Another picture have been posted! Raymond announced, he has been scrolling through the academy environment for hours just for an update on Cians situation. Its a picture of him seating with a girl Raymond said showing his phone school to Asher, He makes friends quick Raymond joked, Asher facial expressions was not pleasing.

Where is he Clint asked

It said that he is in the Buffet hall Raymond said. Immediately Clint flew out of the mansion heading for the buffet hall,the rest used their vamp speed to Chase after him.

Cian Clint called not sure if it was his name but the person in question turned back when he heard his name, Its really you Clint said when he saw the face.

”Why does he look like me ” Cian thought. Soon the rest arrived Clint, you can talk here Sean said, they were presently circled by other students in the buffet hall and there were phones flying trying to get a better view of them, obviously the witches

Take him to the mansion Asher said

You! Cian said as he immediately recognized the guy that had tried to kill him, Sean grabbed Cian and vamp to the mansion, all of the them followed after leaving Karin alone in the buffet hall who got crowded by curious students asking questions like a bunch of hungry reporters.

The boys arrived at the mansion, Are you kidnapping me now, to have me as dinner with your friends? Cian asked them, the question was more focused to Asher. No matter what you say I wouldn bring that sneaky female witch to our residence Asher said, he was a annoyed to see his childhood best friend hang out with a nameless witch.

Asher! I would bring her if that makes you comfortable Clint said with his eyes not leaving Cians face, seeing Cian nod in acceptance he felt less tense.

Raymond, Can you bring the witch here Clint requested

We can bring her here no one in school know the location of our residence, how long have you know her Sean asked been the only one among them ready to use his brain not their emotions.

Three months maybe? Cian said not exactly sure

Thats it, she isn coming here Asher concluded.

Raymond, bring her to the southern Garden since its furthest from here Sean said and Raymond vamped out.

Take him there I need to get something Clint said as he left for his room.

Im taking him Asher said in a possessive tone when Sean was about to take Cian and vamp out. Sean nodded and left in his vamp speed, Asher placed Cian hand on his shoulder and wrapped his arm around his waist steadily looking at Cian in the eyes then vamped out to the Southern Garden.

Soon everyone arrived along with Karin who is still pretty shocked and excited to be around them and Sean did an invisiblity cloaking spell.

Do you know her? Clint asked referring to the only girl in their mist

Her name is Karin not sneaky female witch Cian said referring to what Asher previously called her

Ok, this is Asher, Sean, Raymond and I am your long lost twin brother, Clint Clint introduced

Do you have any memories of before you were five? Clint asked

No, my foster parents said they found me inside a car recycling center when they came to shelter from the rain Cian answered also curious about knowing why someone else looks like him.

How did your foster parents know your name is Cian? Clint asked trying his best to control his beating heart.

The hood I wore that day had my name printed at the back and ”Clint ” written on the arm, so you are the Clint? Cian asked, he couldn contain his curiosity too. I looked up what Clint meant and found out it was a male name Cain explained remembering how he wanted to know his origin but kept it secret from his foster parents.

What were you doing in the car recycling center yesterday? Asher asked

I go there every year on my birthday in honor of the only origin I know about but you were there to suck the life out a human Cian said with anger building up inside him.

People have different ways to celebrate your death and your birthday which happened on the same day, so what you saw was how I handle my grief Asher said trying to raise his voice at Cian but seeing Cians eyes melted his harsh voice.

What Asher is trying to say is that your death left us with scars each, Asher drinks blood from the vein to subside his grieve, Clint makes it rain all night, I and Raymond, I can say that in front of a stranger Sean said meeting eyes with Karin.

Do you remember how this? Clint asked grabbing Cians wrist lifting it up showing a silver bracelet which had a craved word on it ”Clint ” and Clint raised his free arm which showed an alike bracelet but had ”Cian ” Carved on it. Cian shook his head I don remember Cian said

Dad, made it, he said in case we ever got separated we will find each other Clint said letting go of Cian wrist.

I can hold it in anymore Clint said letting a tear leave his eyes and he grabbed Cian into a hug, tears also fear also fell from Cians eyes landing on Clint shoulder staining his shirt.

They shared a brotherly hug and it began to snow.

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