In the picture , the male protagonist’s chin is slightly raised looking down at the other person who looks like the heroine.
Compared to Tang Mubai, the hair that is so pompous and wishing to stand up to the sky is more like Xie Kun’s usual style.

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But it is not like it does not look like Tang Mubai at all.

For example, the kind of self-confidence that the male protagonist exudes is out of the world just like Tang Mubai.

When Lu Jingxing saw this picture, his first reaction was that Tang Mubai was sick.

The second reaction was to suspect that the actor of the drama was created based on Tang Mubai.

He opened and zoomed out the picture and after repeating it two or three times, he sent a question mark over.

Lu Jingxing: [You disappeared for six minutes to find this? 】

Tang Mubai replied quickly: 【Or else? 】

Lu Jingxing: 【Are you sick? 】

In the boys’ dormitory at ten o’clock in the evening, Tang Mubai leaned his back on the chair and lightly squeezed the phone with two fingers of his right hand and shook it.
The screen lit up and he glanced at the message on it but did not reply.

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He didn’t have class tonight so he went back to the dormitory for a while.
After taking a bath for more than half an hour, his hair was dry by now and he put his phone on the table and stretched out the blanket covering him.

The screen went dark then it came back on within half a minute.

Lu Jingxing’s warning was sent: [Anyway, you should not seduce my sister. 】

The reason why he is so cautious is not because one is a sister and the other is a friend and fter dating and then breaking up, it will be difficult for him to be caught in the middle.
It is purely because the two people really don’t match at all.
Although Lu Yining has been in a relationship before, her relationship is several times more serious than Tang Mubai, no, it should be dozens of times.

And Tang Mubai’s previous girlfriends all had a shelf life.
Once the shelf life passed, it was inevitable that Lu Yining would be sad and heartbroken.

After a few minutes without a positive reply from Tang Mubai, he reminded again: [Xiao Bai? 】

Tang Mubai: 【Oh. ]

Lu Jingxing: [Don’t hit on my my sister. 】

This sentence is a bit interesting.

The first few sentences, Tang Mubai understood it as Lu Jingxing’s desire to protect his sister but these words are obviously questioning his character.
Tang Mubai leaned forward and pulled the blanket and put it on the chair, “Are you questioning my character? 】

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Lu Jingxing answered more directly: 【Do you have a character? 】

Tang Mubai: “…”

He actually wanted to refute Lu Jingxing but after thinking for a few seconds, he really couldn’t think of a point to refute.
After half a minute, he replied, “What are you dreaming about? 】

He has only seen Lu Yining a few times and he doesn’t even know how old she is or what major she is.

The little girl was pretty but she wasn’t his type either.

What’s more——

[The rabbit doesn’t eat the grass in the nest. 】

Tang Mubai: 【I will call you brother, no even better I will call you father directly if that happens. 】

Lu Jingxing finally put his heart at ease: 【I took a screenshot. ]

[By the way,] After all, girls are thin-skinned and especially a girl like Lu Yining whose emotional history is as good as blank paper.
Lu Jingxing  reminded him anxiously: [First pretend that you don’t know she likes you. 】

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There are quite a lot of requirements.

Tang Mubai: [Are you my fucking father? ]

Lu Jingxing: [If you want me to be, I have no problem. 】

Tang Mubai said indifferently: 【I miss your mother. ]

Lu Jingxing: [My mother doesn’t miss you . 】

Tang Mubai: […]

Lu Yining woke up once in the middle and it was not so easy to fall asleep.

She was still dizzy and couldn’t play with her phone at all so she could only roll over and over in the bed.

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The autumn cold air seems to be able to invade the bone marrow and there is no heating at this time. Although she had been lying in bed for a long time under the blanket, she still don’t feel hot.
On the contrary, her body was quite hot.

She closed her eyes and vaguely felt the bed shake. Probably because of the fever, Lu Yining’s head was not sober.
She closed her eyes and snorted; ” Miaomiao , is there an earthquake?”


The single bed is not too wide but the two girls are both thin so it’s not too uncomfortable to squeeze together.

Han Miaomiao giggled; “Don’t you have a fever… I’ll rub your body to bring up the temperature .”

That’s what she said but it wasn’t too cold on her body.
The temperature was indeed lower but it was comfortable to hold.

Lu Yining squinted her eyes and opened a little.
The lights above her head were bright and dazzling showing a fully armed Han Miaomiao wearing a mask and a hat.
She wanted to laugh but she really had no strength so she closed her eyes and snorted but said nothing.

On the other hand, Han Miaomiao couldn’t stop when she opened her mouth –

“Yi Ning, do you remember what I told you last time, that the senior Xiaobai still uses Nokia?”


“You know what I thought when I saw him buying medicine today at  the school doctor’s office?”

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