the respect you deserve anyway. ” He spoke the last part to Ilyne, who had a smile on her face and a glint in her eyes. On second thought, they seemed moist. Almost as if she was going to cry.

”I can just leave. I promised Id help. I have to see that promise through. ” She said in all seriousness, hands over her breasts, as if covering them in shame, she was conflicted, embarrassed, out of her depth, yet she would still help them out. That, was the image she successfully passed. And people found themselves wanting to fight with her.

e here. ” She continued, her ears brought back, in silent anticipation. She stared behind them, and to the side, her eyes not staying in one place. That made Perseus worry. ”We
e too late. ” Agon said. ”Everyone! Brace! ” Perseus shouted. ”How dare you! ” Nicholas argued but Gabriel pushed past him. Diora and Bisir came as well. ”People, move! Don gawk! We
e not at our destination yet! Come on! ” She commanded with authority she pulled out of nowhere and people followed. Not all but a god chunk split off.

Perseus could hear it now. The mass clatter, the cacophony of mouth noises, slimy and full of hatred, the scratching of the asphalt and of steel and concrete. The ground trembled, something big was approaching. Others started noticing too. They inched backwards, too slow. Perseus brought out his sword. ”Grab onto something! Defend yourselves! ” He shouted over the growing noise, bubbling forth, screaming, shouting, gurgling.

As if a flood had come, the mass of spider like white fleshy balls of mouth and teeth, off white, and doused in saliva, ten meters tall. A wall of a hundred of the little monsters burst through the street in a writhing, living nightmare. Perseus felt a shiver travel up his spine, and then he looked to the side, where he saw another wave of monsters turn the corner, crashing into its own unstable weight as the monsters sped down in gluttonous rage.

Fuck. He mumbled. ”RUN! ” He screamed and a hundred people turned tail. ”It was Gurglings after all. ” Agon worried as he rushed to the end of the crowd. Claws spread out, arms wide, he snapped across the front of the wave, a clap of thunder overpowering the sickening squelch and broken gurgle of the ten thousands monsters as a hundred broke apart into pieces, blue blood flying across the sky as Agon delayed the inevitable. In moments he was back next to Perseus and his Sister, running along Gabriel. ”How **ed are we? ” Perseus said. ”Depends on how many catch us. Even one of the Gurglings would be Eight-**ed. ” Gabriel responded in all seriousness, looking back for a moment and gulping in fear.

”Fuck! ” Perseus cursed. They were now catching up to the crowd ahead, they were staring back in shock, dead on their tracks. Shit was about to get inhumane. Perses clenched his jaws and dug in his heels. He twisted around and brought his sword forth, light and long, a transparent crystal with a pink hue, an edge so sharp it cut light. He faced the horde of cannibalizing, brainless Gurglings.

”For Scotland! ” He brave-hearted past the ground as Human crashed into human, one stunned the other desperate, and the trampling begun. Tens of the Gurglings farthest ahead jumped at the chance. With a single thought power coursed through his veins, and pumped his muscled and Perseus copied Agons maneuver. He pushed with his ankle and cut across the charging mass, sword held out. The blade cut through meat and bone as they were clouds and Perseus wobbled to a stop a few meters later with not an injury on his self. He backpedaled, hurled himself aside and rolled away as from atop the wave many Gurglings fell like rain drops from some hellish nightmare.

Ilyne rushed in to help, cutting tens of the little terrors apart as they screamed through their round mouths of pink flesh and circle of rotting teeth. Perseus moved to the best of his abilities while running backwards, he cut one, two, three apart. ”Agh! ” He groaned as the claw at the edge of the many jointed leg of a Gurgling dug into his leg, he stumbled because of the pain but Gabriel was there, he slammed down with steel rebar and broke the leg in half. The Gurgling screamed as its fellows swallowed it with their mass, unthinking in their pursuit.

They retreated, swinging in wide arcs. ”Watch your steps! ” Agon warned and the pair jumped in reaction above a fallen elder. The man had been pushed down by his fellow humans. His eyes looked on with hope still in them, he stretched out his hand, Perseus bent down, his reaction unconscious. He was pulled back as their fingers touched. Perseus turned around and jumped over a human corpse, skull splattered on the ground, he cringed as he swam up the crowd of people too stunned or injured to save themselves. Their screams echoed behind him, their flesh tore apart and the Gurglings rejoiced with their sick little voices.

Hundreds of people left behind, mostly the elderly, or those with too much humanity in them to pushed their fellow man down to the ground. Up ahead many hundred more were scrambling, many entered buildings, others under cars, other kept on running and pushing and screaming as fear ate away at their minds. ”Do not falter! RUN! Run with everything youve got! Escape! Reach OMONOIA station with all youve got left! ” He shouted out in hope as he passed by, he felt himself die as he left all those behind, and heard them die in utter pain and fear, their faces warped as their skin tore off, their every part a delicacy for the starving mass of terror. This was the apocalypse, the end of the world, the entertainment show of the Galaxy. ”FUCK! ” Perseus shouted once more as the realization sunk into his bones. He turned the corner, he saw Nicholas out of breath, next to Bisir and Diora, Kirey and Fiora, rushing down the stairs to the Metro station. The Last stand would happen there. He pushed on.

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