you called? ” he grinds out, breath fogging up the window.

My heart is galloping in my chest.

He pulls on the drivers door handle, this time looking angry and I see the door handle in his hand.

Oh, dear!

He throws it, rounds the hood, goes to the front passenger door, and pulls on the handle

He breaks the passenger handle, too. He glares at it before tossing it.

”They are all locked in, ” I say.

”Stop breaking my car! ” I scream in anger.

What kind of strength does he have to just easily break my car handle?

My poor car! My baby!

His eyes hit mine and his nostrils flare. Damn. He looks like he wants to inflict pain on me.

”D-don . Please. Just go away, ” I plead. God. Im wishing I was back in that cabin of ill repute right now. What the heck does my horoscope say today?

”What are you called? ” he demands.

”What are you called? ” I fire back, snarkily.

Maybe I shouldn have done that last one.

”Im Clayton. ” He then bumps up his chin.

”Open this door now. ”

”Sorry, Clayton, no. My boyfriend will be here any— ”

Oh, he is mad! He slaps the window, making me stop talking, making my body freeze tight before I dive through the two front seats into the back. I catch the sight of back dimples and I try really hard not to look downward as more of his form comes into view…I Don wanna see this lord.

”Boyfriend, ” he repeats through tight teeth and slaps the roof angrily. My god is this jealousy from someone I barely know? He says it almost like its a dare or like I dare to have a boyfriend.

”Oh my God. Did you just dent my roof, too? ”

He is ruining my car! Is he mad?

The car begins to slide some more, and I think oh shit as it rolls. He gets a furious look on his face as he moves with the car, holding onto the roof, as if hes trying to stop it from moving, but hes only sliding with it. It rests with a crunching sound against that tree that makes me groan. My poor little red car.

Im trembling all over. Im trapped in my car, which is now champed, with no phone signal and a naked door handle-wrecking man. Plus, a wolf is out there somewhere! Unless Ive lost it and he is also that wolf.

Damn it! I rebuke myself for letting the thought seep past the lunacy-prevention barrier Ive worked so very hard to keep in place my whole life. Too late. Here we go…

My brain unleashes all Ive been trying to stop from invading it.

Same green eyes. Wolf goes, man is here. Naked. Nope, nope Nah. No. Thats crazy. But its obvious. The naked man is a werewolf. But its crazy.

Ive seen too many scary movies. Ive listened to Auntie Ruth and her crazy ”we are not alone ” and ”magic is real ” magnification one too many times. Strangely, today is the first anniversary of her death.

I shiver. Wait, what? It is, isn it?

This whole night feels like a bad, scary movie. Theres no such thing as werewolves. But…

Im still clutching my cell in my hand. I tap the screen and look.

I see a bar. A bar!

Oh, thank you, Jesus…I key in 9-1-1.

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