The call keeps failing

”Damn! ” I snap.

He pushes with his fingertips hard against the top of the drivers window and I hear it protest. He grunts with effort, glaring at me with an angry look on his face.

”oh shit, ” I whisper under my breath.

I hit the screen to redial 9-1-1. With unsteady fingers.

No **in signal!

He pushes the entire window in. It collapses. It falls in on the drivers seat.

Holy shit. Im not safe. Im in big trouble. Even if I got my call through, theres no time for help to get here. Today is the day I die in the hands of a primitive man.

He reaches in, fumbles until he finds the inner handle and opens the door. I scream and grab the button on the door closest to me, lift it, thrust the door open and before realizing Im leaning into the door, I fall, onto all fours on the wet ground.

I scuttle away, trying to run back up the hill to get to the road. I glance back and see the wolf sprint from the car (and its running toward me. Oh shit, shit, **! It is a wolf. A wolf! A huge one.

Then he isn wolf. Hes running on two legs again as a guy. A naked running guy. He gets closer, and closer and then Im hefted up off the ground.

Shit he got me!

Of course he caught me. And the minute he does, he makes a roaring sound of triumph. I could never run faster than a wolf. I cry out and go for his face with my nails. He hisses in surprise as my fingers rake across his cheek. The guy looked big through the window but in the flesh, he is absolutely huge. And hes bleeding from where I scratched him.

We fall to the ground and hes wolf again. Its as if an animal has just…kind of… burst from his skin. Its mind-blowing and reminds me some music video.

”No, please. I beg you ”

Im on my back on the ground and the massive black furry animal with the humongous teeth is standing over me. I crab-crawl backwards a few steps and it lets out a loud, deep bark. I scream and flip, then scramble to my feet and run.

I get three feet, max, when I feel something furry land on me and pin me with its body. Oh no. This is it. Hes going to rip me to shreds. I hear the deep rumbling voice. ”Shh. You
e safe. ”

Hes a man again and hes whats pinning me to the ground.

Im am pinned to the ground and he is sniffing my neck like a wild animal that he is. I am scared, I am so scared. He turns and lift me on his arms like a bride and carries me back to my car. My poor crunched-into-a-tree car.

We approach the side I escaped from and he slides me in through the still open door. He lays me on my back and climbs on top of me.

Pinning me to the seat, his nose moves across my throat to behind my ear. Hes so wet from the rain that its dripping on my face. My face is also wet with tears. Is this how it goes? The end? I can let this be the end. What a **ing waste.

”No! ” I shout. ”Help! ” I scream in case by some miracle theres someone that can hear

My car tiny car cannot contain the both of us and hes on me but only half-way in, so the door is open. If only I can get out from under him…

I bring my knee up and catch him by surprise as I hit the target. He grunts. But he doesn roll off. The space is too small; we
e just too narrowed.

He looks away and grits his teeth.

I struggle as he tries to recover from the nut-kneeing; Im completely pinned and worried because … am I about to be backhanded for that?

His eyes meet mine. Its dark in here, but they
e reflective like a cats. Or I guess… a wolfs.

Of course they are. I dont even know why I bother.

”What are you called? ” he asks, voice husky

Hes obviously recovered from my knee to the groin and he doesn seem angry. In fact, the way his chest rises and falls while hes looking at me? Like he wants to eat me alive. And not in a wolf for dinner way… in a naked man on top of a woman way.

The sky is bright. Its still night, but through the sunroof I see there are so many stars and such a bright moon that its as if things the moonlight touches are almost glowing.

I wish something could save me now. Even if its another wild animal.

It seems very important for him to know the name my name.

Is that a thing of this specie? Knowing the name of your prey before devouring it?

Maybe it is…so all i have to do is not release my name. Maybe that is what will save me tonight.

I shake my head.

I do my best to push him off but he doesn budge. I try to go for his face again. He huffs and pins both my wrists down while giving me a look of reprimand. He looks around for a minute and then grabs my bag and fishes through it with one hand, holding my wrists pinned over my head in his other massive hand. I try to kick and turn but hes so heavy on me.

He puts more weight down as he pulls my wallet out of my bag. I see a bunch of other things fall out as he flicks the snap open and the contents of my wallet fall all over me. He lifts a card and drops it. He lifts another one that I assume is my drivers license.

”Emerald Milady Winston, ” he says and then he smiles. ”Emerald Milady Winston, ” he repeats, and he says my name as if supremely pleased or something.

Im surprised he can read. What the hell does he even want with my name?

Its not bright enough to read something in this dark car interior, even if the moon seems ridiculously bright tonight. I don even know how he made my name out. But I kind of do. Its very obvious that Im having a nightmare.

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