrowed her eyes slightly and asked tentatively, “…pressed on the ground?”

She suddenly remembered Tang Mubai’s voice “Xiao Guangkun” when he first entered the door.
She didn’t notice the eye contact between Lu Jingxing and Tang Mubai at the time nor did she know that the two had reached some kind of consensus in private so she could only see the superficial layer.

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Lu Yining likes Tang Mubai and naturally she can’t think of him in that way but even so the thin and short Tang Mubai appeared in her mind uncontrollably who was pressed to the ground by Xie Kun who was more than a circle stronger than him

Her eyes suddenly became hesitant to speak.

As soon as Tang Mubai looked up, he saw that the girl on the opposite side was looking at him with some kind of sympathy.
He was stunned and before opening his mouth, he subconsciously glanced at the door and after confirming that Lu Jingxing had not yet come back, he frowned: “You? What kind of look is that?”

After a series of small gestures, even Tang Mubai thought it was funny.

It’s like a secret affair.

The corners of his mouth were pulled and the corners of his eyes were slightly curved and his eyes were very bright and he had a half-obvious smile: “Don’t listen to his nonsense.”

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As soon as he finished speaking, the door was pushed open and Lu Jingxing who had been outside for a long time came back.

If you talk too much, you will get tired.
Xie Kun was talking for a long time that his mouth was dry and he lifted the quilt and sat up, “Xiao Bai, let’s play games, shall we?”

Tang Mubai glanced at his legs and said, “How can you play games when you are like this?”

“I fell on my leg, not my hand!”

Xie Kun glanced at his left hand with a needle in it and sighed after being silent for a while, “It’s okay, I’ll be careful not to exercise vigorously.

Xie Kun is the type to do whatever comes to his mind and as soon as he finished speaking, he has already logged into the game interface.

It is not enough for him to log in by himself so he had to urge two other people to log in.

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Soon there were three people in the team and the game was on but Xie Kun hadn’t forgotten that there was a little girl next to him.
He showed his phone to Lu Yining, “Little girl, do you know how to play this game?”

Lu Yining looked at the interface, between her bad skills and her beloved senior Xiaobai, she chose the latter: “I know a little…”

The four of them hit it off like that.

However, Lu Yining soon regretted that she said “a little bit”.

She had downloaded the game to play with Jiang Nai during the summer vacation.
She is not a fan of the game and she had stopped playing after a few days.

She was not very familiar with it and she hadn’t touched it for a few months.
Once she entered the game, she couldn’t even tell which button was where and what did it do.

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But she did it to herself so she had to persevere in doing it.

Lu Yining is like Xie Kun who had just got his driving book and got into the car for the first time.
She can’t hit people or throw thunder at the enemy and she can’t even fire a scope.
Anyway, no matter what she does, she just shoots wildly.

When she couldn’t get the enemy, she could only helplessly shoot the wall in front of her, a male voice suddenly came out of her ear: “Do you know a little bit?”

Lu Yining: “…”

The next second, the man didn’t seem to be able to hold back and he snorted lightly, “Boss, you can go professional with your skills.”


Lu Yining looked at the dense row of bullet holes on the wall in front of her and fell into contemplation.

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