Jiang Nai answered the call quickly and it was obvious that she just woke up from her voice voice ; “Did you sit far away from your senior Xiaobai?”

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“Just behind him.”


To be precise, when he tilted his head she can see his soft and smooth jawline and it’s as close as she can get.

Jiang Nai became more and more confused;”Then why did you fall asleep?”

“Because the teacher was very good !”

Jiang Nai: “…”

Okay, the topic has changed again.

Jiang Nai pulled out a chair and sat down, “What clothes are you wearing today?”

“Just the dress we bought last time when we went shopping.”

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“The white one?”   ”


“The one that goes down only to your knees?”


Isn’t that a summer dress?”


The more Lu Yining said, the more aggrieved she became and she wanted to cry with snot and tears but now she only has snot but no tears so she shrank her shoulders, “Nana, you don’t know, I think I’m going to die from the cold…”

The main thing was that she was cold but she couldn’t say anything.

After holding back for a long time , she finally managed to say it this time but the next second something hit on her head.

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The force is not heavy but it did hit her.

Lu Yining’s vision darkened and her brows twitched.
Just as the thought of being kidnapped just flashed in her mind, a familiar male voice said beside her; “Isn’t it cold?”

Tang Mubai is taller than her and he doesn’t know how to be compassionate so he just throws the jacket over her head.

The collar drooped down almost covering most of Lu Yining’s face.
Her face turned from white to red and her heartbeat was as fast as a small motor.
The person on the other end of the phone obviously heard the voice and said; “Baby, who is talking to you?”

Lu Yining squeezed the phone tightly with her fingers and didn’t bother to explain to her.
After saying “Let’s talk later”, she hurriedly hung up the phone.

She took a deep breath under the jacket and just as she was about to raise her hand to pull it off her head, through a layer of the clothes, the man’s hand stopped at the back of her neck for half a second as if it was just to fix the clothes and not to let it fall and after that he quickly moved away; “Why do you wear so little when it’s cold?”

Boys and girls really do see things from different perspectives.
Tang Mubai will probably never know that she is wearing so little just to see him.

Before Lu Yining could think of a good answer someone’s voice came, “Little girl.”

Soon, he walked past her and his voice drifted away from her ears again, “You need to take medicine if you are sick.”

It was lunchtime and there were not many people left in the teaching building so  the corridor was very quiet and she heard the boy’s footsteps going farther away.

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Only then did Lu Yining finally react and she took off the black jacket.

When she looked up, she saw Tang Mubai had already walked to the door.
He was wearing a white T-shirt and light blue jeans and the closer he got to the sunlight, the more youthful he was.

The jacket still had his body heat on it and Lu Yining’s ears were getting hotter and hotter and although her nose was a little blocked, she could still smell the man’s scent on the clothes.

It’s not the smell of sand carving washing detergent nor is it the smell of grass that often appears in romance novels but a very light fragrance like a faint smell of tobacco mixed in the air after the rain.

It was lazy and refreshing.

Lu Yining suddenly thought of Pei Jue.

She had known Pei Jue since her first year of high school and they had known each other for more than three years.
Pei Jue would give her gifts every year on her birthday and out of courtesy, Lu Yining would of course return a gift every year.

What she remembers in particular is that in her second year of high school, she asked someone to buy a bottle of men’s perfume that was not easy to buy from abroad.

At that time, Lu Yining was only 16 or 17 years old.
The most popular genre of  novels in the class were “The Domineering School Girl’s Sweetheart” and “The Devil’s Young Master Don’t Kiss Me”.
As soon as the male protagonist appeared in the novel, he would always carry a fragrance of grass.

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After loving for more than ten years she has seen many types of grass but she has never seen a scented grass.

Later, when she was browsing on Weibo, she saw a comment on a male fragrance which was very similar to this description and she didn’t even hesitate for a second and immediately placed an order.

Pei Jue was the guinea pig of that perfume.

Lu Yining was full of expectations but when it was sprayed on him, it did smell like grass but the smell was too strong and it was not like walking on the lawn after the rain but more like rolling on the haystack like a madman.

At that time, Pei Jue was sitting next to her and Lu Yining seemed to be able to imagine the dead branches and rotten leaves on his body.
Thinking about it , she immediately understood why the heroine in the novel always wanted to escape.

With a human-shaped haystack sitting beside them, everyone would probably want to run away.

Because of this, Lu Yining once lost her confidence in the smell of boys.

That is, until today, a jacket was thrown at her.

Tang Mubai’s scent is completely different from Pei Jue’s and it smells more like the big brother she only met once when she was a child.

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