ted to separate; the decision is yours.
If you say you want to, then we can do it…”

When Jiang Yunshu saw Bai Tang poised to kneel again, he suppressed his concerns and quickly changed his words, “We will not separate.”

“Thank you, sir…” Bai Tang remarked in a shaky voice, but he didn’t dare take the paper in his hand. 

Jiang Yunshu reminded him, “Wipe your tears.”

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Only then did Bai Tang wipe his face with a tissue.

“I’m really sorry,” Jiang Yunshu repeated, enunciating clearly and sincerely.
“I did those horrible things to you before.
I promise I won’t do them again in the future.”

In fact, Jiang Yunshu had very simple feelings for Bai Tang. 

First of all, he’s a doctor.

Second, he’s now ‘Jiang Yunsu’.
He inherited this body that he’ll use for the rest of his life, as well as the original owner’s wealth, real estate, and Bai Tang, as his nominal wife. He would do his best to be responsible and make amends for the original owner’s misdeeds.

Third, humans are face-cons.
He couldn’t face the thought of such a good-looking boy deteriorating into such a morbid sight.
Besides, he had enough energy and wealth to lend a helping hand.

Last but not least, Bai Tang resembled his patient Zhou An, that young lad, a lot… Jiang Yunshu lowered his gaze to Bai Tang’s hair. He probably wouldn’t live longer than a year. 

When Zhou An was transferred from the county hospital to the city hospital, he was only 13 years old.
His attending physician was Jiang Yunshu.

The young kid would sit peacefully on the hospital bed, his eyes beaming.
He’d flash a smile whenever he saw Jiang Yunshu come into the ward to perform rounds.
“Doctor Jiang, you’re here.”


Such an optimistic and gentle Zhou An had to endure the severe pain caused by bone cancer every day.
Cold sweat soaked his hospital attire and white linens, the dampness revealing his thin figure.

Zhou An curled up on the hospital bed, stubbornly biting his fingers.
When he saw Jiang Yunshu, he weakly reached out his hand, clutched the corner of his white coat, and beamed with all of his strength.
“Doctor Jiang, am I very amazing?” 

“En.” Jiang Yunshu gently wiped the sweat from Zhou An’s forehead with a tissue.
“Xiao An is very amazing.”

Long-term chemotherapy took away Zhou An’s magnificent black hair when he was 14 years old.
But the illness was merciless, and his bone cancer worsened.
Zhou An lost his left leg after losing his hair, but that wasn’t enough.
The amputation didn’t save the little boy’s life.

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Before Jiang Yunshu died, Zhou An had just celebrated his 15th birthday, but a routine examination the next day revealed that the tumour had metastasized to his lungs.

Jiang Yunshu had seen far too many patients, witnessed too many lives and deaths as an oncologist doctor, yet no one had ever made him feel so distressed to that extent. 

When he followed his grandma to the temple, he unconsciously helped ask for a peace talisman for Zhou An.

That’s why, when Jiang Yunshu first met Bai Tang, he asked if he had any medical history.  It was the reason why Jiang Yunshu felt relieved unconsciously  when he heard Bai Tang was 21 years old.

That’s why Jiang Yunshu, an ignorant newcomer to this foreign world, trusted Bai Tang right away.
It was because he had preconceived notions that Bai Tang, who resembled Zhou An in appearance, would not harm him.

Zhou An had suffered enough in that world.
He couldn’t even keep the little boy’s life due to his incompetence. 

But in this world, in this world… Jiang Yunshu secretly clenched his fists.
Although he didn’t know why Bai Tang refused to divorce, since he chose to stay, he would definitely protect him.

The author has something to say:

I hope everyone understands that your thunder isn’t always someone else’s thunder, and your thunder may not be the author’s ’thunder’

If it ever crossed your mind during the reading process that the characters aren’t agreeable “I think…“, ”I feel…“, ”If it was me, I won’t…” blah blah blah, and if you feel upset, nauseous, any chest pains, vomiting, and other psychical and psychological discomfort, please quit on your own, no need to say more~ Thank you for your support~ 

Translator’s Feed

Poor Zhou An :((.
As someone who’s also gone in and out of the hospital, sometimes the only thing I feel like I can do is just to act optimistic.
Because the more I think negatively, the more sick I feel.
Also, just because you are used to seeing something doesn’t mean you’ll no longer feel anything.
It might not be the case for many, and it might not be applied to other situations, but you feel something because you’re still a human capable of feeling.
Fighting, Yunshu and Tangtang!!

On the side note, the author being passive-aggressive is

Read this on Chrysanthemum Garden. 

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