Probably knowing that Lu Yining was not feeling well and it was inconvenient to answer so Han Miaomiao asked herself and answered herself as well; “He may have to save a week’s breakfast money to buy the medicine.”

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Han Miaomiao: “No wonder he is so thin, maybe it was because he was starved.”

Lu Yining: “…”

Han Miaomiao: “Yi Ning, don’t you think this is a good time for you to enter?”

Lu Yining didn’t speak.

Han Miaomiao: “Isn’t your family rich? You can take care of him!”

Lu Yining: “…”

Han Miaomiao was still trying to plan for her but Lu Yining didn’t hear it too clearly and she only heard a few words.
She only heard keywords like “breakfast” and “clothes” and without even hearing a complete sentence, she fell asleep again in a daze.

Lu Yining had been ill for a whole week.
After this week, she even took professional classes intermittently not to mention going to the medical school to accompany Tang Mubai to class.

Fortunately, after being sick for a week, she was basically cured from the cold.

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On the last day she went to the school hospital for an infusion, she didn’t need Han Miaomiao to accompany her and went there by herself.

Because she was almost well, the dose was reduced by one bottle and it took less than two hours to finish the infusion.
When she was paying, the aunt at the school hospital brought her oral liquid and reminded her kindly; “Little girl, next time don’t wear so little, you will be delayed from  the course when you are sick…”

She is not only delaying her own class but also the one with Tang Mubai.

Lu Yining nodded and after bidding the aunt goodbye, she walked to the office.

After all, her health was better and she even walked a lot more briskly.
Just after walking a few steps, she met a person who was struggling to climb the stairs at the entrance of the stairs.

The reason why it was said to be difficult was because the man had only one normal leg and the other leg had a plaster cast and gauze wrapped around it and hung in the air and he look pitiful.

Lu Yining looked up from his legs and was stunned for a few seconds when she saw the other’s face, “…Senior?”

Fortunately, she responded quickly and didn’t call out the word “Guangkun” this time.

She don’t know if it’s a psychological effect but ever since she heard Tang Mubai call Xie Kun “Guang Kun” last time, whenever she see Xie Kun again, she can vaguely see the shadow of Xie Guangkun in “Country Love” on his face and even his coquettish hairstyle seemed to disappear from the middle in her eyes.

In order to avoid laughter, Lu Yining politely looked away from Xie Kun’s face, “What’s wrong with you?”

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Then he put his arm on Lu Yining’s shoulder very rudely; “I fell while playing a few days ago and I’m going to change my medicine today, little girl, can you kindly help me over?”

Xie Kun He was about 1.8 meters tall and not to mention his weight.

Although Lu Yining was tall but to support him all the way, she feels that she was pressed down by that arm a few centimeters shorter.

After she arrived, Xie Kun refused to let her go and kept saying; “Little girl, do you have anything to do when you go back now… can you  stay and talk to me?”

Lu Yining glanced at her phone, it was four in the afternoon .

She still has a lot of homework to finish.

Just as she was about to politely refuse, she caught a glimpse of Xie Kun sending a voice message on his phone: “Xiao Bai, I want to eat boiled meat, quickly buy them and send them to me!”

The other person didn’t reply anything.
Then Xie Kin’s frantic tone suddenly turned a hundred and eighty degrees in an instant, “Brother, brother Bai… No, dad, just bring it to me, dad!”

Lu Yining: “…”

She stood beside him for a few seconds waiting for Xie Kun to finish chatting with the person on the other end and  she also made a big turn when she said  “Well…I have  nothing to do.”

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How did Xie Kun know that her mind had already changed in these few seconds.
He quickly pulled a chair and handed it over, “Sit down, let’s chat for a while.”

Xie Kun: “Xuemei, do you have a boyfriend?”

Lu Yining glanced at Xie Kun’s phone, “No.

“Do you want to find a boyfriend?”

Lu Yining’s eyes were still on his mobile phone, “No, it’s okay.”

Xie Kun talks a lot and with Lu Yining’s cooperation many topics  come out of his mouth countless times very easily.

Time passed by minute by minute like that.

After Lu Yining stayed with him for more than half an hour, the door of the ward was finally pushed open.

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Lu Yining restrained her urge to turn her head immediately and pursed the corners of her mouth.
A few seconds later, just as she was about to turn her head, a voice that was so familiar came from behind; “Yi Ning? Why are you here? Xie Kun, you explain first: ”

“It is boring to stay by myself so I let Xuemei accompany me for a while.”

Lu Jingxing gave him a sideway look: “Accompany you? Did you pay?”

The next moment, Tang Mubai came in behind him.

The boy was tall and stood in the place where most of the place was blocked by the door.
He lowered his eyes and was replying to a message.
He just closed the door and when he looked up, he was obviously stunned when he saw Lu Yining.

This little girl is obviously wearing a thicker sweater today with a coat over it.

Tang Mubai is not a person who is difficult to talk to.
The corner of his mouth crooked and he subconsciously wanted to say hello; “Long time no see, little…”

As soon as the word “little” came out, Lu Jingxing gave him a look.

Tang Mubai’s mouth twitched indifferently, “Guang Kun.”

Xie Kun blinked and a few seconds later, two suspicious blushes floated on his cheeks: “Little…Guang Kun?”

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