Yuto immediately climbed up to the tree where he planned to sleep and opened the status screen.


From there, he checks the magic skills in the skill slots.


Magic skills were at the top of the skill slots, so it was easy to find.




With anticipation and anxiety, he whispered to the screen, [Set points to [fire magic]].


(Please… let the increase in [skill points] be [1] point 50% or more…!!!)


Yuto didn’t think such a naive thing as getting one skill with one skill point.


The hardships of this world have already been drilled into his mind.


Maybe he just felt it more so because of the status screen provided by Acorn Head.


Anyway, is significant.


If it was 50% or more, then he would have succeeded in obtaining one skill with [2] points currently available.


If it is less than 50%, it should be carried over to the next level up.


If it were carried over, the meat would be a left behind.


For Yuto, who was starving, it was literally a matter of life and death.


In such a situation, one point was submitted when he was staring at it, and Yuto’s eyes widened quickly.


“Here it is! !!!! 50% for one! Then one more! All the way up!!!!”


And then.


[[Fire Magic] Lv1 Has been Acquired]]




What immediately followed was a guts pose with all his might.


Similar to the level-up process, the letters flowing from the side of his vision pass over the top of the system screen.


However, Yuto had no time to worry about such things.


He immediately started checking to see what kind of magic he could use.


When he turned his gaze strongly toward the [[fire magic]] he had acquired, a detailed explanation appeared.


[Fire Magic] Lv1, can invoke fire magic that consumes less than 10 Magic Power.


(What does this mean?)

[Fire Ball: Fireballs made with a magic power consumption of 5 to create a small fireballs shot straight ahead.]


For Yuto, who had imagined such a description, it was too strange and unexpected.


Less than 10 magic power consumption? 


That’s all? 


What about the magic name? 


Various question marks were the only thing that came to Yuto’s mind.


(I have no idea…but I am certain that I have acquired the skill.
Then I’ll give it a try!)


After all, Yuto was forced to go through the explanations and tried to activate the magic.


He targeted the river in front of him, and his hand somehow formed a pistol shape with his index finger extended.


Then he puts that hand out in front of him…


“Fire Ball go!”


But it doesn’t come out.


(No? I didn’t need to fire it, did I?)


“Fire Ball!”


Still no response.


(Yeah…maybe my hands are shaped differently?)


Palm facing forward.


“Fire Ball! Fire Ball!”


Still, it didn’t come out.


(…what the heck…)


“I took the trouble to get the skill, but what the heck!”


Yuto shouted unintentionally.


If there had been a table in front of him, he would have overturned it.


(No… I should calm down.)


And from here, Yuto’s habitual and customary thinking and guessing from information started.


(First, it was that mole that actually showed me magic.
And at that time, the mole was producing a black fog while creating a stone that gradually formed.
So, there was a high possibility that the black fog was [magic power]. 


And since there was no fog at all right now, it would make sense that it wasn’t triggered.
And then there was [shortened chanting], which was a skill that I already knew existed.
The fact that there was a shortened chanting means that a longer chanting was necessary.
However, I have not been able to acquire such a skill.
So, I wonder if it was impossible….)


Here he finally realizes.


The time had finally come for him to chant that crazy chanting words.


(I mean, it seems to me that those words don’t have a fixed phrase, do they? And for a 32-year-old… well, yeah… no one else is around, right?)


Yuto, who wandered around the Great Forest for a long time until now and only met an [arms], started to worry.


However, if no one was around, he seems to have prepared his mind to release the Crazy Chants.


(…shall I do it?)


“Nngh! Spirit of Fire! Lend me your strength! Oh, I beg you! Fire Ball!”


As usual, no response.


Only one person was humiliated.


(I want to cry…I’m so embarrassed, and it doesn’t work…please give me some hint, Acorn Head-sama!)


I screamed in my heart, but of course, there was no response from the Acorn Head.


Acorn Head was not so kind after all.


Yuto opened the status screen again and looked at the skill column to see if there were any other hints.


He stared at the available skills to see if there were any other hints.


It appeared that only the acquired skills could be confirmed in detail.


So, Yuto, who acquired only [Fire Magic], had almost no information available.


Then, Yuto suddenly noticed one thing.


(For some reason, all the skill names displayed now are in Japanese… Acorn Head said he would take care of it for me, but did he mean to make it Japanese because I was Japanese? No, but “level” and “skill” are in katakana… but magic is in Japanese, like fire, water, wind, and earth… so what is this? Does that mean that the katakana chant for [Fire Ball] was not good? Haha… I might have not noticed…)


Grinning, he started the chant, this time without shame.


“Spirit of Fire! Lend me your strength! I beg you! Fireball!”




“It’s not going to trigger it after all! I thought this was the process of triggering it!!!!”


If a table was in front of him, he would do a triple twist in the air and be blown away by this situation.


Yuto was already on the verge of going insane.


He couldn’t stop his outburst with the thought that he had already acquired it, even though he had gone to the trouble of acquiring it.


“Fire! Fire! Fireball! Fire!”


“Holy Spirit of Fire! If you’re here, help me! Please! Fire!”


“Please! I’ll do anything! Fire! Fire!”


“Fire! Fire!”










The sun had completely set a few hours earlier.


He tried many patterns, but could not activate them…


A 32-year-old single salesman (currently unemployed), he cried and cursed and went to bed in a daze.

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