can easily understand?

This is what I don’t understand.

I don’t want to hide the fact that I am from another world.

If there are many disadvantages, I have no choice but to hide it for now.

At this point, however, there is too little information to even make that decision.

I haven’t even been told why Acorn Head brought me into this world…

Whether there are probably otherworldly people other than me in this world.
If there are, what are their positions, and how do they live in this world? What are their goals?

Until I find out these things, it would be better for my own safety to hide them, at least if I can hide it from others.

When the existence that harms me appears when they find out that I am from another world…I can do nothing against it with the weak me right now.

For now, I will organize the information one by one and store it as knowledge of this world.

As I walk, I open the status screen and check three values, thinking that a few seconds is no problem.

Level experience 8%.

[Rush] 81%.

[Sign Detection] 87%.

I can remember these numbers without taking notes, so as soon as I confirm them, I turn off the system screen and focus my attention on my surroundings.

What is a party in this world?

If it is a game, you can immediately see who you have partnered with, and the experience value distribution and loot drop distribution are also defined, although they differ from game to game.

Am I in a party with Zink and the other people I’m working with right now?

Or do I need something else to register or prove it, like a hunter guild or church or something, not just the awareness that I’m in a party with these people…

If you don’t know, let’s try what we can try now.

Zink, based on the experience of the enemies you have killed, it may be possible to predict if you are already in a party or not, and how much you will be allocated when you are in a party.

If possible, we should have checked before we started moving, but it couldn’t be helped since it was a sudden and unexpected turn of events.

It would have been best if we had been able to verify this with the Horn Rabbit that Mr.
Zink had just defeated…

While I was thinking about that, Mei-chan turns around and asks me.

“By the way, what’s your name? I didn’t hear it!”

Oh, come to think of it… from the conversation between the three of us, we understood each other’s names and called them as a matter of course, but I didn’t even say my name at all.

This is indeed rude.

But what to do?

I think it would not be out of place in this world if I called myself “Yuto” instead of “Yuto,” given the names of the three of us, but… 

After a short pause, I responded.

“I apologize for the delay in introducing myself.
My name is Loki.”

I dared to tell them a different name.

It was the name I used in a game I used to be addicted to.

I was still suffering from severe chuunibyou sickness at the time, so I frantically searched the Internet to find out what the cool and strong character’s name was.

There must have been quite a few people doing the same thing.

I spent a whole day just choosing a name.

While I was struggling with a huge number of names of gods and mythology, I chose this one because I knew it without looking it up, and it was an easy-to-understand name with two letters, which was unusual for a god-type name.

I won the battle for the name right after the open beta, and at the time, that alone was enough to make me say, “Shiaaaaah!” in those days.

Frankly, I thought, this is a different world, so it wouldn’t be a problem.

With this name, I can remember more of the good times we had back then.

The insatiable quest for strength.
I thought I could live in this world with the best motivation.


“”Eh? …Demon lord?””

Zink-kun and Mei-chan muttered together, and I never thought I’d get such a response.

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