t immediately after checking.
It was due to the fact that there were more than 300 people in the nine major organizations that could submit legal proposals, but none of them were omegas, whereas alphas accounted for 60%.

Jiang Yunshu had been in a trance for some time, yet he was unable to accept this reality.
Bai Tang’s continued refusal to divorce, despite his miserable existence, was due to the fact that exploitation of his body, organs, and human rights only awaited him after the divorce.

Until death.

This world isn’t balanced. 

Jiang Yunshu’s fists clenched.
His ceaseless rage and continual feeling of helplessness strengthened his resolve to protect Bai Tang.


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Ten minutes had passed since Bai Tang came out.
His wet hair adhered to his face, and his collar became entangled in the lining.
Several times, he almost stumbled over the bandage as he hurriedly cleansed it for fear of arousing the alpha’s wrath with the lengthy delay.

Jiang Yunshu glanced at the collar that was unpleasant for those with OCD, but ultimately remained silent.

If he reminded Bai Tang, he would apologize hastily and swiftly correct it.
He didn’t want that.
He hoped to establish a pleasant and relaxed family atmosphere, and he wished for Bai Tang to drop his guard and resume the easy stance he saw that he’d displayed that morning.

He provided Bai Tang with a dry towel and then said, “Did you get the bandage wet? Wipe your hair.” 

“I didn’t!” Bai Tang accepted it with fear, rubbed his hair with his left hand, and replied hastily, “I took great care…not to get wet.”

“I see.” Jiang Yunshu said, “It doesn’t matter if it gets wet, just change it later.”

Jiang Yunshu took a few steps back to ensure that Bai Tang could see him in its entirety and would not be startled by his reckless move of raising his hand.
He extended his hand.
“Come, I’ll carry you down the steps.”

A slick of damp hair clung to his slender-like porcelain shoulders.
Bai Tang didn’t have the courage to defy Jiang Yunsu’s order, so he stood immobile and passively waited. 

Slowly, his eyes widened as he was lifted by his knees. Jiang Yunsu moved carefully and gently, as if he were a treasure.
He lowered his eyes and placed his hands obediently on his lower abdomen.
He lacked the courage and desire to touch the master who was holding him.
His fair, rounded toes were slightly curled, wriggling it uneasily.

Bai Tang intentionally tightened his body as he descended the stairs, fearing that Jiang Yunsu would abruptly hurl him down, but fortunately, he was carried to the first floor steadily.
He didn’t even feel any bumps.

However, this direction… Bai Tang experienced mild panic.
Is the door the destination? Is sir planning to throw him out? Bai Tang’s pupils dilated.
He couldn’t resist grabbing a corner of Jiang Yunshu’s clothing and staring in terror at the alpha’s jaw.
When he regained consciousness, he had already blurted out his plea, “Sir, don’t throw me away!”

Jiang Yunshu was momentarily dumbfounded, placed Bai Tang down by the wall, and asked helplessly, “What are you thinking?” 

Suddenly, his feet struck the ground.
Bai Tang staggered but immediately regained his balance, only to find the alpha ascending the stairs, grabbing a box of items, and then approached him.

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When Bai Tang saw it, goosebumps arose on his entire body.
The horror of being tormented and abused by these things flashed quickly before his eyes; the bright red blood, the pungent smell of rust, the suffocating blackness, and the unbreakable shackles…

His legs weakened, and he made an uncontrollable step back while clinging to the corner of the wall.
He grasped the clothing on his chest as if they were a tether.
His heart was racing rapidly, and his breathing was shallow and labored, like a terrified rabbit at the threshold of death.

“Bai Tang.” Jiang Yunshu walked out the door, repeatedly called Bai Tang’s name, and brutally but gently let Bai Tang glance over.
“Bai Tang, come take a look.” 

Bai Tang had a sallow complexion.
He gasped for air and knelt down in the nook of the wall, tears streaming down his cheeks like beads broken by the wind.

The shadow of the iron bar slamming down, the sound of bones shattering, and the ache in his broken left wrist.
He shook his head as he collapsed, and kept apologizing: “Huk…I don’t want it….sir, I was wrong…I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”


Jiang Yunshu couldn’t stomach it, but he had to ask that Bai Tang see it for himself.
“Bai Tang, everything’s fine, look over here.”

Bai Tang resisted inattentively for how long until Jiang Yunshu eventually calmed him down.
As he watched Bai Tang’s violent stress response, he gradually frowned.
The trauma inflicted on Bai Tang by the original owner was far more severe than he had anticipated. 

Jiang Yunshu needed to take action to break the current standstill.
He drew out an iron rod from the box and aggressively hurled it into the trash can.
The muted sound of the metal impact made Bai Tang shake, but it also prompted him to raise his eyes.
He looked over blankly.

Upon observing his reaction, Jiang Yunshu threw the items repeatedly.
The muffled sound resonated throughout the silent night.

“Bai Tang,” Jiang Yunshu stared at the omega huddled in a ball in the room while speaking with a calm and powerful tone.
” Can you see it?”

He hoisted the big package and told Bai Tang, “Bai Tang, watch clearly.
It’s these garbage that are going to be thrown away.” After speaking, he exerted force on his wrist.
The box tipped, dropped one by one into the garbage bin, striking Bai Tang in the chest. 

Translator’s Feed:

No sugar-coating.
I’m translating it as Centralized Breeding Facility, because that’s what it is.
It deserves an awful translation, because it is an awful organization, and this name deserves to go down in history for being the most awful thing the government in this world ever established. 

Also, I love Jiang Yunshu.
He’s the best.
You go, mah man!!

The author has something to say: 

The trash can is a large trash container where you throw your garbage that will be collected! It’s not placed inside the house! It’s in the yard!

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