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“This is the best place to sleep tonight!”


I couldn’t help but mutter that.


It’s like a different dimension compared to the tree tops.


After all, I could sleep on a near-flat surface! 


I found a riverside rock formation along the way.


As we walked along, I was looking around and found a cave that I was sure no goblin would be able to climb into.


Using a nearby boulder as a platform, I checked inside and found that there was a space of about 3 tatami mats and the ground was not too uneven.


The entrance is open, so there is no need to use a flashlight to illuminate the interior.


If my goal is to train or hunt in the forest, I can use this place as my base of operations because of the shallow river in front of me and the fruit-bearing trees in the vicinity.


If I use a suitable fallen tree as a pillow, the only word I can think of to describe this place is “seriously awesome”.


If I adjust my hips against the slight depression, I feel more comfortable than on a shabby futon.


Actually, if there was a futon in front of me, I would hug it and never let it go.


The sunset illuminated the natural landscape, dyeing it with vivid colors.


I’ve been struggling to survive since my transfer, and this is the first time I’ve been able to calm my mind to this extent.


The fresh air tastes good, even though I have been here for a while.


If only I had a bonfire here to roast some fish or meat, I would have no complaints…


For some reason, the thought of “fire” makes my heart ache, so I’ll stop thinking about it for now.


All I can do now is hope that in the morning there will be fish in the stone trap I’ve arranged like a small fish tank.


Now then…


This is a rare opportunity.


Let’s take a closer look at the status screen, which I could not calmly look at before.


First, each ability value.


For each one level up, the magic power is +6, and each other ability value is +3.


Since I wrote down my initial values in my notebook, I was able to quantify this correctly.


I don’t know if there is a level cap in this world, but…


If 99 is the upper limit, like in most games, then at this pace, the basic status value would be about 300+ each.


If there is a fluctuation in the status value during the process, this will not be a limit, but for now, there will be no problem if it increases by +3 each.


It does not mean that there is any benefit from knowing this information, but this kind of information and knowledge may become important later on.


The rest is blessings and titles that remain blank as usual.


No need to mention it.


And then there is the question of skills.


This time, I experienced the sudden acquisition of a skill from a horned rabbit.


I don’t even remember using it, but the skill was acquired.


It happened right after I defeated an enemy.


So, it would be natural to assume that the horned rabbit had the [Rush] skill and that I got it by defeating it.


The horned rabbit actually did an obvious [Rush] with its horns.

I believe that was the fifth horned rabbit at that time.


That means a 20% increase per rabbit.


If this guess was correct, it would not be surprising if there was some other increase in skill experience.


With that in mind, I started looking at the skill experience bar from the top of the skill column.


As I thought, there it was.


[Earth Magic – 20%]


That’s definitely the answer.


I don’t know if monsters always have skills, but some do.


And if I defeat a monster, I can get 20% of the skill experience per monster if it has not yet been acquired.


“This is —…pretty tasty…right…?”

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