he is?

What the heck?

Ive gone from the frying pan into the fire.

I am terrified here.

The rain is starting to drench the guy and he seem to be getting angrier.

Where did he come from and wheres the wolf? I need to see the wolf, so Ill know my initial reaction is wrong, that this guy isn – no it cant be.

That shit only happens in movies.

”Y-you better go. ” I find my voice. ”Theres a wolf out there. It was just here! ”

”Is this door damaged? ” he asks, ignoring my warning.

”What? ”

”Can you open from there? ”

”I – locked it. ”

”Open it. ”

”Wh-why? ”

”I need … in. ” His eyes implore me to open the door. But not in a sweet or kind way, as if its urgent.

No. No no no. This isn right.

”Theres a wolf out there! You better be careful, or itll get you. I hit it with my car by accident and I think its mad at me. You better go! ” I say. ”Its huge. Did you see it? ”

I say, hoping he gets it and leave me alone.

Maybe Ill see them both now and know its not true. My eyes try to scan the space behind him.

His expression changes.

God, those eyes are filled with something. Something…

”Let me in,So I can be safe from the wolf. ” he cuts my thought short. His mouth twitches as he fights a smirk. His fight fails.

Om my…

This guy is something. A smirk? What the heck?

”Is that wolf yours? ” I ask.

”Yes. ” He jerks his chin at me. ”Open. ”

”No, Im sorry, i can ” I shake my head.

He stares a beat, like hes searching my face for something.

”Ill help, ” he says.

”Help? ” I inquire.

What does he want?

I can well imagine. Same thing every other man Ive come across tonight wants.

”The car will… ” he pauses and looks down the hill. ”Will slide down this valley with the soggy earth and at the bottom theres a river with… ” he stops and considers something, ”running water. You need to open it so I can get you to safety. ”

He talks like a primitive person. dropping his words one by one, like he is trying not to make mistake.

Maybe English is not his first language. But i can hear any accent.

I think he is from the bush. He must have been living alone for a long time, away from civilization.

Maybe he is just a horny bush man who wants to bust some nut. He will probably kill me when hes done.

Its got to be freezing out there, its cold enough in here, and yet hes naked. Its dim, but I can tell that the guy is just huge. He has long and curly hair, hair as long as mine, has huge shoulders, defined biceps. I halt my measurement before my eyes dart down his torso to where I already know hes got no clothes on.

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