Chapter 4 – Lord Selim thinks of tricks


The next day.

As soon as I woke up, I faced the sunrise and prayed.

Complete the of the


After that, I handed a present to my servant with the intention of completing the .
However, I didn’t get any experience points.


“Did it not make them happy?”


No, in the first place, handing out presents might not be a suitable behavior for a .
It would be strange if a proper saint or hermit suddenly gave away cheap presents to people around them.

It would be more fitting to think of the experience points I got from giving chocolate to Katia yesterday as an evaluation of how I cared for the people around me instead of monopolizing the chocolate I bought.


“I have to find out what to do with .”


However, my schedule is filled with studying and training until the afternoon today.

I’m a noble, but I’m 14 years old.
Parents’ orders are absolute, and restraint is strict.
Especially since I was born at the same age as the excellent crown princess of the Kingdom, my education became overheated as if I was competing with her.

In my previous life, I thought it was normal and vent my stress to my teacher.
If this continues in this life, I may be unable to make time to level up.
I need countermeasures.
There are so many things I need to think of.


In the early afternoon, when I was finally freed from my tutor, I rushed to complete the quest.


“Let’s go to the orphanage today.”


The donation to the church failed, but how about donating to an orphanage that takes care of the children properly?


I headed to an orphanage near the castle and met with the director.


“With this, let the children eat something delicious.”


I gave the director a gold coin.


《You donated to the orphanage     Your experience points increased     You gained 100 experience points》

《Current level: -51     Current experience points: 370/1000》


《You completed the daily quest

《You completed and     Your experience points increased as a quest reward》

《Your experience points increased by 500》

《Current level: -51     Current experience points: 870/1000》


All right!


“Thank you very much.
Your donation will be put to good use.”


The elderly director elegantly thanked me.


“I want to support children so that they can live happily.
Tell me what you lack.”

We have few winter blankets, and some children are feeling cold.”

I’ll arrange it.”


With this, tomorrow’s daily quest is set.

Since the territory’s capital is large, there are several welfare facilities, such as orphanages.
By donating to those areas, I might be able to take care of my daily quest.


The next day was an even longer day of study.


“It would be difficult to go to the town and stop by the orphanage.”


It would also be bad to visit them during the night.


“I want to send blankets to the orphanage.
Go arrange it.”



I asked a servant to send them the gift.

The does not respond.


“Since it’s a gift, maybe the evaluation will come when it arrives at the orphanage?”


I waited for a while, but nothing happened.


When the sun had set, the servant I asked for the errand came back, and I received a thank you letter from the orphanage.


The still does not have any response.


“What does this mean? Does it mean that even if I order my subordinate to do something, it would not be counted as my good deed?”


I was unconsciously convinced that the was omnipotent.

However, it would be impossible for a human being to give an order and grasp all the results of the actions of that person.
isn’t perfect either, so maybe it’s restricted so that it only evaluates what I’ve done directly.


“Does that mean I can do whatever I want, even if it’s bad, as long as I don’t get involved directly?”


I don’t mean to do anything wrong, but let’s find out if there’s a way around it.


“Mari, come here for a minute.”


I rang the bell to call the maid.


“Try breaking a branch of this tree.”


I pointed to the foliage plant in the room and ordered Mari.




Mari is honest, so I could see from her face that she thought that what I said was weird, but she still did what she was ordered to and broke the branch.


《You intentionally hurt a plant     Your experience points decreased     -10 experience points》

《Current level: -51     Current experience points: 860/1000》


My experience points have decreased due to Mari’s actions.

It seems that the trick of letting other people do evil is being prevented.

But I think that if I try a little more, I can come up with something…


《You are thinking of tricks     Your experience points decreased     -100 experience points》

《Current level: -51    Current experience points: 760/1000》


Perhaps the most troublesome thing about it is that it limits my thinking.

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