“Zink used to be all black as well, a while ago!” Mei


“Shut up! It’s just a coincidence! It’s simply a coincidence!” Zink


Wait, wait.
I want to make a comment on many things, but there’s one thing I would like to make a serious remark on.


Hero Takuya? That’s an incredibly Japanese-sounding name…?


“Who is this Hero Takuya?” Loki (Yuto)


“You don’t know? From what country was he again? He’s a prince of a very big country somewhere! And he’s from another world!” Mei


“I don’t know anything about it except that it’s a big country in the west.
I think the adults in town know about it…” Zink


“Oh…from another world…I see…” Loki (Yuto)


An unexpected source of information found… but what is this not-at-all-so happy feeling I have?


I asked Zink for more details.
In this world, there are travelers who make their living through theatrical performances with singing and dancing, along with minstrels that stop by towns to sing stories of certain people with a mix of biography and fiction as they travel at their leisure.


The residents, who have few opportunities for entertainment, welcome such people and enjoy their songs and dances while throwing in a few coins and sharing a drink with them.


The most popular of such stories is the “Downfall of the Demon Lord Story” mentioned by Zink, in which Hero Takuya, who appears from another world, defeats the Demon Lord Loki, a symbol of fear dressed in black, after a hard struggle… It appears to be such a heroic tale.


In addition, the hero is a prince of a great country, and his popularity spreads.
Everyone living in a town knew of the story, and children were playing along by imitating their characters.


However, it is difficult to imitate a hero in shining armor, and Demon Lord Loki, who can be easily impersonated by wearing black clothes, is more popular among the common people.


However, it was only about three years ago that the Demon Lord Loki became popular, and now a second version of the story of the Demon Lord’s defeat is being anticipated.


So Zink-kun and Mei-chan thought I am someone who is doing “a little embarrassing Demon Lord impersonator” like someone who is wearing a slightly outdated cosplay and even using the same name.


I admit that I was surprised, but I didn’t feel alarmed…


But, I see, and, well…


To be honest, I don’t really care about it.


I’m not even sure if there are many Demon Lords out there.


I don’t know whether he was transferred or reincarnated, but the Otherworlder Takuya certainly exists.


And even this child recognizes that the Hero is from another world.


So, are the three of them aware of those details as well? 


“Are there many people from other worlds?” Loki (Yuto)


“I don’t know.
I think my dad said something about it a long time ago, but I don’t remember.” Zink


“I don’t know either! But if there are, I’d like to see them!” Mei


“You idiot! Even if they were in this country, they wouldn’t come to a small town like Bezart!” Zink


“Then go to the capital! Maybe, if we go to the capital?” Mei


“No, you idiot! Where do we get the money for that?” Zink


The group was as lively as ever, as if they were on a field trip.


I wondered if it was okay for them to talk so much in the forest, but it was strange for me, who had been on my own the whole time, to say anything about it.

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