ns is a different job from that of the apothecary, and the apothecary’s job is mainly to treat internal illnesses rather than external ones.

From what I have heard, I have the impression that what the apothecary deals with is similar to Chinese medicine.

In this world, poor people basically believe that they can recover from their illness by sleeping, and that if they cannot recover, they will die, no matter what they do.

Those who can afford to do so will ask a pharmacist for help, but if it gets too bad, they will ask for either magical treatment or medical treatment, which is a specialized field for diseases in this world.

So, even at the age of 10, she is helping her family’s finances by bringing money into the house.
I almost cried when I heard that.

Potta-kun’s parents were peasants, and he was strong, probably because he helped to carry crops from an early age.

However, he is too timid to face a monster with a weapon because his character is too timid to match his size, so his job is to carry what he hunts or gathers in a big basket.

Indeed, he exudes gentleness throughout, so the world of cut and thrust is probably not for him.

But then, why register as a hunter? When I asked him about it, he told me that it is easy to make “prayers to the Goddess” come true if he defeats Monster or accompanies Monster, and that he helps his parents when they are busy harvesting or planting seeds, and when they are not so busy, he helps Zink when he is not so busy.

When they are not so busy, they accompany Zink-kun in this way and try their best to make money and make the “Prayer to the Goddess” easier to be fulfilled.

…I’m not certain how much of this is true, since Mei-chan is answering all the questions for me.

Incidentally, the “Prayer to the Goddess” is to go to the statue of the god in the church and ask to strengthen your skill, and you will learn a skill or increase the level of that skill.

Potta-kun can only speak the language of the country in which he lives, since it seems that he has never had anything to do with study.

However, since he cannot read or write well, Mei-chan made fun of him saying that he has already spent more than a year worrying about whether to ask the goddess for [Language Understanding] or [Farming], the family business.

Mei-chan seems to have decided that [pharmacology], which is necessary for a pharmacist, is the best, and [gathering] so that he can do gathering himself if he can afford it, so I am pouting at his indecisiveness.

It is childish and very miserable that he gives a third choice to improve his [Strength] that he has already mastered in the “status evaluation” that he gets for free only once when he registers with the guild.

Potta-kun will be bald from a young age.

Finally, Zink-kun leads this party and used to hunt alone in this forest until Mei-chan and Potta-kun joined him.

His father was a hunter, so it is reassuring to know that he has some knowledge about monsters and hunting.
Naturally, he was responsible for exterminating the Monsters in the party.

His father had already passed away, and his mother did not possess any special skills, so Zink-kun is currently the mainstay of the family.

He usually hunts mainly Horn Rabbits, which I call Horned Rabbits, and I have heard very useful information that Horn Rabbits are the most profitable in this forest because they can sell meat.

Zink-kun is walking around with the sword he retrieved earlier, tapping the roots of trees and the ground with the side of his sword.

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