Lu Yining didn’t know about Tang Mubai and Lu Jingxing at all.
She didn’t sleep late last night and she didn’t wake up too early today and she slept properly for more than eight hours but she still couldn’t control herself and fell asleep

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There are four people in the dormitory and none of them can sleep better than her.

When they first met, Han Miaomiao couldn’t say it directly so she used the word “Sleeping Beauty” to describe her euphemistically but later, after getting to know her there was only one word left in Han Miaomiao’s mouth ” pig”.

Lu Yining didn’t care at all, after all, no one was a pig from the beginning.

And even if she is a pig, she is a still a delicate and beautiful pig.

In fact, a year ago, Lu Yining was also a young girl who could still manage without getting enough sleep but the college entrance examination was a hurdle for this young girl.

When Lu Yining was a high school student for two years,  every time she takes an exam she dangles in the middle or in the lower part of the class and has lower and lower grades but Lu’s father and mother don’t care about her academic performance at all especially Xu Man, who can even be said to completely ignore her.
Lu Weiguo is a little better but it’s limited to asking her a few questions when he pays her money regularly every month.

The two of them paid very little attention to their daughter, but after all she was their only child and to a certain extent, she is their face.
If Lu Yining really ends up going to a third-rate university, it would be like rubbing Lu Weiguo’s face on dirt. Aside from his appearance, Lu Weiguo is also a proud son of the heavens.
Naturally, he couldn’t let this kind of thing to happen so he asked someone to find connections early on.

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This matter was disgraceful so Lu Weiguo didn’t intend to tell Lu Yining but as a precautionary measure he accidentally let it slip out once when he was drunk .

Lu Yining’s parents were divorced when she was young and she dressed up like a little princess all day long so the jealousy of other children was immeasurable and she never lacks the eyes of others.

Her proud self-esteem can’t accept this kind of behavior and from that day on, Lu Yining suddenly began to study hard.

While other high school seniors slept for at least six or seven hours a day Lu Yining can only sleep three or four hours.She was studying during the day and also at night, she was basically studying all the time.

It’s not that she loves learning but that she has no other choice but to study.

Fortunately, although she is poor in mathematics, physics and chemistry, her IQ is not low and her hardwork paid off.
Lu Yining’s grades have skyrocketed and she performed well in the Arts college entrance examinations.

So in other words, Lu Yining’s is  now making up for the lack of sleep in her senior year of high school.

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And at this moment, Lu Yining was sleeping for already two hours in a class that had nothing to do with her major.

After the bell rang again and again for four times already, Lu Yining finally woke up and looked at the professor on the podium.

Lu Yining subconsciously wiped the corners of her mouth clean and shifted her gaze and sat up obediently with her shoulders straight.

The professor had noticed this little girl since the last class.
The class is full of juniors and it is not his first time taking a class so although there are some people who he don’t know their names, he basically knew all their face and he knew that she is obviously not a student in their class at the first glance.

The professor is also in his twenties so he could quickly know why she came from the way she glanced at someone.

There were also many female students from other majors who came to her lecture before.
For them, medical courses have always been boring and complicated so most of them often fell asleep while listening .

However this is the first one who was able to fall asleep so close to Tang Mubai and three classes will be over in no time.

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Chasing people was not professional at all and even he couldn’t hold back a few more glances until the little girl’s head was almost buried under the table and the professor pushed his glasses and took his eyes back and set up his homework.

Lu Yining slept for a long time and it was only a few minutes after she woke up that there was another class bell.

At the end of the three classes, after the professor said “Let’s end the class”, more than half from the hundreds of people in the lecture hall were immediately emptied.

When it was time for dinner, it was clear that no one was as attractive as the lunch in the dining hall.

She don’t know if it was because she had just woken up or because she  caught a cold because of the lack of clothing but Lu Yining felt a little dizzy but unfortunately she was in a hurry to get out today and she didn’t even bother to wear a jacket.
Although the skirt was long sleeved, the thickness of the sleeves is almost equal to none.
Lu Yi Ning took a breath and reached out and rubbed her arm lightly.

She sat at the back and watched the seats in the front row get emptied one by one but the three people in front didn’t move.

Lu Yining was wearing a white knee-length dress today.
Because she pursued the shape too much, the fabric was extremely thin and she couldn’t wear leggings so her legs were almost exposed to the air and the temperature was already dropping down without the wind blowing.

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She pressed her legs together and pulled her skirt down.

After three minutes, the girl in front finally made a move.

She didn’t get up but just raised her hand and brushed her long hair.
This movement was not small and the sweet and delicate perfume smell instantly hit her nostrils and Lu Yining inhaled even more.

Lu Yining was not used to this smell plus the classroom was not heated and her side was cloudy again and it seemed that the wind was blowing in all directions.
There was no doubt that this was a torment for her.

She put away her books and got up first.

Since the classroom was almost empty at the moment, she just stood up and although the sound of the chair touching the ground was not loud, it still made the people in front turn back.

Pei Jue thought that there was no one behind him but when he turned around, the corner of his mouth froze and his fingers holding the pen trembled slightly.

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