ou, hoping one day, you will develop feelings for him.

While the other two guys are negotiating on how to approach and share me like a piece of bread, just the way Clair is with the other two guys.

One of her two guys stood up pacing from place to place and it was almost aggressive with the

way he is going with it. He is trying to get network on his phone and he seems to have a temper too.

If he channels that anger into something else, like sex, its gonna be hell.

”You look like a popular actress. ” the other one of the two guys said to me.

Deep down I know he means I look like a porn star and he is expecting some action soon.

”Oh okay…, ” I say trying to be nice and discontinue the conversation at the same time but this is my cue to leave. The dumb conversation has started. While the other creep just licked his lower lips.


The moment we got here I knew I wanted to leave. The condition of the cottage wasn even my biggest concern. It wasn so bad that Id let my 200 bucks go to waste but when I realized that Clair and I were the only girls here with a bunch of strange guys, it was a big no for me.

I think the organizers swindled us…or Claire scammed me.

She claimed her cousin was the one who organized the retreat and its always sold out. She said it was usually 300 bucks but because its friends and family he will let us in for 200.

You know, now that I think about it, I was indeed a big fool.

I pulled her to the side several times and persuaded her to leave with me but Clair wouldn listen.

In less than 30 minutes that we got there, she has formed a slutty bond with two of the guys there, she also succeeded in getting herself drunk.

The last time I pulled her aside, threatening to leave her alone with the strangers, she got adamant.

”You need to free yourself and let loose, you are here to have fun, so why do you want to deprive yourself of that? ” She said.

”You are not thinking of leaving, are you? ” the creep whom I think wants me for himself strolled to the kitchen side where we were arguing and asked.

I told her that I was there to have fun and not end up in bed with total strangers.

But she made it clear to me that that was the reason why she was there.

She said she had always fantasized about a threesome with strangers and that is exactly what she was here to do. Its something she needed to mark off her ”bucket list. ”

This was when I knew that she planned this. She kept mixing drinks in her cup and gulping it down her throat.

”Well I do not care about your fantasies, this place is not safe and Ill leave with or without you! ” I said angrily but not raising my voice too much so the guys won suspect that we were trying to leave.

”Of course not! ” I smiled wildly to dismiss him.

At least if she can see that I am serious about leaving, maybe shell change her mind. Since I was the one with the ride.

I brought her here so she has to leave with me.

”You do what you have to do, and Ill do me. ” She turned from me.

”What happened to never leaving a sister behind? ” I asked.

”You wanna join? ” she raised her eyebrow. And I met her look with a frown

”well, a sister wants to **, now ** off sister! ” she dismissed me and walked away.

Oh, that bitch!

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