g at all.

Lu Yining was like an outsider who no one noticed.
Her ears were buzzing with thoughts and her heart seemed to be empty.

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When Jiang Nai asked her if she minded when Tang Mubai had an ex-girlfriend, she said she didn’t mind.
In fact she really didn’t mind because an ex-girlfriend was far better than this creature in the current situation.

Lu Yining tightened her fingers and her fingernails were about to cut out a hole in her “Introduction to Photography” book.

The girl’s voice didn’t stop, “Tang Mubai, is it so difficult for you to admit that you like me… Don’t be angry, I will break up with him right away…”

Anyway, the reason why she was with Pei Jue was just to find someone to talk about love and make Tang Mubai, who has always ignored her jealous and angry.
If she wants to make him jealous it has to be someone close to him.
In this way, Pei Jue has become the best candidate since they are both classmates with Tang Mubai .

Wen Jing’s breakup sentence was simple but it was not very pleasant to hear in Tang Mubai’s ears.

Tang Mubai stopped unbearably and the corner of his mouth twitched, his eyes were very gentle but his eyes were a little cold;”When did I fall in love with you?”

“When I was sitting in front of you a while ago, you asked me to sit next to you.
Why would you say that if you don’t like me?”

“What kind of dream are you having?” Tang Mubai laughed angrily at her, “That’s because you blocked my view from the blackboard.”

Wen Jing obviously didn’t expect him to say that so she couldn’t think of any response.

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The sky has been cloudy for a long time but it seemed to have finally cleared up a little and just as the corner of Lu Yining’s mouth curved, she heard a familiar male voice suddenly shouting from the door with a less obvious impatience and urging, “Tang Mubai, aren’t you going to come out…”

The male voice paused, and after a while he said again in great surprise: “…Yi Ning?”

Lu Jingxing watched Lu Ying Ning grow up.
Yi Ning dresses differently  every day, but ever since she started middle school she has basically stopped wearing skirts and and what surprised him more is that she even put on makeup.

So when he first saw the photo Tang Mubai sent him, he didn’t believe it was his sister at all.

And now, although he couldn’t tell if Lu Yining was really putting makeup or not, the white dress she wore really surprised him.

It was already autumn and the temperature dropped down drastically.
Lu Jingxing glanced at Lu Yining’s two white legs under her skirt, “Are you cold?”

Of course she was cold.

However, Lu Yining did this to herself so she shook her head forcing herself against the shivering desire and just as she was about to say “No,it’s not cold”,Lu Jingxing looked at Tang Mubai.

The two looked at each other and after a silent exchange, Lu Jingxing stared at Tang Mubai’s jacket and said, “Don’t you understand what I mean?”

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