“Yes! That’s the town of Bezart!”


“I see…finally.
By the way, is there any chance of monsters appearing on the way?”


“We’ll use [Presence Detection] to be on the lookout, but I’d say there’s almost nothing to worry about.
We don’t grow crops between the town and the forest for safety.”


“I see… so the monsters are not going to come out of the forest unnecessarily.”


“Yeah, for the monsters, the forest is richer in food, so they don’t come out.”


I’ll leave my flashlight with you, and we’ll make as much progress as we can before the sun goes down.


“Okay, you’re right! Potta! We’ve got to keep going! We can rest as long as we make it into town!


“If we don’t need to worry about fighting, I’ll carry the basket on my back.
Come on! We’re almost there!”


“Your mother will get mad at you if you don’t get home soon!”


“Fuuh… ai!”


Thus, without changing formation, our group continued on toward the town.


The three of us them were walking ahead of me, and although exhausted, we were much faster than we had been in the forest.


The basket was heavier than I had imagined, so I could barely keep up with them.


Of course, the difference in ease of walking was probably a big factor, but more than that was the relief of knowing that the goal was in sight.


The anticipation of getting back to town and to their home soon most likely lessened the sense of exhaustion.


After all, that’s what I…


While thinking this, I look up at the sky and exhale deeply with a slight feeling of regret.




Overall, it’s all about what I want to do.


I thought it just depended on the growth mechanism in this world.


And it turned out to be the opposite of what I expected.


(Is this world designed to favor the last attack…)

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