ook a nap, he wanted to go to the medical school to see her boyfriend .

The reason why it is said to be unprecedented is because the medical school and the Arts college are really far apart.
Lu Yining can’t ride a bicycle so it lies completely on her luck whether she can get on the campus bus.
Therefore, it took more than half a month to enter the school, except for the stadium that must be visited during military training.
She has never even entered the West Campus, let alone the medical school in the easternmost corner of the East Campus.

She walked around the campus on foot for more than half an hour, and even lost her way once and by the time she reached the medical school’s anatomy building it was already 5pm.

The Anatomy Building is six stories high and on the first floor, there is a high table near the door waiting for you like a cash register in a hotel mall.

Lu Yining was not short, but when she sat inside waiting for him, she was still completely covered by the table.

After waiting for a while, the sound of the elevator door opening beside her was heard, followed by the mixed laughter and footsteps of men and women.
Lu Yining raised her head and saw Pei Jue, who was in black clothes among the crowd of white lab coats and the long-haired girl next to him holding his arm.

Although Lu Yining and Pei Jue have only been dating for a while, they have known each other for a long time.

Pei Jue was two years senior of her and since her first year of high school, he has been courting her openly and secretly, answering all her requests and questions.

Girls are really emotional and soft-hearted creatures, especially Lu Yining.

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In terms of aesthetics, from head to toe, from inside to outside, Pei is definitely not the type that Lu Yining likes but this warm hearted man is so delicate that he never fails to make her feel warm.

Pei Jue knew that she didn’t like rainy days so on her 18th birthday he gave her a small Pikachu umbrella that cost a few dozen yuan and a bunch of words that said “I hope to protect her from the wind and rain in the future” and love words like “It wil always be sunny”  and it stood out from the crowd of many luxury gifts.

Lu Yining knew it was a bit of a waste but still agreed with him as if she had a hole in her head.

And now, her first boyfriend who gave her an umbrella and wished for a lifetime of sunshine was hugging another girl at the door of the anatomy building in public.

The expression on Lu Yining’s face was not good and the expression on Pei Jue’s face was even worse.

Probably because he thought it was impossible for her to cross most of the campus to come to the medical school to find him, Pei Jue was stunned for a few seconds before he realized that he was wearing a pair of rimless glasses and the smile on his face gradually disappeared and his face turned from white to red and then back to white with a weird expression.

I don’t know if it’s because the medical students are too tired or because of his family heritage, Pei Jue’s hair was obviously less than that of boys of the same age, and his hair was shaky under the afterglow of the setting sun as if it will fly freely like a dandelion when the wind blew.

Lu Yining raised her chin slightly, stared at his hair for a while and pulled out a smile, and then she looked back as if nothing had happened, and turned around and walked out of the anatomy building.

The message from Pei Jue bombed after five minutes: [Yi Ning, listen to my explanation, we are just ordinary classmates! ]

Instead of answering him, Lu Yining picked out a close-up of her eyes from her photo album that she took for a few days ago for an assignment and then asked ; [Does it look good? 】

Pei Jue was puzzled by this sudden question, so after being stunned for a few seconds, he suddenly realized that this might be a great opportunity for him to turn things around, and hurriedly typed two words;【Good-looking! 】

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