ht alone! Well beat them off here! ” He then shouted, his voice reverberated like thunder, bounced off the walls of the orange station cast in darkness. It reached people over their screams of pain, or despair. It cut through the thick fear.

And from that moment the ebb of the fight changed, with Perseus as its shining pillar, literally, Rose and Gold sword flying through flesh with not a single hint of resistance, as cuts and scrapes accumulated on his body under his shredded suit. He became the strength with which people moved, the push for them to get their mangled arms elbow deep in Gurgling blood and their broken legs moving. Suddenly the fight changed. Perseus pushed further, and he grew more confident in his capability to take life, Gabriel maximized the effect of his Specialization and helped Perseus with perfect synchronism. 30, 50, 90, 100 and more. Perseus had felt at some point his Source gather to two, he knew it, as if morning dew had coalesced into a drop of water. He cared not and continued till his massacre was finished. He took a step back, he took in a breath with more blood than air. He had brought the Gurglings all the way back to the stairs down, on his platform now more than 20 people stood, many died on the way, a few lay dying next to those still standing, and many went further down, the results of which decision were not immediately apparent. The Chaos reseeded. That was enough for now. ”Good job, everyone. For staying alive. ” Perseus said for the few of them. Man and woman alike merely nodded and plopped their asses on the blood floors.

”If I level up now, do you think I would get any attributes? ” Perseus asked Agon and Ilyne, the both of them had been busy checking through the piles of gurgling corpses. Both had fought eventually, there was no avoiding it. They had flown through the train station, dove into the densest clumps of Gurglings and came out drilling through the other side, drenched in blood. Their fur was now back to its pristine white again, it only took some grooming and the rest happened on its own.

”How low is your stamina? Did it get below 10%? ” Asked Agon. He got a nod and then shrugged in acceptance before returning to his job. Perseus put the point in and felt topped up once more, it was such a rush he would get addicted to it, he knew. He popped up and went to the twins.

”What are you two doing? ”

”Something pretty morose, there really is not even half a chance that the Gurglings have one, but we are looking for a Core. ” Ilyne said with a roll of her eyes, she had protested against using up their stamina in such a way, but dear old Agon was not one to play with chances.

Perseus did not get the chance to ask what a Core was, nor did Agon go out of his way to answer him. It was the squeal of a pig that brought the resting souls of the train station out of the stupor and back to their horrid reality. Perseus turned around, bile forming in his mouth as Nicholas showed up, two Gurgling legs in each arms, broken and thrashed and covered in the blood of the bludgeoned Gurgligns they had been used on. He stood tall, taller than ever before and the layers of fat on him seamed diminished and even had a healthy sheen. He had leveled up, more than once probably. Meaning he had killed, or at least somehow contributed to the killing of more than 300 Gurglings, as they gave about a hundredth of a Source each. Perseus had figured form his own Source gain, the numbers also, simply, looked good.

Behind the mountain of a man trailed Bisir, his own blood mixing with the Gurglings and made him look even more frightening and stern, washed in royal purple. He held the claws of two Gurglings in his fists, splintered open like flint rocks to give them a sharp edge. He had fought in really close quarters. Diora, Kirey, and Fiora were not far behind. Kirey seemed frazzled, her caramel blond hair tarnished and sticky, her eyes erratic and her steps weak. She was dirtied and bloodied and clearly, had seen more fight than she had done. Diora was in a much better shape. Her body carried an imperious aura, probably relating to her natural disposition, mixed in with the Orator Way, if Perseus was asked, that would be his answer at least. The most surprising of the bunch was Fiora, she edged those behind her along, jollied up the steps and sang a tune, sometimes humming sometimes turning to whistling, not caring at all for the looks she got as she looked at her very own metallic chair leg caked in blood and flesh bits as if it was a crown. She was not crazy per say. She was just a different person compared to how she was in the office, before August 21st.

The platform suddenly felt crammed. Nearly a hundred people from a quick headcount had survived the ordeal. On one hand, there were a hundred people still alive. On the other, five times as many had died.

”You did well warriors, taking on the reinforcements, all on your own. ” Perseus was shocked, Nicholas spoke bullshittery he had to plug his nose to hide away from the smell. Others amongst both groups groaned in cringing pain as well. But many lost souls nodded, smiling, satisfied at the praise, the recognition at what had been in their mind the first and final stand of their lives. ”But we have much more to do. ” They just realized that they were still alive. ”We are still alive. ” Perseus saw it in their eyes, Yes! They cried. ”We have to go out and kick this apocalypse down a notch. We need food, we need water, we need fortifications and weapons. We need every single brave soul left standing because of their own worth, to run, not just walk, and to work, not laze about. We will beat this Gauntlet! ”

”YEAH! ”

”We, the people left behind, we here, not anyone else. We! Will do it. ” Nicholas ended his speech and spread his meaty, stumpy, fingers forth. His minions sprang forth, the people listened, Perseus, Gabriel, the Yaoguai twins were undermined. Diora took charge and delegated orders. As if they were a natural extension of the group they were sent out, to find and catalogue supplies. Fiora and Kirey were to go with. Perseus bristled, yet he did not try to argue just yet. He felt a hunger rise from within him stronger than ever. And the only way to satisfy it was getting more strength. He Checked his status as he took the exit stairs.

Personal Status

Name: Perseus Ianos

Race: Human (Basic)

Sponsor: –

Level: 2

Health Pool: 65/65

Stamina Pool: 800/800

Mana Pool: 8.4/8.4


Vitality: 7/10

Endurance: 7/10

Might: 7/10

Agility: 7/10

Dexterity: 8/10

Focus: 10/10

Will: 8/10

Intelligence: 8/10

Source: 0

Specialization: [Power]

Skills: –

Achievements: Leadership I

There was much more to come. For him, and for Nicholas. Perseus did not believe in much of anything before today. But with what has happened… Why can Karma be a thing? And if it is, God knows, its a bitch.

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