Before dawn, it was raining in Beijing.

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The sound of the rain accompanied by dazzling lightning and roaring thunder disturbed the peace.

Lu Yining has been awake for several hours, from the first lightning strike in the early morning piercing the sky till the time when the rain completely stopped.

She had been tossing and turning for three hours , and when the rain finally stopped, the voices of people walking and talking outside began in quick succession.

Lu Yining rolled over and over again.

The voices outside the dormitory did not stop.
She reached for her phone and pressed the screen to light it up.

Saturday, September 18, 6:47 in the morning.

The dark clouds have not yet dispersed, and it is gray and misty outside.

On her mobile phone, there were more than a dozen unread text messages, all from the same unknown number——

[Yi Ning, why din’t you answer my call? 】

【I will come to find you downstairs in your dormitory , can we talk face to face in person? 】

【…Yi Ning, you won’t do anything stupid, right? 】

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I don’t want to answer.

There were more than a dozen messages but Lu Yining only read the last three.

After replying to him silently in her mind, she felt that it was a waste of time to type a reply, so she simply put the number on her blacklist without checking.

She is not so bad tempered and impatient to block someone easily without even checking and even the so-and-so confinement center and so-and-so weight loss agency who frequently called her before were not included in her blacklist.
But now, the only two numbers lying quietly in the blacklist are from the same lucky person.

This “lucky person” is called Pei Jue, the boyfriend Lu Yining started dating three months ago.

But just yesterday, Pei Jue became her ex-boyfriend.

How did it happen?

Lu Yining rolled over and lay flat on the bed, opening and closing her eyes repeatedly not knowing where to start thinking.

She stared at the ceiling for a moment, until her phone vibrated and a call came .

Caller ID: Jiang Nai.

The dormitory is a four-person room.
There are no classes on Saturdays and Sundays so two of the girls went home last night, and another girl had packed up early and went to hang out with her boyfriend.
She is the only one left in the dormitory now but Lu Yining is okay with it.
She took the call and got up from the bed; “Nana.”

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“Have you woken up yet?”


“No?” Aren’t you supposed to go to class with him?”

She was so sleep deprived that she couldn’t think straight and asked, “Who?”

“Your boyfriend!”

Only then Lu Yining remembered.

Today was actually her three-month anniversary with Pei Jue.
It was Jiang Nai’s idea to secretly sneak inside Pei Jue’s classroom and give him a surprise.

As for now—accompany him to class?

She might as well be taking a complete set of photos of a pig at 360 degrees .

“I won’t go,” Lu Yining gritted her teeth gently: “It’s over, we broke up.”

The other end of the phone fell silent for a moment, but after a few seconds, Jiang Nai’s voice rose again ,clearly suppressing a little excitement in her restraint; “When? ”

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To be precise, at exactly 5:30 in the afternoon yesterday.

The first-year freshman had just finished military training and classes had not yet started so there was no class on Friday afternoon.
After Lu Yining t

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