Black Space


“It’s so hot!”


A man was heading to a business meeting with his suit jacket in his hand, complaining about the heat wave that still felt a little early.


The salesman was grumbling about how uptight his boss was to require him to wear a jacket in a world where “Cool Biz” was the norm.


In his other hand was a duralumin case, his own sales bag.


The handle of the case was almost slipping off due to sweat.


(I wonder if I should have come by car, even if I had to pay for gasoline from my own pocket.)


Since the place he was visiting was close to a train station, he would be required to take public transportation such as a train.


If he refused to take public transportation and used a car, it would mean that the expenses related to transportation and parking would not be reimbursed.


As the man was walking with a bit of regret, someone called out to him from behind.


“I found you!”


The man turned around, feeling strange at the sound of that voice.


But there was no one there…


“What, was that a ghost…?”


As he muttered this, feeling a shiver down his spine, the man was dragged into a black space, and his figure suddenly vanished.




(What the heck is this…)


Everything in front of me is black.


Am I standing? Am I floating? 


I don’t even know whether I’m floating or not.


“Hi, nice to meet you.
Sorry for the unexpected intrusion.”


When I turn around to look at the voice, the world that is black instantly turns white, and there stands a boy with a brown acorn-like haircut.


He looks like he is about twelve years old.


He looks young, but his hands are folded behind his back, giving off an air of calmness.


I wondered if he had been there from the beginning, but my vision was blacked out, and I couldn’t see him, or if he simply appeared out of nowhere.


It suddenly crossed my mind, but more than that.


(What a terrible haircut…)


As I was thinking this inwardly, the boy in front of me blurted out, “That’s rude,” as he continued his words.


“Now I’m going to ask you to go to another world.”








I was too distracted by his haircut to register the meaning of what he mentioned.


But this scene, this statement.


I have an idea of what it might refer to.


(Is this a transfer to another world…?)


My work was extremely busy, or rather, I made myself busy, but even in such a work-oriented life, I sometimes read fantasy novels to pass the time while traveling.


That is why I had a sense of déjà vu, or at least a vague association with this unrealistic scene…


Oh, so the one in front of me is some kind of God.


But why not a goddess?


“By the way, am I dead? I only remember that I blacked out and here I am.”


“No, you’re not dead, okay? So, it’s not a reincarnation, but a transmigration, as you might imagine.”


“I see.
Why me, though, since I’m neither dead nor about to die?”


I understood what he was saying, but I didn’t understand the reality of the situation, so I wanted information.


But the boy in front of me doesn’t answer the question, instead he smiles charmingly and speaks with his hands outstretched in a grand gesture.


“Where I want you to go is a fantasy world where civilization is behind the world you were from and where weapons, magic, and skills play an active role!”


“Ha, haah…”


“It’s a popular world, and there are many people who want to go there but can’t, so you’re in luck!”


Why is this boy talking as if it is already decided?


That part of the story I don’t understand, but still.


Let’s go over the most important items, just in case.


“…My Cheats?”




“If I go, what kind of cheat ability will I receive?”


After all, this is the important factor.


It is not an exaggeration to say that my fate will depend on the abilities I get, and since this is a super important factor, there is no way I can afford not to ask.
Whether I go or not is another matter! 


I must be sure and negotiate.


But the words coming from the boy were far below my expectations.


“What are you talking about? I don’t have any ability to give it to you.
Of course, you can choose to leave.”

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