Acorn Head called this world a fantasy world.


So I expected to see it someday, and I was prepared for it.


And finally, I found this guy.


A green-skinned, dirty-looking creature.


“Is that a goblin…?”


I can’t help but mutter to myself, and it is so well-known and such a classic monster on the same level as the slime.


Its overall height is probably around 120-130 cm.


Although it can’t be clearly seen from behind, it appears to be crouching down and eating something.


And…first of all, it is definitely naked.


It is a creature with a body structure similar to that of a human being, only smaller.


The fact that I am trying to defeat it, or rather, kill it, makes my heart rate begin to rise slightly.


It is definitely a monster.


I have killed at least a thousand goblins in games, and I have never seen an RPG in which goblin species were not enemies.


Then, as expected, there should be no talk that it is a crime to kill them because they are treated as subhumans.


(Ugh…I don’t think so…but I can’t say for sure…right…)


I feel ashamed of myself for being so scared to get involved here.


If I let my guard down and get myself killed, I will be nothing but a fool.


In order not to be a fool, I must not show mercy to the opponent who is trying to antagonize me.


It is the same in sales, in business, and in interpersonal relationships.


I’m sure I’ve seen such idiocy with my own eyes, and I’m sure I’ve seen it with many others who have both seen it and shown it to me.


What am I, who is trying to act naively just because I can’t see any definite hostility?


I took a deep breath.


The opponent is bare-handed and does not appear to have a robust physique.


In my previous world, it would be like getting into a fight with an elementary school student.


If I think about it that way, I feel as if I would not be defeated.




As insurance, I took out a Phillips-head screwdriver and a flat-blade screwdriver from my bag.


It is a rather large type, about 20 cm, so it could be a deadly weapon and should be able to hit someone with its grip.


Essentially, I will need to make the first move.


If the opponent doesn’t realize it, it’s a chance, and only a strong fighter can afford to go to the trouble of choosing to move later.


And I’m just an ordinary guy with no skills at level 1 with no martial arts background.


I should not show mercy.


But just once…just in case…a weak mind underestimates my current situation.


It makes me forget that I am now the equivalent of a 140 cm child, not much bigger than a goblin.


What a dumb and ridiculous figure I am to anyone who sees me.


An idiot who has seen goblins in the same bracket as people.


A softy who still harbored a naive idea, even though he is clearly likely to be judged as an enemy.


And yet…


In order to confirm the existence of such hostility, I slowly walk up to the goblin to make myself visible to it, with my fists behind my back with two screwdrivers clenched in my hands.


Then, about 20 meters ahead, the goblin noticed and turned to face me.


He appears to have been in the middle of eating, holding what appears to be a human arm.




The goblin throws the arm away and runs towards him.


Meanwhile, Yuto was standing there with a dumbfounded look on his face with his eyes wide open, unable to take in the sight of the creature feeding on a part of a human.


However, the goblin does not care about such things.


Taking the opportunity, he raises his fist and strikes Yuto in the face.


And fresh blood danced in the air.


Naturally, it was Yuto who was hit.


However, the blood that danced in the air was a deep black red.


In other words, it is not only Yuto’s blood.


It is the blood that sprays from the goblin’s mouth, where the flat-blade screwdriver in Yuto’s hand is lodged.


Originally, the blow was aimed at his temples, but the goblin’s attack hit him first, and as a result of the wobbling of his hand, it pierced through the goblins cheek.


Fortunately, Yuto was also taking a swing, so the attack hit first before the goblin’s attack went through, and Yuto was not blown away.


The goblin crouched down, but Yuto, not wincing in pain, not frightened, and not overflowing with anger, switched the Phillips screwdriver in his left hand to his right and swung it at the goblin’s face in a cool-headed manner.


The goblin, on the other hand, desperately swings his hand and tries to grab the approaching hand.


The goblin’s resistance was futile, and in a last ditch effort, it dug its claws into Yuto’s right arm.


Yuto sat down in front of the dead goblin, which was lying on the ground, and thought to himself,


“Ah, that was close…”


It was he who had been naive, thinking that there was a slight chance that he was not an enemy.


He misjudged his own strength and that of his enemy, and was slightly unable to keep up with the speed at which the goblin struck him.


The goblin probably had a slightly higher status than he did.


As a result, he punched.


His mouth still tasted of iron, and his cheek throbbed with a dull ache.


In addition, when he tried to finish the attack, he was not fast enough and the goblin grabbed his arm, and his shirt was stained with blood from the claws that dug into it.


It is not a very big wound, but…


The goblin is unsanitary to look at.


There was concern that the wound might worsen.


Everything was a seed he had sown.


If he had attacked first, would he have been unharmed? He could not answer that question, but he still felt that he could have defeated it more smoothly.


‘The spoiled thinking and response will come back to you.’


He had already known this in his previous world.


In this world, it would lead to the possibility of death.


He knew it would happen to him if he didn’t have anything.


…He promised to never be naive again.


If he can determine that it was an enemy, if he knows that it was hostile, he won’t tolerate it.


And he had to learn to deal with the enemy’s malice.


Yuto swore in his heart to do so, using his wounds and pain as a warning.

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