I’m certain that Zink-kun, who is walking with a sword and keeping a watchful eye on things even while he is talking, is a good guy, and if push comes to shove, he probably thinks he can handle it even if the monsters are lured by his voice and come close to him.


And in case you’re wondering, there are two people in charge of monster lookout now.


And sorry Mei-chan.
I’m in front of you, and I’m from another world, but I can’t reveal that right now.
I’m looking forward to seeing the town of Bezart… not some prince from somewhere.


Oh, and Potta-kun… he’s already become a part of the air, so let’s leave him alone.
I don’t dislike that lack of presence, it’s like the old me.


But there’s a limit to how much information the kids alone can give me.


I’m still grateful for the information, but I guess I’ll have to ask the adults in town for more in-depth information.


Ah, the sun has already set.


We haven’t been fighting as much as I thought we would, so we must have made a lot of progress even as we talked…how much longer is it going to be before we can get out of here?


“Zink-kun, the sun is getting pretty low, but do you know how much longer before we can get out of here?”


“I haven’t encountered that many monsters around.
It shouldn’t be that much longer.
Maybe before it completely becomes dark… ah, Hooly Mole pops his head out!”


Whoa, so that was what those moles are called! Another Hooly Mole came out right in front of me! 


“There’s another Hooly Mole! I’ll take care of that one!”


“Meisa and Potta, check the perimeter! Hide somewhere just in case so you don’t get attacked!”


“Got it!”


“Fuh… fuh… ai!”


I know it’s unbecoming of me to do this in the middle of a battle, but for some reason, I couldn’t help but smile.


(Hmmm… reminds me a bit of my old party hunting days…)


There is a directive role, and each person takes the best move for their aptitude, and the synergistic effect inflicts the most damage on the enemy.


The stronger I became, the more I needed to form a party, and those who are equally strong naturally became a fixed party.


I’ve seen this happen countless times.


That’s right, it’s something I’m familiar with.


However, I chose to play solo in pursuit of efficiency.


I simply continued silently to defeat the enemies in front of me, on my own.


But, I also did a little bit of playing with a party.
usually only during raid bosses, which are big bosses who require more than one person to defeat, so I only have a vague recollection of them.


I wonder if I was envious of those parties at one point.


As a party, we would make small talk along the way, and when our target appeared, we would start moving to attack it in a hurry.


If someone messed up, someone else would cover for them, and everyone would rejoice in the loot obtained.


Now, when I started thinking about how nice it was… I started yearning for a little.


Still, it was because I gave up that kind of fun that I made it to the top.


Becoming stronger was my greatest joy and pleasure.




What will happen to me in this world?


Well, before thinking about that now, I must defeat the enemy in front of me.


First goal, to get out of the forest —-now [Rush]!

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