After the long fall he landed in a Lagoon which was blue in color, making a large splash. He struggled for air but no avail and ended up sinking deep into the water, he lost the strength to struggle.

”Mom, Dad, I love you ” he thought as he closed his eyes, he couldn help keeping his eyes open.

He continued to sink until suddenly the water formed a portal and magical blue lights shone at the entrance. The portal sucked in Cian unconscious body and immediately closed as if it never occurred. The body was now in the ocean which was of a lighter blue than the lagoon. The waters around him began to turn to ice spreading through out the rest of the ocean until the whole ocean was frozen.

Hey, look the water is turning ice a girl called to her friend sitting opposite her, they came to have lunch and enjoy the ocean view. Some other people were also there they were all young adults and teenagers.

Quick alert the witches with water speciality someone else called out and soon the witches with water speciality were there.

They tried undoing whatever they thought had happened to the ocean, they thought it was a new climate or an attack. Still they had no luck, they started using ancient spell and still the ocean was still frozen. Some older adults arrived, they looked like they were professors.

You take water speciality class, why don try it first A professor said to woman whose hair were due to Aqua. She focused her mind and tried to bend the matter of the ocean but it looked like it had a barrier that blocked it from any spell even ancient spells.

Its not working The woman said when she realized that her magic had no effect on it.

Whats going on here? a voice asked and everybody turned to its direction, it was Clint.

Whoa, a frozen ocean, who did it? Clint asked surprisely immediately he saw the frozen ocean.

Its easy pissy he said going towards the ocean, he got close to the frozen ocean then bent down and touched the frozen surface, he closed his eyes to focus, Its me he heard a voice say.

Immediately the ocean melted, he stood up and wen over the group that had gathered, See, easy pissy, he bragged. As he was about to leave he remembered something, Did anyone say something? he asked and they shook their heads saying no, they were still shaken to be able to speak, the professor stared at each other suspiciously with different questions coming into their minds.

Clints phone started ringing so he excused himself to pick the call. He saw a familiar ID, Raymond and he answered the call, Hes doing what? Im on my way Clint said into the phone, he seemed surprised and angry at the same time at whatever Raymond had told him. He did a slight hop and he was on the air then he flew away in a sudden speed.

Look! Someones floating to the shore a person shouted bringing the group attention to the body which has been pushed out of the ocean. They didn dare come closer so the professor decided to handle the matter, they walked over to the shore and what they saw shocked them Where is Clint professor asked raising her voice a little.

He flew away a teenage girl answered,

You sure? because hes right here the professor said. Someone from the crowd rushed to join the professors who were inspecting the body, it was Karin. Immediately she saw the face, she was shocked What is he doing here? she muttered and the professors heard her.

Do you know him One of the professors asked

Who wouldn know him, he is Clint another professor said thinking the former asked an ironic question.

No, no, this isn Clint, this is Cian and he looks like he needs medical attention Karin said as she touched his arm, it was cold. Hurry, hes cold she said with a hint of fear in her voice.

A male professor carried Cian over his shoulder, due to Cians tall height his hands were dangling down the mans back passing his waist and brushing against his ass. The man got off the ground and the other professors flew after him along with Karin.

Later in the evening, Cian woke up, the room was unfamiliar, it wasn its normal bedroom. He tried to sit up, Hey, hey, hey, easy, you
e awake A woman said rushing to him, she looked like nurse, she helped him up.

Where am I Cian asked looking around, the place which looked like a room in a hospital.

Cian! You are awake a voice called from the door, he turned to see that it was Karin.

Karin, hi, what are doing here? Where am I Cian asked, Karin moved closer to him and sat beside him on the bed.

Uhm…. you are at my schools hospital, you crashed here, some sort of things happened, I would tell you over dinner, lets go grab dinner she said standing up from the bed and heading to the door. Somethings you
e going to see might shock you, so prepare your mind and you seem like one of us Karin said as they left the hospital and went to the school which was few deets away then they headed to the buffet hall.

Whoa, whats going on here? Cian asked as he saw plates flying in the air and people seating around those tables

Lets seat here Karin said and they sat on an empty table.

Where exactly is this Cian asked

Somewhere thats doesn exist on the map Karin answered

Wow so how did I get here, the last thing I remembered was that I fell off an old bridge and landed into a Lagoon then I drown, then I had this… Cian voice trailed off as he noticed many eyes on him and they were murmuring.

Karin, why is everyone looking? is it odd that Im sitting here with you? Cian asked

Uhm, yeah, you look like… Karin tried to explain but she was interrupted by someone who rushed to their table

Cian, its really you A voice said from beside Cian when he turned to see who it was….

”Why does he look like me? ”

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