tely realized that Bai Tang couldn’t just change in one sitting, and the long-term cold treatment and violent repression made Bai Tang alarmed as soon as he sensed anything out of the ordinary.

Jiang Yunshu calmed down and repeatedly reminded himself, don’t be in a hurry, take your time.

“It’s not you, it’s me who was in the wrong.” He took a deep breath, took the folding table from its storage, and placed it on the ground, but instead of a small stool, he used a soft pillow as the cushion. 

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He gently carried Bai Tang down and placed him on the pillow.
“Keep your legs straight and don’t bend them.
The lack of blood flow is bad for the wound.”

A tear still slipped down Bai Tang’s lower eyelid.
When he heard what Jiang Yunsu said, he let out a relieved sigh, thinking he had successfully passed one of his tests, but the alpha’s next action startled him.
He quickly remarked, “Sir! What are you doing…?!”

To his surprise, Jiang Yunshu heaped all the dishes onto the little folding table.
The towering alpha hunched down and bent his legs, sat with a bowl on one side, and flatly stated, “It’s alright, let’s eat.”

Jiang Yunshu understood it was impossible to have Bai Tang relax his vigilance overnight, and it would be difficult for Bai Tang to take the first step in such a short amount of time, so let him make the first step to change. 

And besides, it’s only a meal on the ground.
This was nothing compared to eating steamed buns on the dirt outside the laboratory.

The alpha said it resolutely, so Bai Tang could only shut his mouth in fear.

However, Jiang Yunshu quickly discovered that Bai Tang only dared to take up the vegetable dish with his left hand because his right hand was injured.
He just did it once and then stopped, only eating the porridge instead.

Jiang Yunshu stood up and walked to the kitchen to fetch a pair of serving chopsticks.
When he turned around, he saw Bai Tang looking at him, anxiously clutching to the table’s edge, as if he was afraid he’d hit him with something. 

Jiang Yunshu seemed distressed for a moment and reprimanded internally.
What sort of human could do it to a small, thin child ah!

He then remembered the memorable spectacle he and Dr.
Lin had seen before while strolling through the city hospital.
A line of red text rolled over the screen in front of the neurology department: Welcome to the City Hospital’s Neurology Department.


Lin remained sluggish for a minute before moving closer to Jiang Yunshu and whispering, “As expected of the head of the neurology department ah…”

At the time, he wished to transmit this message to the original owner, whose immediate emergency was to cure his brain. 

Jiang Yunshu shook his chopsticks in front of Bai Tang, explaining, “It’s more hygienic to use serving chopsticks.” He then placed a meatball on Bai Tang’s soup spoon.

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Bai Tang looked at the meatball on the spoon blankly.
“Thank you, sir… But I-I can’t eat meat.”

“‘Why?” Bai Tang’s eager gaze at the meatball, as well as his act of swallowing saliva, were clearly visible to Jiang Yunshu.
He didn’t think Bai Tang’s childish look was cute.
What he felt was both sad and angry.
“It’s okay, eat it.
I can’t finish it all by myself,” he reassured.

Bai Tang didn’t dare to eat, but also didn’t dare to refuse.
He stayed there for a while, sneaking a glance at Jiang Yunshu’s face at a loss. 

Jiang Yunshu sighed inwardly.
He didn’t dare to press too hard since he had a criminal record, so he could only use the serving chopsticks to pick up the meatballs in Bai Tang’s soup spoon and patiently stated, “Whatever Bai Tang wants to eat, you can pick it up yourself.”

Bai Tang exhaled a sigh of relief and scooped the porridge with his left hand, never touching the meat the entire time.
He was still reluctant to let go of the large stone lodged in his heart.
Bai Tang kept his vigilance, wary of the troubles the alpha might create to make things tough for him.

After their meal, Jiang Yunshu insisted on washing the dishes, no matter how much Bai Tang discouraged him.
He noticed Bai Tang’s restlessness during the entire ordeal, attempting to get off the ground, out of the corner of his eye.

“What’s up?” Jiang Yunshu approached with a handful of dish soap, assuming he wanted to use the toilet or drink some water. 

Bai Tang sat back tensely, dropped his head, and nervously murmured, “Don’t be upset, sir, I’m going to prepare your bath now…”

“I’m not upset,” said Jiang Yunshu as he walked back to the kitchen.
“I’ll take a bath and clean up the bathroom later, but you, Bai Tang, your wound can’t contact water.
You won’t take a bath today, ‘kay?”

“I w-want to wash…” Bai Tang stammered. I’ll be beaten if I’m not clean.

Jiang Yunshu didn’t know what Bai Tang was thinking, so he just agreed.

Translator’s Feed:

Please note that Jiang Yunshu is an oncology doctor, not a psychiatrist.
How he handles our Tangtang might not be perfect, but he’s trying to match our Tangtang’s pace.
Both mcs are treading the dark here, and it’ll be quite a long journey, but I hope you guys stay to walk with them.

Also, don’t be confused everyone! When it’s Bai Tang’s pov, he calls our MC Jiang Yunsu, because that’s the original owner’s name.
But our MC is Jiang Yunshu, okay? Should I italicize Jiang Yunsu’s name to avoid confusion??

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