age which capped at level one hundred. The adventurers who entered the world more than 2 years ago didn even reach the 3rd stage of Level 300 yet, even with the worlds favoritism towards them they all begins at level one and have to Level up on their own killing monsters and experiencing traumatic near death situations just to develop themselves.

”Why would an idiot like you… ” she almost exploded in anger and frustration, This day is the worst for her by far, every thing seems to be getting on her nerves. Shes usually a calm and cheerful person and wouldn feel like she needs to explode this often. But for some reason, this guy was making her angry just by being there.

”Listen to me reta… Adventurer! This is just a glitch, we are going to finish this god damned tutorial so i can throw you out of here, and then Im going to report you for being a perv… For glitching, and then you become the worlds problem not mine. Understand! ” she barely held her anger in preventing her fingers from leaving their mark on his pale white unblemished face and turned back towards the stat window skipping the stat points which were obviously glitching with the level.

”Str means strength, its obvious what strength is, Im not gonna waste my time explaining to you what strength is! Vit is vitality, you get 20 health and 1 regeneration for each point of vit. Certain milestones would increase the amount of health and regeneration you… ” She abruptly stopped at his health counter which also showed a wrong number and tried to tap it as well, but it refused to change non the less. ”Moving on… Se is spirt energy, directly related to your energy counter… which is also glitching like your whole damn existence. ” She screamed unable to hold in her frustration anymore.

”I played games before, i know these things you don need to explain them. ” Odd thought to try and relieve her from her frustration by skipping this tutorial, he didn care about the game or Level or stats, all he wanted to know was where he is and how he got there but the pixie was getting all worked up and angry about these miniscule things.

”would you like to skip the tutorial?! ” Her face brightened up, literally, and she looked like someone being offered a way out of torture.

”Yes! ” he simply nodded, also happy that he wouldn have to watch this cute little thing burning herself in anger any longer, even though it was amusing and the pixie was so cute.

”its time for you to begin your journey. i wish you all the luck in the world adventurer! ” she hastily said while cupping her hands together producing a flaming orb between them, the next second the orb swelled and expanded and swallowed him, then it dispersed into nothingness leaving an empty endless green plane and a happy little pixie.

”phew! I hope he dies… ”

”Zoe! ”

”just kidding… Im sorry! You were watching!!… ” she panicked when she heard her name being called inside her head, sweat dripped down her forehead and she started apologizing constantly.

”i was, he was interesting. I like him. ” the sound spoke again in her mind startling her.

”What do you mean you like him! He is obnoxious! Did you see that glitch?! I need to report that. ” she stopped sweating and folded her hands again and pouted.

”You don have to, i already did. ” the voice coughed and then continued, ”also… You need to work on that anger of yours, you gonna turn into a grumpy old hag if you grow up like this! ”

”Who are you calling a grumpy old hag you piece of sh… ” the poor pixie exploded in an even brighter and more colorful fireworks illuminating the green expanse and cursing at the owner of the voice wildly as if it was her duty in life to insult him.

In the quiet and peaceful hospital room, Hayley was monitoring the life signs and brain readings of the patient on one screen while another was displaying a more complicated data and reports.

”Huh!… ” She gasped in shock when a certain report appeared in front of her startling dr Daniel who was waiting near the door for mrs Emilia.

”Did something happen Hayley?! ” He asked worriedly gaining the attention of Emilia as well.

”Nothing! ” Hayley tried to cover up her shock. ”Its just a glitch! He finished the tutorial and seems to be stable enough to enter the world. He is actually on his way now. ”

”Thats a wonderful news! Did you hear That mrs D? When can we see him?! ” Daniel cheered up in pure happiness, and Emilia ran out of the other room with tears in her eyes overjoyed with the idea that she could meet her son again and talk to him and see him speak and respond to her.

”Its actually more complicated than that! He needs to reach a beginner area first. We have no idea where he will appear in the world and we can actually see him in there. ” Hayley revealed to them as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

”How is this possible! Isn it your game? Why don you transfer him somewhere that we can see him! ” Daniel started getting irritated and his voice became slightly louder not caring about where he is. He then instinctively closed the door behind mrs Emilia when she left the room where her son was.

”The world is managed and controlled by artificial intelligence doctor! We already informed you about that. And unless we fully break down the structure of the world, we can change the rules or interfere with the workings of its laws. Which means that he would need to go to a beginner village on his own. ” Hayley explained patiently, making up for her failure to hide her surprise. This whole situation was partially her fault for making them worry, she knew that. And she also knew that the patient is a close friend to dr Daniel, which is why she wasn offended by his behavior.

”How can you not be in control?! ” Daniel was confused, which got him riled up. ”Why are we hearing about this now?! Why didn you mention this in the contract?! You think you can fool us? ”

Emilia didn process the consequences of what Hayley said, which made her confused as to why Daniel was getting angry. If the company who created the game can control the game they created, it means that if any thing was to happen inside this uncontrollable game, they would be unable to stop it. To a normal healthy person this was not a problem in the slightest, they can just log out and report the problem. But to a comatose patient who wouldn have that option, which exactly what the contract termed, this could lead to catastrophic results. Like being stuck in a nightmarish scenario with monsters and demons unable to escape or log out, something like that would scar a healthy functioning person for a long time, let alone someone as vulnerable as Odd is.

”You don need to worry! Trust me! He will not be in any danger, and as soon as i locate him, Ill go in and escort him to a safe place my self. ” she promised them trying to calm them down and ease their tension. ”And if its of any consolation, the glitch i was talking about was him actually spawning at max level! Which makes him one of the strongest beings in The world, that never happened before. ”

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