“Fuh… fuh… ai!”


I know it’s unbecoming of me to do this in the middle of a battle, but for some reason, I couldn’t help but smile.


(Hmmm… reminds me a bit of my old party hunting days…)


There is a directive role, and each person takes the best move for their aptitude, and the synergistic effect inflicts the most damage on the enemy.


The stronger I became, the more I needed to form a party, and those who are equally strong naturally became a fixed party.


I’ve seen this happen countless times.


That’s right, it’s something I’m familiar with.


However, I chose to play solo in pursuit of efficiency.


I simply continued silently to defeat the enemies in front of me, on my own.


But, I also did a little bit of playing with a party.
usually only during raid bosses, which are big bosses who require more than one person to defeat, so I only have a vague recollection of them.


I wonder if I was envious of those parties at one point.


As a party, we would make small talk along the way, and when our target appeared, we would start moving to attack it in a hurry.


If someone messed up, someone else would cover for them, and everyone would rejoice in the loot obtained.


Now, when I started thinking about how nice it was… I started yearning for a little.


Still, it was because I gave up that kind of fun that I made it to the top.


Becoming stronger was my greatest joy and pleasure.




What will happen to me in this world?


Well, before thinking about that now, I must defeat the enemy in front of me.


First goal, to get out of the forest —-now [Rush]!

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