Claire is in the room with two of the guys now and I am out with the other three.

Mehn, I know getting out won be easy.

I have been quiet for so long, I need to make them think that I am interested in whatever game they are playing.

I am definitely leaving Clair here and I don care if she has an orgy with the rest of the guys but Ive done my best to convince her.

The guy who wants me for himself keeps giving me the look that makes my skin crawl.

We hear loud moans and cries from the other room. Wow, Clair is so getting it.

Now I am so comfortable. These guys here are like wild animals and that moan we just heard made things worse.

The creepiest guy among them just adjusted his dick in his boxers.

I am dead! But I can let them see my fear.

I gulp down the sprite I poured into the cup which had ice in it. Which made it look as if Im getting drunk with them

I had bought the sprite for myself earlier at the store but no one needs to know that.

I won be drinking anything that these peasants give me.

I sat and try to wait exactly ten minutes plotting how Ill leave there without arousing suspicion. I have succeeded in avoiding the dumb question and warding them off me for just a few minutes but I know I can keep that up all night.

”You know what, theres something I think we should try…. ” I said and their creeping eyes met me at once. Including the one aggressively searching for network on his phone.

”Let me just get something from the car. ” I smiled and got up from the chair.

Its a good thing that my purse and the overnight bag are still in the car, while my phone is at the back of my jean pocket, although my jacket was still hanging on one of the chairs Im willing to forfeit that for the greater good.

I walk slowly out of the cottage as casually as I could walk.

My knees are jittery and my hands are trembling but Im doing my best not to show it because the creep couldn get his eyes off me, I can feel the wandering eyes on me and it creeps me the ** out.

I lean into the car casually, without shutting the odor

I bent forward like I was truly searching for something. My car door is still open to ward off suspicions.

I slowly look up to see if Im still being watched. Once their attention is diverted to something else, I start my engine immediately and reverse down the tricky long driveway, past the other three parked vehicles, shot my door, and drove off at full speed to the main road.

I know they wouldn be crazy enough to chase me down but who knows?

I wonder how Claire is going to handle this now. There are five hefty guys in a cabin with her alone. With the look on the other three faces, I can tell that they are ready to devour anything. And Clair just made it easy for them.

They will be drooling in every hole in her body. Well, whatever makes her happy.

Screw you, Clair, for putting me in this situation. I hope you don have to bang all of them unless thats also on your ”Bucket list ”

Now that I think about it, Clair reminds me of the typical high school slut who wants to check every nasty thing off their bucket list

I have only known Claire for two weeks after she was transferred to my branch. She was a fun distraction at work, who made my horrible day move faster.

I liked her for her humor and zero-filter kind of personality but now I think that is too much for me.

I found it difficult to believe that she was in management because of the general image that folk from management portrays; Always serious and uptight but Clair was different. Which is why I let her sweep me with her charm into her wild fantasy.

She said it was going to be a sophisticated getaway and well get to meet awesome people because that is what it is known for and the 200 bucks will be worth it.

She claimed that the organizers regularly rented posh places for them and he had had write-ups from clubs before because the parties are always legendary.

At least she filled my gas as she promised.

According to Claire, he had gotten two couples married from last years getaway, and the tickets are always sold out.

I was looking to have a fun weekend and make cool friends not jump into bed with strangers I just met less than an hour ago.

All I got was quite the opposite.

Clair and I got transferred to the new location, not too long ago. I had just been promoted to the assistant manager while Clair was already an assistant manager in her former branch. I needed the transfer because it was closer to my new apartment.

I felt like we deserve the getaway because we have been working our asses off for the past few days. The grand opening of the new branch is coming up so we had no rest at work. So it was just too easy to get me swept off by the idea of a nice sophisticated weekend getaway.

I don know if Id be able to look at her the same way again. And Im not even the type to slut shame.

But she is a **ing slut, the lowest of the lows. She set me up and put my life in danger. I could have been raped or worse, kidnapped, tortured, turned into a sex slave, and killed

I want to hurt her so bad and I don even care what those five creeps do to her.

Ill never forgive her for it.

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