I continued on my journey for about two hours.


I had already encountered two goblins.


Of course, I defeated them, and my previous strategy of blinding them with a flashlight worked extraordinarily well.


One of the goblins was clutching a wooden stick, which made me more cautious, but whether they were armed or not, they would run straight at me when they saw me.


So, when I got reasonably close, I pointed the flashlight from my pocket at it and, while it was flinching in surprise, I hit it with a flat-blade screwdriver.


I think I have established an efficient routine for dealing with goblins because I can kill them consistently with this.


Then, at lunchtime, while trying to take a break and search for food at a riverside area that looked just right, I found a horned rabbit.


I defeated it with the jacket strategy, and something unexpected happened.


[level increased to 3].


Well, that is to be expected.


[[Rush] Skill level 1 acquired.]






I thought the level would go up by now, since I had a good amount of experience with moles.


But what is the Rush skill? 


Was there such a thing as combat skills? 


To begin with, I was only waiting like a bullfighter, I didn’t do any Rush attack myself.


It was a skill that I had no idea about.


But now that I had acquired the skill, I had to check it anyway.


I looked around, and when I found no enemies, I opened the status screen.


“Hmmm…it’s not there…it’s not listed in the combat skills…”


I continue scrolling down the skill column, and at the very end.


I found that the Rush skill had been added to the “Others” category, which had been empty until now, although for some reason there was a gap of about two fields at the top.




I exclaimed out loud, but then, of course, I checked the details of the skill.


And what was shown,




Lv1 Rush forward at 130% speed based on ability value 


Movement range can be specified as desired 


Maximum distance 5 meters 


Consumed magic power 5]




“This is it! This is the kind of explanation I’ve been looking for!!!”


I am so moved, I want to scream.


Especially since [fire magic] did not explain things I didn’t understand.


Oops, I should check the status before getting too excited…


Name: Yuto Mamiya (Salary man)


Level: 3


Magic: 22/22


Strength: 14


Intelligence: 15(+1)


Defense: 13


Magic Defense: 13


Agility: 13(+1)


Skill: 12


Luck: 18


Blessings: None


Titles: None


This is what I have now.


I am concerned about the (+1) in intelligence and agility, but that’s something I’ll verify at night.


It’s not something to worry about now that my vision is blocked.


It is enough to confirm the increase in my status and the fact that I have 3 new “skill points”.


Let’s give it a try! 


I turn off the status screen and walk forward.




Then my vision suddenly flashes, I feel an unexpected acceleration, as if I’m being propelled by a spring, as if I’m borrowing power from a force other than my own will.


Then I realize that I’ve advanced about 5 meters in distance.


“Great… this is skill!”


I can tell that I’ve moved noticeably faster, albeit temporarily, compared to when I ran as fast as I could.


Looking at the status screen, I can see that the amount of magic power is “17/22,” so there is no doubt that the skill has been activated.


So, the only thing left to do is to create a pattern.


Next, while running lightly, I tried to activate it.


The Rush is activated, but the Rush speed is the same as when it is activated while walking.


This means that Rush’s maximum movement speed is fixed.


It will probably become even faster as the agility value and skill level increases.


In addition, I know that Rush is limited to going straight because it cannot be forced to change direction while it is in effect.


Well, it’s a Rush, so it’s normal.
It makes perfect sense if you imagine a wild boar doing it.


However, I think it is easier to move to the attack while running than walking.
It’s because the body can get used to the acceleration and momentum of the attack.


I also thought about other patterns….


While standing still, I chant the name of the skill.




Hmmm… this position doesn’t trigger.


And then there’s this one.


I try to think of it in my head while running.




“Whoa! This can work?”


I was a little anxious because there was a possibility that in the future I might have to shout “Zantetsuken!” while I use a skill.


Thank goodness, I don’t have the terrible restriction that many heroes must carry: “You have to say the skill out loud”.


Ummm, first available skill! First time to consume magic power! 


It’s kind of impressive, isn’t it?


With this skill, I don’t want to put myself in extremely difficult situations like before, but this will be quite effective when I catch the mole off-guard.


Even if I was detected by the mole, I would be able to approach it rapidly before it shot me with magic.


However– I might need to take off my shoes.


I wonder if I can take off my shoes before triggering it.


I’ll pick it up after the battle so that it won’t be damaged too much.


Anyway, time to pick up some food! Prawns, crabs, fishes, please wait for me!

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