Even though the aunt said that, she didn’t leave the office  either.

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She was working with her head down and Lu Yining didn’t have the strength to speak so even Han Miaomiao could only be quiet.

The office was quiet and the sunlight outside was warm .
Lu Yining lay on the bed for a while and then fell asleep.

Half an hour later, with one third of the bottle of medicine being left, Lu Yining who was sleeping was suddenly woken up by someone’s slap.
Han Miaomiao’s voice was not loud but there is excitement in her tone; “Wake up, wake up, who do you think is here now?”

Lu Yining’s eyelids twitched but she did not lift them, “Who is it?”

“See for yourself!”

Han Miaomiao has already taken her hand and pulled her eyelids open.

Lu Yining wanted to swear and swearing words are already on the tip of  her lips but just before she blurted it out, she saw the person standing in front of the aunt’s desk.

The boy was standing sideways to her and as if he didn’t notice the two of them at all, he was picking up boxes of medicine that Auntie had put on the table.

After taking four boxes of medicine, the aunt looked up at him: “Why do you have a cold too?”

The boy’s voice was a little hoarse: “I caught a cold yesterday.”

Lu Yining remembered the jacket that she hung in the closet and involuntarily shrank her neck.

Seeing that she was not moving, Han Miaomiao pinched her in disgust.

Although she didn’t hit hard, she couldn’t stand Lu Yining’s unpreparedness.
Suddenly being pinched like this, she subconsciously said “ah”.

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Han Miaomiao hurriedly said, “Auntie, it’s time to change the medicine.”

At these words the two people a few meters away from them turned their heads at the same time.

Auntie got up quickly and came over to replace her medicine with another bottle and smiled embarrassingly; “Thank you little girl for reminding me..
I almost forgot about it , ahh my memory.”

Tang Mubai’s face did not show much expression .  He is tall and his eyelashes drooped slightly when he looked at Lu Yi Ning who was half lying and half leaning on the bed and he was stunned for a moment before he pulled his lips and smiled, “Are you really sick?


“What about you?”

She knew that she was asking this question knowingly but she felt that she was missing the opportunity to talk to him by just nodding her head so she dared to ask.

Tang Mubai didn’t feel anything.
He raised his right hand and gestured to the bag of medicine in his hand.
The corner of his mouth was crooked revealing a few small white teeth;”I’m also sick.”

Lu Yining stroked her hair, “I’m sorry.

“It’s okay.”

It had nothing to do with her.
A large part of the reason why Tang Mubai caught a cold was that the hot water in the dormitory suddenly stopped when he was taking a shower last night.

It was already cold at night and after taking half a cold shower, it was normal to catch a cold.

But Tang Mubai was too lazy to explain so much so he just followed her words and responded casually.

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After changing the medicine and adjusting the flow rate, the aunt turned around and looked over again; “Do you know each other?”

“My friend’s sister,” Tang Mubai had a class in the afternoon.
After looking down at his watch, he reached out and opened the door.
“Aunt Feng, I’ll go first.”

Aunt Feng waved her hand.

The boy went out and within a few seconds, the door was pushed halfway open from the outside and the man turned to her side, “Drink more hot water, little girl.”

Without waiting for Lu Yining to answer, the door was closed with a “bang”.

Han Miaomiao seemed to have discovered a new world.
When she turned her head to look at Yining, her eyes shone brightly with full of desire and curiosity;”Ningning, are you two already so familiar?”

She pushed Han Miaomiao’s face away and shrunk herself into the quilt, “We can talk about it when I wake up.”

Han Miaomiao: “…”

You were not like this when someone was there just now!

-Because of her illness, Lu Yining became more and more lethargic.
After returning to the dormitory from the school hospital, she slept for a few more hours.

At ten o’clock in the evening, when others were sleeping normally, she woke up instead.

The effect of the medicine seemed to have played a role.
Although she was still uncomfortable, her head was no longer painful.
She took out her mobile phone and saw that there were quite a few WeChat messages on the screen as well as more than a dozen missed calls.

Some are from Jiang Nai and some are from Lu Jingxing.

Lu Yining got up from the bed and put up the pillow against the wall and just after replying to Jiang Nai, Lu Jingxing called again.

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She pinched her nose and when she answered the phone, she said with a heavy nasal voice:;”Brother.”

“Got a cold?”


“Because you were cold yesterday?”   ”


Lu Jingxing guessed ,”Since you were wearing so little, were you be looking for Pei Jue?”

Lu Yining frowned, “No.”

“Then you went to medical school…” As if he suddenly remembered something, Lu Jingxing paused and after a few seconds, he asked tentatively, “Don’t tell me you went to look for Xiaobai.”

Lu Yining was silent for a few seconds, and then asked in a low voice, “Can’t I?”

Of course not!

Lu Jingxing sighed, “Yi Ning, do you remember when you learned linear equations in two variables?”

“Junior high school, I think.”

“When you were still learning linear equations in two variables, he already started having girlfriends.

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Lu Yining was silent.

Lu Jingxing knew Lu Yining too well and knew that if she was determined to do somrthing no one could persuade her out of it.
After persuading the other party for more than half an hour, Lu Jingxing could only choose  to save the situation by sending a message to Tang Mubai.

After hanging up, he sent Tang Mubai a message.

Lu Jingxing: [My sister seems to like you a little bit. 】

Tang Mubai: 【? 】

【Don’t seduce my sister. 】

【When did I seduce her? 】

【If you didn’t seduce her, what did she like about you? ]

[Wait a minute 】

After this message, there was no response from Tang Mubai for a while.

Lu Jingxing thought that he was listing his own advantages and carefully analyzing the reasons why Lu Yining liked him but only a few minutes later, only one picture was sent from the other person.

It seems to be a pic from a certain idol drama with a cool male lead and a catchy line underneath-

“Is it my fault that I’m handsome and rich?”

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