A nightmare where a wolf turned into a naked man and a wolf again, then a man again, and he has night vision.

”This is a bad dream, ” I whisper. ”Wake up, Em. ”

Maybe I didn go to that stupid cabin with Clair. Maybe Im at home in my bed and Im just about to wake up from this ridiculous nightmare.

”Its not a dream, ” he tells me as he leans in.

”Ivy, ” he adds in a deep voice that makes funny sensations trill up my spine and across my breasts. His face is only inches from mine. ”Its real. You
e real. And you
e here, finally. From now on, you
e mine. ”

His fingers tangle into my hair and his eyes consume me.

Oh dear God! What have I gotten myself into?

”Dude, ” I whisper, shrinking away, but going nowhere. ”Please. Don . Don try to do this. ”

He stares for a long minute like a pet. Im not sure why, then he softly says, ”Everything is gonna be good, Emerald Milady Winston. You can calm down now. Im here. ”

His mouth gets closer. His eyes are hooded. My eyes land on his lips. Fluffy, soft full bottom lip. Nicely formed bow-shaped top lip. A bit more than a five oclock shadow. I shake my head and then twist it to the side and his mouth lands behind my ear.

God, I don want this. I also don want to die.

Now I can even help myself. I begin to weep with my eyes squeezed shut tight.

There is no escaping this, Im going to die.

”Are you a werewolf? ” I ask Ridiculously, because I know he is one and also because it sounds utterly silly.

Maybe talking will buy my time and the sun will come out before we know it.

I wonder what the time says now. The last time I checked my phone it was around 10 pm. I think we
e still a long way from daylight.

”A shifter, yes. Wolf and man, ” the deep voice answers, and with his nose behind my ear, he takes a big breath. And then he exhales very slowly.

”Im going to put my mouth on yours. Ive never wanted to put my mouth on anyone. But I want to taste you while I thrust my cock inside you. ”

Okay, I want to die now! Seems like its been fated that Ill get violated tonight.

It seems like whatever I do tonight I can escape this.

”Inhale my scent, Ivy Adeline Brennan. Learn it. Let it calm you. ”

My body is wracked with sobs and tears flow like the rain outside, which is again pounding hard.

”No, no, no, no, please… ” I plead.

His thumb traces my lower lip and then his palm cups my jaw.

He frowns and looks me directly in the eyes, his brows interlacing. ”You cry. Why? ”

”I don wanna die, ” I whisper.

”Why would you die? ” His voice is gruff. He caresses my cheek with his thumb. ”Soft. ”

”If I do what you say, will you not kill me? ” I ask.

Hes not putting his weight on me. Hes hovering over me, his hair still dripping on me.

The guy is just… huge. His arms are nearly as big around as my waist, I think. He lets go of my wrists over my head and my fingers go to my eyes to wipe tears away.

”Kill you? Never, ” he grunts. ”Why would I kill my mate? ”

”Oh for **s sake, ” I groan.

Clearly, hes a lunatic. Hes a crazy werewolf. Or Im having a crazy fever dream.



She looks so beautiful. her pretty hair spread out around her face, and I want to sink inside her immediately. But she is frightened.

I don want that.

She should be calm by now. Females are always calm around me when they take in my scent. I smell arousal as soon as I lock eyes with them. Why isn it working on her? But then those are fellow werewolves.

I can take her like this.

The urge to calm her is stronger than the urge to claim her, but barely. Because I need her. But I hate that shes afraid of me. I need to mount and mark her

But she looks at me with so much fear in her eyes. I don like that expression it makes me loathe myself.

Im still gathering my man sense. Even speaking takes effort so far.

I need to try. Use words to calm her

”Ive been smelling you since the moon began to rise tonight on this strange night, ” I explain slowly, caressing her face. Her skin is soft, but its cool to the touch. ”I finally reach you and you think Im trying to kill you? I haven hunted for you for hours for that. Ive been looking for you for years, Emerald. ”

I am exhausted. Can remember the last time I was this tired. I have to stay strong, and how sure she has a strong mate who can care for her.

After she tried to run, my wolf emerged and became inconsistent. I kept changing from man to wolf and versa Ive lost count.

Shifting so many times after going years without doing it must be why I feel worn out. I can even stop it part-way. My senses will sharpen. The fog is lifting, but too slowly for my liking.

She looks up at me with her large eyes. They swim with tears. Her chin quivers. And I want to find a way to make it stop.

It breaks my heart.

I feel a shift trying to come on against my will. I fight my wolf back. I doubt my wolf will be compassionate toward her emotions.

As tired as I am, as much as Im uncomfortable in this form, my desires won stop surging. I want to taste that bottom lip that protrudes toward me.

She has such a delicate face. Large eyes, beautiful skin. Prickling feelings fill my veins. A fierce need to protect overtake me even as blood rushes to my cock because I want to ** her so much. I just want. To completely disappear into this beautiful creature.

”Ive hunted you so I can claim you. So, I can make you mine. I can wait to feel you. ”

Damn She smells so good. She smells better than any food Ive ever tasted as a wolf. So fresh and clean.

I think she will quench my need for satisfaction when I finally have her.

Will I find inside her little body that thing I need, that thing Ive never found despite the times mounting different females at my uncles demand?

”Fuck till you get stronger Clayton. It will teach you how to please your mate when you find her. Mount them, find your pleasure, and watch your senses improve while you get to spill inside them. ”

I wish now I hadn been with anyone else. I hate that my cock even touched another womans cunt, seeking strength, seeking release.

I could barely resist the urge to thrust her but Ill control it for now.

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