From a very young age, Lu Yining felt that her parents were different from those of other children.
When she was in kindergarten, other children would be picked up by their parents every day after school while Lu Yining went home with her unsmiling driver every time.

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On her fifth birthday, Lu Weiguo and Xu Man had a big fight.

Lu Yining was young at that time but that didn’t mean she was ignorant.
At that time, all major TV stations were airing family dramas and at such a young age, Lu Yining didn’t remember which drama she learned from but she wanted to ease the conflict between her parents and ran away from home with a small schoolbag on her back.

And it turns out that this method is useless.

At least it didn’t work out for her.

Lu Yining wandered on the street outside for a few hours that day but Lu Weiguo and Xu Man were quarrelling very fiercely that no one even knew that their only daughter was missing.

It rained a lot in July and it had just stopped raining that day and the sky was not yet cleared and it was gloomy.

In the evening, Lu Yining got lost in the park.

She sat alone on a bench.
Lu Weiguo and Xu Man did not show up but a strange boy squatted in front of her.

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She can still recall the boy’s appearance to this day.
She remembers that he was tall and fair and had a good smell on his body and he sat on the bench and talked to her for a long time.

As for why she remembered it so clearly was because it wasn’t long before she saw him in the news about the suspect of child abduction released by the police.

Lu Yining’s young mind was covered with a layer of ashes.

However in a sense, Tang Mubai was actually not much different from that person.

It’s just that that person stole a child while Tang Mubai stole her heart.

Lu Yining thought that it was funny now that she thought about it.
She stood there for more than half a minute and then took a step forward.

Tang Mubai hadn’t gone too far and was standing outside the school building playing with his mobile phone with his head down.

There was no extra expression on his face but as soon as he stood in the sunlight he became more and more dazzling.

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Along with the figure, Xie Kun’s incomparably exaggerated voice was heard; “Damn! Xiaobai, you are sick so why are you wearing short sleeves when it’s so cold?”

Lu Yining: “…”

She tightened her jacket and paused in her steps .
Then she turned around and silently took another way back to the dormitory.

The first day she returned back to the dormitory , she didn’t feel anything except that her legs had been cold all afternoon.
At night, after taking a hot bath, Lu Yining thought there would be no major problems but the next day when she opened her eyes, her head felt dizzy.

Her class started at 8 o’clock in the morning and Lu Yining lay on the bed until 7:30 and finally crawled out of the bed reluctantly.

There was not much time so she simply washed up and without even putting on lotion, she carried her bag and followed Han Miaomiao to the classroom.

As a freshman, there are not many professional courses but every class is still very important.

Lu Yining endured her dizziness and listened to a few lessons.
The class finally ended but she didn’t want to eat and her shoulders collapsed directly onto the table.

Han Miaomiao was startled and she reached out and pushed her, “Ningning, are you feeling unwell?”

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The girl responded slowly sounding weak.

“Should we go to the school nurse’s office?”

“I don’t want to go…”

Han Miaomiao’s hand had already reached out and touched her forehead, “OMG”, “You have a fever, let’s go to the school nurse’s office first, okay?”

Lu Yining didn’t want to move at all but she was really uncomfortable and didn’t dare to delay any longer.
After lying on the table for a while to get more comfortable, she went to the school doctor’s office with Han Miaomiao.

Although the school doctor’s office is far from their dormitory building, it is still close to the class building.

The two of them went to the cafeteria to eat something and when they arrived at the school doctor’s office, it was already one o’clock.

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The school doctor’s office is not like a regular hospital where you  have to register and wait in line.
Within three minutes after the two arrived at the small office of the general internal medicine department, the auntie inside took a few bottles of medicine and hung it up without blinking her eyes.
“The season where people get sick is already over so why do you catch a cold at this time?”

Before Lu Yining could answer, Han Miaomiao said ; “Auntie, you don’t know, this girl wore a thin and short skirt yesterday to meet the boy she likes!”

Fortunately, not many people were in the doctor’s office otherwise Han Miaomiao might not have survived  the next second.

Lu Yining didn’t have much strength and rolled her eyes over and even her staring eyes were soft.

The aunt was in her forties she couldn’t help but laugh when she heard it;”How good looking is the boy?”

Lu Yining pursed the corners of her mouth.
She was embarrassed and because of the fever her face and her ears were red and hot.
It looks more like smoke was coming out and she lowered her eyes, “Very handsome”

The aunt smiled even more as she raised her hand and touched Lu Yining’s forehead and then looked at Han Miaomiao, ” Little girl, watch your friend’s medicine and remember to call me when you run out of medicine.”

Han Miaomiao sat down quickly and answered honestly.

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