There was a knock on Cians room door, Yes, come in he answered I brought you more blankets, its snowing Jade said as she came in and drop the blankets on the bed. What are you doing? Jade asked as she walked towards Cian who was sitting in front of his desktop. Nothing, just stuff Cian answered immediately switching off the desktop.

Secret? just don stay up late, by the way its beautiful outside if you want to check it out Jade smiled and left his room. Cian opened his curtain and looked out the window, Jade was right it was beautiful, it looked like white rain drizzling from the sky and decorating the dry street,

”But how can it snow during summer, strange, why did it snow instead of raining this night, this is driving me crazy, but it somehow feels right ” Cian thought to himself and went back to sit in front of his desktop, switching it on to continue what he was doing.

Blood sucking beings he muttered as he typed, The internet brought out myths so he clicked on a website that explained more. Without reading through, Cians eyes caught some words, ”Feed on blood ”, ”Speed ”, ”Strength ”, ”Sharp hearing ” and ”Fangs ”. All this words sent chills to Cians spin, his body knew what he saw dangerous but his curious mind still wanted to go back and check it out.

Lastly, his eyes caught a word that made him switch off the desktop, ”Vampire ”.

He decided to go cool down in the snow, the snowflakes from the sky dropped on his hair and skin reminding him that he should have brought a coat with him so he turned back to go inside the house to grab a coat. There was a sudden rush of blood to his brain making him stop on his track.

He suddenly remembered a face, it was like he was back in his five years old body, he was looking at four children who were likely the same age with him but they were backing him as if they were looking at something far ahead. One of the children called his name Cian! and everyone of them turned back facing him,

Hurry! Come see this A boy said to him dragging him along, strangely the boy looked like him but was not him but he had never felt so happy before to being around strange kids.

When Cian got himself he had fallen down in front of the door and his eyes were watery, he touched his cheek and it was wet, ”Did I just cry? ” he thought to himself unbelievably. Itd looked like was crying but he didn know why it felt like something was missing. He decided to stay under the snow without a coat. The snowflakes dropped on his arm since he wore a short sleeve shirt but surprisingly it didn feel cold, it felt good and familiar.

Hey boy, come inside or you are going to get a cold A voice said pulling him out of his thoughts, he turned to see it was Daniel who was snuggling in a fur coat, he smiled and went inside with him. He retired to his bed to rest after his crazy birthday, he cuddled on his pillow for comfort, but he felt no comfort coming from the pillow but from the snow, his curtain was opened so he turned to face his window watching the snow fall, it felt comforting. The kind of comfort you feel when you get home after a hard day. He felt closer to something or someone but he wasn sure.

He didn know when he slept off he felt the ray of sunshine on his face, he opened his eyes and the room was bright, thanks to the sunshine emitting from the window. He looked out the window hoping to see some melting snow on the ground but it was all like it was never there to begin with. it somehow didn surprise him, it always happened after the rain on his birthday night, the next morning the weather would be back to the regular summer like it never fell, dry land even the potholes were dry and when he asked his parents about the rain they always responded What rain?. Nobody in town remembers what happens on his birthday night except him same happened today when he asked about the last night snow they didn remember a thing.

What are you doing today? Jade asked as they ate their breakfast of fried egg and toast.

Nothing exactly Im going to retrace my steps of yesterday and confirm something Cian answered and bit on his toast.

You are curious of your origin? Jade asked feeling like her happiness was fading away and she couldn do anything about it.

He has the right to know, Jade and he got to leave with the consequences of whatever…he…fi..nds Daniel said as his voice trails off.

Im not leaving you guys, you
e my family, I just want to know my origin and I promise I would be back, is not like Im going far. stop making a big deal out of it Cian said cleaning his lips with a napkin then gathering the plates and taking them to the sink to wash it.

Jade had started sobbing by the time he was done with doing the dishes

Come on mom, Im not even sure I would find anything or if they are even alive Cian said patting her shoulder and going back into the kitchen to grab a pen knife. So Im off! he announced and went to the porch to wear this shoe with Jade and Daniel trailing behind. They shared a family hug which was filled with warmth and comfort before he left.

He had the same trip as he did the day before, he was at the front of the car recycling site but he didn go in instead he looked for the direction he ran through when saw the vampire as he moved he used the pen knife to make a ”plus ” sign on the trees he didn find what he was looking for so he traced his steps back with the trail he had made and got back to the car recycling center. He decided to recall the way Karin used to get him out of the woods when he was lost. He repeated the same thing, making trails as he went, soon he was back to the part where he had lost himself the previous day.

He was standing a few steps away from the fog contemplating if he should go in or not, he decided to go in. He walked steadily into the fog minding every footsteps he made, he thought he wouldn see a thing but he could see clearly,he saw a wooden bridge ahead. When he got closer to the bridge, it was an old wooden bridge, it was made of planks and join by rope at the other side which helps to balance as they moved. The end of the bridge was not visible like it was still a long way to go, he was curious about where the bridge ends and some kind of force keeps attracting him there.

He stepped on the bridge, held onto the rope for balance and he took one step at a time, some plants seemed to have fallen out. There was most around the bridge and he couldn see what was around him then a strong wind blew the bridge shaking it. He held onto the rope tightly but couldn hold on for long, he soon fell of the bridge

”I see this is my end ” he thought as he fell, he then close his eyes to accept his fate embracing the darkness.

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